Buy coilovers at AutoCraze! At AutoCraze we’re the suspension specialists with over 30 years combined industry experience. We stock the biggest brands including K-Sport, XYZ, BC racing and lots more! Coilovers are one of the best modifications you can do to your car. For the best suspension upgrade, a set of coilovers will completely change the way your car handles. The factory standard springs and shocks can make your car feel heavy. Eliminate the body roll with coilovers from AutoCraze. As automotive enthusiasts, we recommend this upgrade for anyone looking to increase their handling performance. Stocking reputable brands such as BC Racing, K-Sport, XYZ suspension and more, there’s no better place to grab a set than AutoCraze.

Take a look at this K-Sport Coilovers build we did on a Lexus IS250 customer:

Freedom of Adjustability

Aftermarket coilovers are a fully adjustable suspesion setup. This kit comes with a spring and shock combination that allows you to fully adjust height and damper settings. With this, you can lower your car to a desired height and increase or decrease the hardness of the shocks. Take your car to the next level with a set of coilovers from AutoCraze. Whether you use your car for the street, or occasional track day, a set of coilovers are a must have for those chasing speed.

Form or Function

Depending on what you use your car for, different levels of coilovers need to be chosen. Whether you use your car for daily duties or chase lap times, the right coilovers need to be decided. For daily duties, you don’t need to over spend. A basic coilover setup with full height adjustability would be sufficient for the street. Having coilovers allows you to lower your car as much as you want, depending on the brand. BC Racing and K-Sport coilovers have a greater range of height adjustability. For a low setup, using these brands can help you achieve the look that you want as well as setting up the damper adjustments accordingly. Having a low car with wide wheels means you are prone to scrubbing on the guards. Adjusting the shock levels to a stiffer setting can counter this, as your car won’t bounce up and down as much. Turn your daily into a head turner with a set of coilovers today!

Track Performance

For those chasing speed or cutting track times, a set of coilovers will be the best investment you make. Followed closely by grippy tyres, coilovers will reduce the body roll and evenly spreading the weight across the wheels. You can use a process called corner-weighting to distribute weight around your car using the suspension’s ride height. This helps with stabilising the car during the corner and in effect carry a higher corner speed, cutting down lap times. But coilovers aren’t restricted to only those who like to lap quick times around the track. Drifters often use coilovers to also stabilise their cars while going sideways around the track. With the adjustable damper settings, drivers can stiffen or soften the shocks to suit their driving style. More aggressive drivers opt for a stiffer setting to get the rear of the car to swing out more aggressively.



Which coilovers are right for me?

Choosing the right coilovers is easy with AutoCraze. Our suspension specialists have years of experience, working with both street and track cars. We can offer you the best advice as to which coilovers would be most suitable for your application. AutoCraze has a range of coilovers from different brands such as BC Racing, K-Sport & XYZ suspension. Available for almost every Make & Model, from your Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan to Holden, Ford, and even Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Take a look at the different brands available:




K-Sport coilovers have been around for many years, being used on many winning race teams running in events such as the most famous Macau Grand Prix, Asia Pacific Rally Championship, Time Attack, and European Drift Championship. Being tested on race cars, K-Sport have constantly improved the characteristics of their coilovers with research and development. This intellectual property is then implemented in the coilovers you can buy for your car.

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BC Racing



BC Racing coilovers are a reputable brand, well-known to car enthusiasts across the globe. It’s main selling point is that these coilovers allow you to slam your car. A shortened shock body combined with adjustable pre-load on springs, gives you the freedom to lower your car right down to the ground. Popular amongst street cars as they perform well, go stupid low and are reasonably priced! If you are looking for a value for money coilover, there’s no looking past BC Racing.

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XYZ Coilovers



After hitting the UK market, these XYZ coilovers have become one of the best in the market in regards to catering for all Makes & Models. Designed with full camber, height and damper adjustments, these XYZ coils have been developed through race teams to bring you the final product. Many Ford and Holden drivers face a common problem of not being able to find a decent suspension setup. The most common form of lowering is purely through springs. XYZ have understood that these drivers need upgrades in the handling department and has come up with designs to suit. If you drive an Aussie muscle, we have the answer to your prayers! Grab a set of XYZ coilovers from AutoCraze and be amazed by the handling of your machine.

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Professional Installation 

The AutoCraze team has suspension specialists that can professionally install coilovers onto most cars. A proper installation includes removing the old shocks and springs and install the new coilovers into the car. Adjustments would need to be made to make sure the height of the car is leveled to ensure maximum performance. After installation of coilovers, a wheel alignment is highly recommended. Getting a properly wheel alignment will not only have your car driving straight, but prolongs the life span of the tyres. For performance based track/drift cars, an alignment will help set the car up perfectly to cut lap times or bake tyres.

AutoCraze: Where Style meets Performance

AutoCraze has been an innovator, influencing the automotive scene in Australia. Providing exceptional workmanship and high quality products, we aim to deliver the best customer service to make your experience with AutoCraze an enjoyable one. Our suspension specialists can offer the right advice to have you choose the most suitable coilovers for your car. Transform the look and make your car handle like a dream with a set of coilovers today!

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