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Buy a Volkswagen Amarok lift kit at AutoCraze and comply with the law. Lift your Volkswagen Amarok at AutoCraze and take it to the next level today. Choose from some of the best brands in the market such as Dobinsons, Ironman, Bilstein, Tough Dog, EFS, Fox and much more. AutoCraze is your 4x4 suspension specialist with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry.

There are many reasons why you would want to get a lift kit for your Volkswagen Amarok. One of the main reasons is to give it a beefier and tougher look, other reasons include increasing the load bearing potential.

Our AutoCraze lift kits are 100% legal. Did you know that in most states, you're allowed a 75mm overall lift kit to your vehicle without actually having to get an engineering certificate. That means you will comply with a 2-inch lift (50mm) and an additional 1 inch (25mm) rolling radius tyre.


Why buy Volkswagen Amarok Lift Kits?

Buying a lift kit is more than just about the looks. There are huge benefits in getting a lift kit for your Volkswagen Amarok.

More Clearance?
More clearance equals a better off-roading experience. Your lifting all your critical components under your vehicle away from the ground. This means when you do go off-road you’re adding inches on your Volkswagen Amarok moving the frame away from any unexpected debris, rocks and cross any flooded banks.

Bigger wheels and tyres?
With extra clearance and space, you can now fit bigger wheels and tyres. With bigger Volkswagen Amarok wheels and aggressive tyres, you’ll also get a longer life. When you have bigger tyres, it also means added traction so you’re never left in the dark in snowy, muddy or sandy terrain.

Look Tougher?
Add height, beefier wheels and tyres and you got you’re one badass Volkswagen Amarok.


Components of Volkswagen Amarok Lift Kits 

A Volkswagen Amarok lift kit comprises of many parts in order for it to either bolster or completely change your Volkswagen Amarok suspension. These changes to your Volkswagen Amarok could either make it more comfortable, increase your load bearing potential to help push heavier loads and even help perform off-road.

Generally, Volkswagen Amarok lift kits consist of:

  • Shocks: The shocks within a Volkswagen Amarok lift kit is one of the most important parts. It ensures that your Volkswagen Amarok is kept relatively comfortable and smooth. Most 4×4 lift kits on Volkswagen Amaroks replace their shock absorbers with a more high pressure, a high-temperature replacement for those that are planning to use their Volkswagen Amarok lift kits for heavy-duty towing or performance off-road driving.
  • Springs: The springs within a Volkswagen Amarok lift kit works in conjunction with your shocks to help absorb the energy that’s generated when driving over humps and bumps. Typically when you raise your Volkswagen Amarok, raised springs are generally required to ensure that they’re safely sitting in your vehicle. However, for load-based lift kits, a firmer and stronger heavy duty coil springs or leaf springs can be installed to provide additional support when towing heavy loads.
  • Bushes: In almost all Volkswagen Amarok lifts, you’ll tend to find that there are a number of bushes that help separate the moving parts of your Volkswagen Amarok. To help reduce scrapping and scrubbing between them and help absorb shocks that would otherwise be directed to the more delicate parts of the Volkswagen Amarok. 
  • Shackles & Bolts: The shackles & bolts of a Volkswagen Amarok lift kit comes in a vast variety of sizes to help tie together your Volkswagen Amarok suspension set up. These, shackles & bolts, including your U-bolts, are usually replaced when it’s necessary as part of the Volkswagen Amarok lift kit to give it extra reinforcement and greater stability.

Volkswagen Amarok Accessories | VW Amarok 4x4 Accessories 

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Customise your Volkswagen Amarok with the largest range of quality Volkswagen Amarok accessories in the market. All Volkswagen Amarok products are ADR approved and comply with Australian standards. With strict research and development on all Volkswagen Amarok accessories. They've been designed and tested for Australian conditions.

Have the confidence when modifying your Volkswagen Amarok today at AutoCraze. For more info on our builds call 1800 099 634.



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