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Rotiform Wheels

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Rotiform Wheels

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Rotiform Wheels

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Are you looking to buy a set of quality Rotiform wheels? Then you’ve come to the right place. AutoCraze is an authorised Rotiform wheels dealer offering a wide range of Rotiform wheels at up to 50% off.


Rotiform wheels can build wheels in 14″ up to 24″ diameters, and 6″ all the way up to 16″ widths. Access to such a wide range for forging sizes allows us to configure a wheel to fit any look, or driving style. 3-Piece Forged, Forged Monoblock and Forged 2-piece are available in any configuration and finish.

About Rotiform Wheels

Rotiform is an aftermarket wheel company based in the United States. They design and build the finest cast and custom forged wheels for your automobile. Focused on style, strength, and aggressive fitment, Rotiform Wheels are of unparalleled quality and excellence. Rotiform wheels are offered in 2 series; Monoblock and Forged.

Rotiform Monoblock wheels are 1 piece cast wheels. They are engineered utilising a low pressure cast process. Rotiform wheels  have been redesigned with new concave profiles and are available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to suit your vehicle.

Rotiform Wheels which are constructed via their forging process are 100% manufactured in the USA using the finest 6061, t6 aluminium forgings. Every set of Rotiform wheels are tailored specifically for your vehicle and engineered to exacting standards, Rotiform forged wheels are built for style, durability and performance.

FAQ - Rotiform Wheels

Where are Rotiform wheels made?

Rotiform wheels are made in the USA using the finest 6061, t6 aluminium forgings.

Where to buy Rotiform wheels?

You can buy your set of Rotiform wheels here at AutoCraze. Shop now and save up to 50% off.

How do you clean Rotiform wheels?

Whenever you’re cleaning your set of Rotiform wheels make sure that you never do it while it’s hot. Clean your Rotiform wheels regularly with mild soap and water only.

Be mindful that the finish of your Rotiform wheels may be permanently damaged by caustic soap used on some commercial car washes. Any abrasives, steel wool or chemicals applied to your wheels may damage the finish.

Why choose Rotiform wheels?

When you buy a set of Rotiform wheels just know that it’ll make you stand out from the masses, turning heads as you drive down the street or next car meetup.

Rotiform wheels have exploded in popularity within the automotive market due to their distinctive, stylish features which will allow your pride and joy to make a statement.

Rotiform wheels are designed with extra wheel width and also precise offsets to achieve the perfect fitment for your car, be it for the street or track.

Rotiform wheels are also designed to cater for larger brake calliper clearance. With many styles available, from concave, dish and even OEM style wheels, tribute your pride and joy with a set of Rotiform wheels.

Order your set of Rotiform wheels today at AutoCraze and save up to 50% off. If you’re unsure about fitments or have any questions in regards to your Rotiform wheels. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to speak with our fitment specialists.

Call 1800 099 634 to order your set of Rotiform wheels!