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Central locking

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Central locking

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Central locking

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Central Locking System

Ever wondered what makes vehicles simultaneously open and lock all doors? Well, it is the central locking system connected to the alarm system of a car. If you want to lock doors when you’re inside the car, you’ll use the key fob to lock the front doors, which automatically locks the rest of the doors. Later on, when trying to open manually, the rest of the doors will also be automatically opened. You can use the open button on your key fob to open all doors.


How the Locking System Works

The driver’s key fob has a unique code that synchronises with the alarm system of a car. When you lock your car, it sets off the engine immobiliser; it will only ignite back on when it receives a code from the key fob. In other words, your car’s engine stops working literally when in lock mode; a reason to install them in your car for protection.

When the driver’s door is closed, a switch moves the master unit, signalling the driver unit to move the link rod. This process will open and close the rest of the doors simultaneously. There are various types of central locking available at autocraze.com.au today.

Types of Central Locking Systems

There are two types of central locking system options - The conventional and selective central locking systems. The selective central locking system allows you to control each car door and boot individually. It also allows you to lock all doors once you ignite the car, deterring scenarios of accidentally opening a door while the car is moving.

Newer models can open the car door when the key fob is at a certain distance. You’ll therefore not need to push a button. Other models come with a safety feature like a panic button. It triggers your car's alarm system when you feel threatened to draw attention. They can also automatically open all doors in case of an accident.

The Benefits of Central Locking

Installing the central locking system has made cars more efficient. There’s no hassle of opening one door at a time. You’ll not keep people waiting.


The central locking system offers ultimate security. The fact that you can simultaneously lock all doors using the driver’s lock eliminates any chance of leaving the car in an unlocked position. Once you’ve locked the door, the engine becomes immobile by default until the car receives a signal from the key fob. The system has minimised the chances of intruders having access to your car.

Useful in Unconventional Ways

The locking and unlocking sound that the key fob produces helps car owners to quickly identify their cars in a parking lot where they’re many vehicles. It’s cliché but definitely works. The remote of your locking system will send signals to the system fitted on your car as they work based on radio waves.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to add a central locking system to your car, autocraze.com.au is the best place to go for such an installation. It’s your best chance at protecting your vehicle from motor vehicle theft. Reach out to us today for a quote or inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add a Central Locking to My Car?

Using a kit purchased from autocraze.com.au, you can convert your car into a central locking system. The kit comprises drive units that are electrically operated and mounted inside a car. Plus, link rods, wiring, and brackets are fitted into your car.

Is Keyless Entry the Same as Central Locking?

There are somewhat different from each other. While trying to lock doors in a manual central locking, you’ll only need the driver’s lock to lock all four doors simultaneously - Whereas, in a keyless entry, you’ll need to press all the four buttons in the remote key to lock all four doors.

What is a Key Fob?

The name originated from a watch fob in 1888, describing an ornament attached to a watch chain. A key fob is an advanced accessory that is attached to your keychain. The device can lock or unlock the door when you press the locking and unlocking button. Its primary function is to control remote entry to a car and increase safety measures.