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Car Servicing Sydney


 AutoCraze's award-winning service. Rated 4.9 Stars on Google Reviews from over 1000 satisfied customers. 


We're known as Australia's favourite one stop shop for all your wheel, tyre and 4WD accessories.

But did you know? We are also award winners for automotive excellence and servicing. 

Here are just some of the reasons why our service rocks;

  • All our work is guaranteed: We take the extra steps to comply and exceed Australian standards.
  • Experienced team: Our team of servicing and 4WD technicians have years of experience in the automotive industry.
  • Your car is our car: We do a condition report before and after our servicing. Our quality assurance team makes sure that every vehicle that comes in and out of our workshop ticks all your and our boxes.
  • Tried & tested products: Any products we use have been tried & tested in-house for optimal performance and compatibility with your vehicle.

For bookings, pricing or any specialist services, call 1800 099 634 for more information.


Find out more about additional car services we provide at AutoCraze below.



Servicing is critical for ensuring every vehicle is working at its optimal performance and that it ticks all safety standards. At AutoCraze, we are able to service any vehicle and we are car log book certified. Every vehicle is road tested and full reports are provided upon servicing completion.

 Here are just some of the things that are included in our servicing and maintenance packages.

  • Engine oil and filter
    We first drain the oil and replace the oil plug and filter.
  • Oil & Fluid check and top up
    Besides the engine oil, our servicing technicians check and top up if required any transmission & brake fluid, power-steering fluid, anti-freeze fluids or coolants.
  • Brake wear replacement
    We check all brake pads and discs are for signs of wear and/or malfunctions.
  • Transmission checks
    We ensure your vehicle's transmission is functioning well, not leaking and any potential problem
  • Steering and suspension
    We offer a full range of services to ensure the alignment & steering of your vehicle is working optimally and correctly. For suspension, we ensure that it is completely safe and check for any signs of wear in particular to your axles and CV joints.
  • Timing belts and hoses
    We check for any signs of wear and failure in your belt or hoses. They can lead to potentially serious engine damage. 
  • Lights & Indicator check
    We check and replace all lights and indicators in your vehicle and look for any signs of electrical damage.
  • Tyre and pressures
    We do a complete safety check on your tyres to ensure there isn't any nails or foreign objects in your tyres. We also check the tread, wear and tyre pressure to ensure it complies with road safety rules. 
  • Windscreen wipers and washers
    We replace or check windscreen wipers and look for any signs of wear or damage to ensure it can optimally wipe your windows when you need it most.

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Have a flat tyre? We can inspect, repair or replace your tyre. 

Tyre bulge, uneven tyre wear or even just consistently uninflated tyres can be a bad sign that you need to replace your tyre. We can inspect and even repair tyres (if safe to do so). 

Did you also know that many new vehicles come with tyre pressure sensors? We stock and install pressure tyre sensors, to ensure you're driving away safely and that the sensors are reading correctly. 

AutoCraze stocks a wide selection of tyre brands including Michelin, BF Goodrich, Pirelli & many more to suit all types of budgets. Speak to our in-store team for honest and professional advice based on your driving style, vehicle, and budget.

Always wanted a stretch or beefier tyres? Sick of buying tyres just to find out they scrub really badly or not fit at all?
We've literally worked with over a thousand cars from all setups. This has allowed our specialists to recommend the best sizes and absolute best looking tyres fitments in the industry. Call 1800 099 634 and our team can advise you on the best setup for your car.



Our state of the art wheel alignments and specialists are well known for their accuracy and quality assurance. 

We specialise in all ranges of adjustments. Do you own a lowered drift spec vehicle getting ready for a drift day? Do you have a lifted 4WD and like to go off-roading on the weekend? Or do you have a feeling that your wheel alignment is just not right?

AutoCraze provides all these wheel alignment services and more! 

