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Led Light Bar


Led Light Bar

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Led Light Bar

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LED Light Bar

With a set of LED driving lights from AutoCraze, you can take your next 4WD adventure to the next level. LED lighting has revolutionized the four-wheel-drive industry, and we adore it. Additionally, LED driving lights often use less energy, last far longer, and are less fragile.


If you're going off-road, getting a LED light bar could be one of the most important 4WD accessories you can buy. You don't want to drive blindly into furious kangaroos and crazy wombats once it's completely dark, especially if you're going to be driving about at night with your friends and family.

LED lighting is a cost-effective solution to improve the look of your 4WD, SUV, or van. When compared to halogen, LED driving lights or LED spotlights use a fraction of the power while still being able to produce a bright pathway.

Are the LED Driving Lights You’re Buying for the Right Conditions and Terrains?

Fog - If you're driving in foggy conditions, you'll need a light with a lower colour temperature, such as a halogen or amber LED light. A fog light should typically be focused down at the road. This is done so that the bright light can be reflected by the fog.

Rain, sleet, and snow — Reflections are similar to fog but not as bad. Because it doesn't throw as much light as a set of 9′′ spotlights, getting a 20′′-ish light bar is preferable. If you install any type of roof lighting, it will simply illuminate anything falling from the sky in front of your eyes. This will make it more difficult to see and will make your driving even more challenging.

Dust - If you'll be travelling in a dusty environment, an amber light bar is your best bet since a bright light won't be of much help in the dust. They won't show a way through the dust, but instead, they will light up the surroundings.

LED Light Bar Benefits

An LED light bar is more powerful than regular LED lights. Your vehicle's built-in lighting elements are unquestionably less powerful than LED light bars. The quantity of light it emits has proven to be incredibly efficient, providing better illumination than your car now provides. This is why LED lighting is preferred for office equipment and construction sites.

LED lights use less energy and are better for the environment. Essentially, LED lighting is widely regarded as the most energy-efficient option available. Because LEDs do not produce much heat, their energy consumption is low, and their illumination power is uncompromised.

It is a more sustainable option. In its performance, LED does not emit any toxic chemicals or other potentially hazardous elements. Experts have praised its remarkable ability to provide adequate lighting without compromising the health of its users, as traditional lighting solutions do.

Final Word

LED light bars at AutoCraze, as you can see, have surely brought forth a much safer yet more efficient manner of illuminating your life. It provides more light, choices, energy-saving, and ecologically beneficial features than any other lighting system. Now, why would you go for anything other than LED?


Can I Fit LED Headlight Bulbs Myself?

Yes. It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete the installation. Your vehicle does not need to be altered in any way. Having said that, any electrical maintenance on your vehicle should always be done by a licensed auto electrician, which is what we recommend.

Will I Blind Oncoming Traffic?

Oncoming traffic should not be blinded by LED light bars on dim. In practice, if your dims do not have a clear "cut off," traffic officials may be concerned. The term "cut off" refers to a well-defined dim beam pattern.

As long as you're using a high-quality LED bulb, the beam pattern shouldn't be too intense, and you shouldn't blind oncoming motorists. When you overload your ute and the front of the ute is too high, it can cause your bulbs to glow excessively brightly, blinding oncoming vehicles.

How Long Do LED Light Bulbs Last?

LEDs have a 30,000-hour lifetime. The electronics that go with them, on the other hand, may be less. They come with a one-year warranty. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.