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Electric Roller Shutter

AutoCraze stocks a range of electric roller covers for your privacy requirements. These Ute roller covers assist motorists and help them secure their valuable equipment from potential theft. We are one of the premier distributors of the HSP retractable roller cover in the nation.


Ute Roller Cover

A small canister is next to the cabin, where the electric roller cover curls up inside. The canister is slightly larger in single cab Utes, but its sizing is 165mm x 165mm for the dual-cab.

It quickly rolls down the tray into the canister when you unlock the cover because the curtain is spring-loaded (similar to your garage roll-a-door). Furthermore, it’s good to note that the spring tension can be adjusted depending on your requirements. A knowledge assistant at the AutoCraze warehouse can help you figure out the perfect roller cover tension for you.

Two locking sidebars slide into either side when the key is activated, making it nearly impossible to break open the Ute roller cover. With the top quality flushed mounted lock in the body's centre at the tailgate end, you can be sure that your belongings are always secure.

One great thing about these electric roller covers is that they are water-resistant, as water runs in channels on both sides of the body and exits out four drain tubes provided with the installation kit.

There is also an inspection hatch at the front of the cover, which can be removed to remove any leave or debris that may have made its way into the canister. The retention of the spring can also be done through this hatch.

However, please note the load tray does not allow access by removing the hatch.

Ute Roller Cover Features:

► 100% made in Australia

► There is more room in the Ute cab due to the small steel housing canister

► 95% weather resistant

► Tough powder coated finish

► Can pause retraction at any point

► Keyless remote

► The cover is made from heavy-duty aluminium

► Plug and play wiring

► Easy fit, meaning there is no drilling required

► Clamp-on system

► Ladder rack compatible

► Sports bar compatible

► Tailgate central locking is available

History of the Ute Roller Cover

Safety concerns are the primary reason roller covers were born in developing countries. Criminals and thieves started stealing from people's cabs when they stopped at a red light, and in worse cases, they would sometimes try to take the vehicle.

An entrepreneur named Amiel Smith started the production of Ute roller covers because he was a victim of this type of theft. His wife has a property business, and he was carrying some errands for her when someone jumped into the cab and stole his tools. That is when he came up with the idea of roll-top security covers.

Once he had designed the prototype, he thought it would be enough to ward off would-be thieves or criminals, but that was not true. Two men proceeded to steal his equipment by force, breaking the roller cover and jumping on it repeatedly. This led Amiel to head back to the drawing board to recreate the surface to withstand more pressure and weight.

The rest, as they say, is history! With the constant upgrades in technology, we were finally left with electric roller shutters and an entire range of accessories surrounding it.


Does AutoCraze provide roller Covers for Toyota Hilux?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes; we do! AutoCraze stocks roller covers for all Toyota Hilux models and generations, including:

Toyota Dual Cab Hilux Revi SR5 J Deck (HJ4R)

Extra Cab Hilux Revi Sport bar (H52R)

Toyota Space Extra Cab Hilux Revo (H5R)

Hilux Revo Sports Bars (H42R)

Hilux Revo Deck (H42R)

What Volkswagen Amarok Roller Covers Does AutoCraze Stock?

If you are an Amarok driver, you know how vital a roller cover is for your vehicle. It makes it look that much more stylish and protectors your goods simultaneously. AutoCraze provides roller covers for all Volkswagen Amarok models, including the Amarok Canyon Sports Bar (A53R), Amarok (A4R), and the Amarok Sports Bars (A42R)

Can I Have a Roller Cover Fitted on My Mitsubishi?

Yes, you can! AutoCraze offers roller covers for the Mitsubishi Triton, so you don't need to feel left out. The Mitsubishi MQ Triton Sports Bars (Q42R) and the Mitsubishi MQ Triton (Q4R) are compatible with our electric roller covers.