  • Our wheel alignments are measured and guaranteed before and after the service.
  • Our wheel alignment machines can cater to lowered vehicles and large American 4WD's including Ford F150, F250, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra and so many more.
  • We provide a full wheel alignment report upon completion.

Click here for more information on wheel alignments.



Need some aftermarket suspension to compliment your new rims on your ride? We have you covered! Lowered springs, coilovers and lift kits can be supplied and fitted in-house. 

Call us now on 1800 099 634

Suspension plays a big part in modifying your car. It can determine and change the feel and whole look of your car. With the different suspension options available, AutoCraze can come up with a solution to meet your needs.

We have tirelessly worked with suspension brands all over Australia and the world to bring to you top quality products, affordable prices and safety for Australian conditions. 

  • We stock coilover brands including K-Sports, Whiteline, H&R and so many more. 
  • We also carry well renown lift kits including AutoCraze (our very own tried and tested brand), Bilstein, Dobinsons and more.

Whether you are looking to enhance performance, handling, load carrying or purely ride height, AutoCraze has the right suspension components for you.

Having trouble dialing in your perfect alignment for your street or track car? AutoCraze can supply you with aftermarket parts including:

  • Camber bolts
  • Aftermarket adjustable suspension arms
  • Misalignment suspension bush kits

These parts will help get that alignment 100% perfect and promote the best life for your tyres. 

Want to know more about our car lowering services? Click here.

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Over time your factory exhaust system becomes tired. This can cause exhaust leaks and holes can develop after years of being on the car.AutoCraze can supply and install replacement systems to suit most vehicles or upgrade to a bolt on performance system. A performance system changes the note that the car makes and can help update the rear of the vehicle as well.

AutoCraze offers a range of car lowering services

Want more grunt? We stock top quality exhaust systems for most makes and models including X-Force, Invidia and many more!

Find out more about our exhaust services here.



Braking feeling a bit funny? Your ride doesn’t want to stop as it used to? Is the brake system making noises under light or hard braking?

suspension systems

 AutoCraze can help with replacement parts and fitting. This includes:

•    Brake pads
•    Brake rotors
•    Brake upgrades

When you come to us, you can be sure that we’ll strive to find the right servicing solutions and outcomes for you and your car. We know that each job and each new challenge is unique, but we never shy away from that fact.

We’ve completed work for all kinds of drivers and vehicles, and we’re always keen to talk to new clients and help them find the solutions that are most appropriate for them. It’s what we do!

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team in place that can ensure the work we complete is as good as it possibly can be. One thing you should know about us is that we don’t accept second best and we don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our work.

Nothing matters to us more than making sure that the car servicing work we complete meets your expectations as well as the high standards that we set for ourselves each day in our workshop.

As well as all of these services, we also carry aftermarket wheel nuts, lock nuts to help keep your rims safe from all the jealous people out there, accessories and plenty more.

Find out more about our brake repairs services here.



caliper paint autocraze

After installing new rims, the standard factory calipers look average. With our caliper painting service, we can add a touch of personalisation. This is a cost-effective and simple modification that can add a lot to the final product.

Brake calipers fade due to the harsh conditions it endures when you drive. Combined with the hot Australian climate, your brakes will inevitably fade from factory. A lick of paint from AutoCraze will have your calipers looking brand new.
Brake calipers at autocraze

 AutoCraze uses high-quality paint to ensure the colour is durable with a protective coating resistant to chipping, brake dust, and automotive chemicals. First, the brake calipers are carefully prepared for paint.

This is done by sanding down the caliper and applying primer so the new caliper paint does not crack over time. Sometimes rust builds up around the brake rotors, so the team at AutoCraze removes them before moving on. The caliper paint is then applied once preparations are made to the caliper and then left to air dry.

Colours available are:
•    Red
•    Blue
•    Black
•    Yellow

the new caliper paint

 Find out more about our caliper painting services here. 


If you have any inquiries or questions on any products or services we provide, contact us on 1800 099 634.