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Wheel Offset Calculator

A wheel offset calculator helps determine the difference in your wheel position when switching out your OEM wheels with a set of aftermarket wheels. Using our online wheel offset calculator is simple. All you have to do is put in your current wheels set up such as your wheel offset, then put in your new wheels set up with its new offset to start comparing positions between your old setup and new. Once you have done that the calculator will show you how much will change when you go for your new offset. Comparing side by side the two different fitments and changes to your wheels. If you're still unsure about your wheel offset calculator results then do not hesitate to CALL US ON 1800 099 634. Because at AutoCraze we understand that it can be a bit daunting when it comes to purchasing a new set of wheels for your pride and joy. If you have purchased your wheels already and want to make sure that your new set of wheels will work or fit to suit your needs. Then fear not as one of our in-house fitment specialist will look over your order to ensure that you get that fitment that you've always wanted. Most leading wheel companies have already worked out wheel offsets to suit most vehicles with most rims, but what happens if you are ordering a rim that’s custom made for your ride? Will it fit? Will it be inside the guard? Will it fill the guards like you want it to? These questions and more will race through your head. Wheel offset has a massive effect on these questions. Wheel offset determines how far in or out the rim will sit in relations to the vehicle’s guard. This various with different widths of the rim on different cars. Wheel offset works with the width of the wheel and is measured from the rims mounting surface to the rear of the rim. To make it easier to determine the wheel offset, convert the inch measurement to a millimetre measurement.

FAQ - Wheel Offset Calculator 

How to calculate offset wheels? There are two ways to calculate wheel offsets, the back-space method and the centre line method which is the most common method. The centreline method takes the measurement from the wheel's true centreline to the hub mounting face, giving you either a negative or positive measurement.
What are Wheel Offsets? 
The wheel offset is the distance from the hub mounting surface of the wheel to the centerline of the wheel. When measuring the wheel offset, people tend to use millimeters, resulting in either a positive, negative, or zero offset. Positive Offset: When going for a positive offset that technically means that the hub mounting surface will be towards the front or wheel side of the wheel. Positive offset wheels are commonly seen on newer and front wheel drive vehicles. Negative Offset: Negative offsets means that the hub mounting surface of the wheel will be moved more towards the back or brake side of the wheels centerline. Negative offset wheels tend to have more "deep dish" or "deep lip" which you may see on the more customised vehicles out there. Zero Offset:  What a zero-offset means is that the wheel hub mounting surface is directly even with the centerline of the wheel, making it a zero offset wheels.

Wheel Offset Explained

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  [Visual diagram of what a positive, negative, and zero offset would look like.] Here’s an example of how to measure wheel offset: A wheel is 10 inch wide or 254mm, zero offset is the rim mounting surface being at four inches or 101.6mm but let’s round that off to 102mm for this example. Now, if this 10 inch wide rim had a +20 offset, the rim mounting surface will sit at 122mm measuring from the rear of the rim. This would move the outside lip 20mm inwards if the original wheel width and offset was 10 inch wide zero offset If the offset was -20, the measurement would change to 82mm, this would push the outside lip out 20mm if the original wheel width and offset was 10 inch wide zero offset. The good thing about this day and age, is that everything can be found on the internet. There are websites that do all the calculations for you. Simply type in the size you have at the moment, E.G: 17×9 +30, then type the size you want to put on, E.G: 18×10.5 +25 and it works out how much inner and outer clearance you will have roughly.
What is Wheel Backspacing? Wheel backspacing is the distance in inches from the mounting surface to the inside edge of the wheel. (Refer to image for reference) Wheel_Offset_Calculator_AutoCraze_2017