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Electric Side Steps

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Electric Side Steps

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Electric Side Steps

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Eboard Power Side Steps

Electric side steps are one of the best accessories to incorporate into your vehicle. These handy items are designed with a smart monitoring system, which works with your door sensor.

What Are Power Side Steps?


Power side steps (also known as electric side steps) are steps that have a specific design to help people enter and exit your vehicle.

How Do Side Steps Work?

One of the most fascinating aspects of side steps is the way they work. These convenient accessories help you enter and exit the car.

Side steps help passengers and drivers, and they're immensely convenient if you own a big truck or an SUV. Instead of having a hard time getting inside your vehicle, Eboard Power Side Steps can help you get inside.

Since side steps work with smart technology, you can start enjoying their benefits after you install them. In other words, they detect whether they need to extend or retract depending on your doors’ sensors.

Some Eboard Power Side Steps Models by Autocraze

Autocraze offers various Eboard Power Side Steps you can purchase and make your days more enjoyable. With these steps, you may easily get inside your truck or SUV, which is immensely convenient, especially if you own a big vehicle. Here are some models you might want to take a look at:

Toyota Hilux Electric Side Steps

This retractable Eboard is one of the brand's most popular products. Experts and clients have tested it and the results are fantastic.

You can use the Hilux Side Steps regardless of the weather around you. These Eboard Power Steps work even in the mud, ice, or snow.

Additionally, the Toyota Hilux Side Steps are made of immensely endurable material, which is also maintenance-free. Therefore, the steps can last for years without you having to worry about getting replacements.

Toyota Fortuner Retractable Power Steps

With this Eboard, you get a rock-solid product that can last years once you install it in your Fortuner. The side steps are made of aluminium and reinforced with premium steel brackets to make the whole item immensely sturdy.

Moreover, these motor brackets guarantee a soundless experience. Its composition ensures less noise, which is something you might want when you're looking forward to enjoying your drives.

You don't need to drill or use any heavy-duty machinery to install the Retractable Power Steps, and that's also very convenient because you get to quickly enjoy the product's benefits.

Nissan Navara Retractable Power Steps

If you're looking for a lightweight Eboard that you can buy for your Nissan right now, this might be the ideal option for you.

The Nissan Navara Power Steps have a fantastic finish that resists corrosion. Additionally, they follow Australian Design Rules, which means they can work in temperatures from –40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

You get a two-year warranty if you buy the Nissan Navara Power Steps. Therefore, if you have any inconvenience, you can contact Autocraze and explain what's going on.

However, keep in mind that these power steps are high-quality products, so it's highly unlikely you'll have issues. On the contrary, since they're so easy to install, you might quickly put them in your SUV or truck and enjoy the benefits of having a straightforward way to get inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get Side Steps for My Truck?

You should definitely get side steps for your truck if you want to optimise the entering and exiting processes.

Sometimes trucks and SUVs are too high for you, and instead of being uncomfortable when you get inside, side steps can help you!

Why Are Side Steps Useful?

Side steps are immensely convenient because they use intelligent technology to detect open doors. Once they do that, they immediately extend. Thus, you can support your weight in them and enter your car.

Getting side steps is an ideal option if you want to be comfortable each time you get inside your SUV or truck. Thus, although they're accessories, they're very useful to improve your daily life.

Are Autocraze Side Steps High-quality Products?

Autocraze offers high-quality products only, and all Eboard Power Steps comply with Australian Standards.

Even though there are many brands out there, Autocraze guarantees that the products you buy are sturdy, durable, and made of the best materials.