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Roof Rack

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Roof Rack

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Roof Rack Passenger Accessories

When purchasing a roof rack, you need to think about what kind of roof rack you want and how it will sit on your vehicle. You won’t have a lot of say in what type of roof rack will fit on your car because of the manufacturer, but once you have figured out which one you want, you can pick the accessories to match.


These are some of the roof racks that you can purchase:

A Fixed Point Rack

These racks are threaded into the factory fitting point on the roofline, which will give you a very reasonable load limit. However, there is no flexibility as to where the rack will sit.

Raised Roof Rail

If you have a factory-fitted raised rail, then this is a good option for you. Having a raised roof rail will give you a high load limit and flexibility to where you want your rack placed. Also, there is no contact with the paint on your car. However, some of these rails can be short and are positioned closer to the vehicle's rear.

It is also better to always check the manufacturer’s recommended maximum load.

Door Mount

This roof rack will fit directly onto your paintwork with a clamp and will be secured on the top of your doorframe. These roof racks tend to be very popular amongst most vehicles, but it does have direct contact with your paintwork. Also, the load limit tends to be lower on these roof racks.

Track Mount

When you have factory-fitted mounts on your vehicle, you can use a track mount roof rack. These racks are bolted or riveted on, so they are secure. Also, these racks will allow for flexibility in your positioning, depending on your needs. Plus, they are straightforward to install.

However, if you do not already have tracks on your vehicle, it could be harder to aftermarket ones installed aftermarket, but that all depends on the car.

What Kind of Accessories Can You Have?

After installing the perfect roof rack for your needs, you will be able to pick the right accessories. There are many to choose from, so make sure to check out everything available on AutoCraze so that you can select the right ones for your needs. The most popular accessories for roof racks are:

► Roof Boxes: This will give you extra space for any gear or belongings you want to take with you on your travels.

► Bike Racks: If you enjoy a good bike ride along the countryside, this will help you transport any bike you have.

► Water Sport Racks: Some people like to go kayaking, and they have found water sport racks to be of great use when it comes to transporting their equipment.


After figuring out which roof rack you need, you can buy the right accessories for your needs. However, you must determine which roof rack can go onto your vehicle and how much weight you can carry. Only after that will you pick the accessories you want and plan for your next adventure.

Roof Rack Accessories FAQs<h/3>

How Much Weight Can I Put on My Roof Rack?

All the roof racks from AutoCraze are made to be strong and easily mounted to the vehicle. However, you should consult the manufacturer’s guide on how much weight you should put on your truck's roof because every truck is different. What might go on your truck may not go on your friend’s.

I Want to Bring My Surfboard with Me; How Do I Carry It?

Many people like going surfing, so people must transport their surfboard safely. Luckily, the rook racks from AutoCraze are made to help you transport your equipment to your next adventure. However, it is recommended that you purchase a surfboard accessory to transport your surfboard safely.

What Kind of Roof Rack Do I Need for a Kayak?

With more people going kayaking, it has become vital to have a roof rack that supports their kayak. It is better to get one that will evenly distribute the weight of your kayak across your roof, so it is not just sitting on the rear. Additionally, for more expert advice, get in contact with the team at AutoCraze because they will happily assist you with all of your questions.