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Fender Flares are definitely common accessories to add to an SUV or truck. Autocraze has various models to choose from, and the brand offers top deals for Australian drivers.


What Are 4x4 Flares?

Most trucks and SUVs on the market can use flares. They're accessories that perfectly fit your vehicle as an extension of it, and they can make it look better.

The available flares in Autocraze Australia are fantastic and can embellish your vehicle. Although you don't necessarily need to incorporate accessories to make your truck look better, adding flares can make your vehicle's exteriors change completely.

Are Flares Necessary?

Flares are not really necessary for your truck. They're accessories that can make your vehicle look much more aggressive.

Therefore, when you buy the flares you want, you should consider different things. On the one hand, you must, of course, choose the perfect ones depending on the truck model you have.

However, the colour you choose is also essential. Instead of going for the first one that Autocraze offers, remember that the brand also allows you to choose between different options. Check out all the alternatives and pick your favourite.

Flare Models

Autocraze Australia offers 24 flare models to choose from. There is no shortage of options – you can choose the one your vehicle needs with no problem since the brand gives you everything from Mitsubishi Mr. Triton flares to Fender Flares for Toyota Hilux models. Here are some examples of what you can buy:

Mercedes Benz X-Class Fender Flares

These Fender Flares can make your Mercedes look more incredible than ever before. With an imposing look and thick materials, the accessories are the perfect way to complement your vehicle and enhance its appearance.

Mazda Bt50 Egr Fender Flares

If you have a Mazda, you're probably checking out Autocraze's flares to see if one of the brand's models fits your vehicle. Fortunately, this one is the ideal one for it, and it's available in many different colours.

The Fender Flares come in a variety of colours for you to choose from, including copper red, aurora blue, titanium grey, sparkling gold, and more.

In some cases, beautiful colours are not enough to convince you to buy some flares for your Mazda. However, buying this model means you also get a long-lasting product made of some of the best materials in the market.

Izuzu D-Max Fender Flares

Another incredible Fender Flare model is the one available for Izuzu vehicles. Just like the Mazda ones, you can get these in different colours.

The Izuzu flares come in mineral grey, splash white, tundra green, titanium silver, cobalt blue, lapis blue, and more. You get to decide the one you want for your truck!

Ford PX Ranger Fender Flares

If you own a Ford PX Ranger, you can also buy fantastic Fender Flares from Autocraze. This brand offers a high-quality model made with thick and long-lasting materials.

Both the six-piece set and the front-piece set are available depending on what you want. These Australian-made flares are around 152mm high, and you can trim them to fit your bull bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Flares Should I Buy?

If you're getting Fender Flares from Autocraze, you should buy the perfect ones for your vehicle. Fortunately, the brand offers numerous options depending on the truck or SUV you have, so you always get more than one alternative.

Remember that getting Australian flares for your vehicle should be a fun process. These are accessories that can make your SUV or truck look much better, so you should enjoy your purchase every step of the way.

Are Autocraze Flares High-quality Products?

All Autocraze products are top-quality Australian accessories and vehicle parts. Relying on this brand means you're buying something made with long-lasting and sturdy materials.

The website has various reference photos if you want to look at the product you're buying. Additionally, the descriptions explain the dimensions of the flares and important information about what you're purchasing.

What Happens if I Don't Like My Flares?

Autocraze products comply with Australian Standards. Furthermore, the brand guarantees that they will fit your vehicle.

However, if you buy a set of flares and they're not the right size, you can get your money back. The brand ensures that you get always get a valuable product when you make your purchase!