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Wheel & Tyre Packages

Wheel & Tyre Packages

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Wheel & Tyre Packages

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Wheel and Tyre Packages Australia

AutoCraze offers tyre and pneumatic products across its line. It also supplies one of Australia's most wide selections of original wheels.

Let's start with the fundamentals. The circular black rings on your car's rims or wheels are called pneumatic rings (or tyres). In recent years, tyres have usually been filled with compressed air or nitrogen.

Some qualities like durability, grip, and comfort constitute a great tyre. However, it is not easy to integrate all these qualities into one tyre. Therefore, tyre design and development become a complicated procedure.

Before introducing new products, tyre brands spend a lot of effort on research and development, testing, and modelling. Various motor and non-motor vehicle types require different pneumatic pumps.


Construction Tyre Categories

Two types of tyres are usually present, namely tube and pneumatic tyres. However, the tyre’s radial, bias, and belted bias are categorized according to their shell’s structure.

Radial Tyres

Radial tyres are used by passenger cars, with ply cables flowing radially at 90 degrees. Its softer sidewall provides more flexibility and absorbs road undulations.

Bias Tyres

These pneumatic tyres are rarely utilized in today's world. The positioning of the plug cords in the tyres are in a cross-sectional pattern at an angle of 30–40 degrees. These tyres' stiff sidewalls gave less riding comfort and low fuel efficiency.

Belted Bias Tyres

This tyre is a combination of radial and partial pneumatics. An inside substance is supported by a stabilizer ring manufactured from steel. It brings some of the advantages of both technologies.

The wheel is a round metal object attached to an axle. Its rim and tyre can also be referred to as a revolution. It has a significant role to play in your car's stability, comfort, and performance.

Alloy wheels are made of aluminium metal and are more stable and lighter, as opposed to steel wheels. In addition, alloy wheels are also better at absorbing damage from collision and are resistant to rust.

The Importance of Tyre Alignment and Balancing

Pneumatic alignment is quite different from pneumatic balance. You can assure increased pneumatic life and optimum performance with these services.

Alignment of a Tyre or Wheel

Wheel alignment is necessary for handling and controlling the vehicle. Cars tend to drag in one direction or appear to be uneven on the road without adequate alignment.

The wheel alignment consists of the suspension and pneumatic angle adjustment for proper road contact. Generally, your car needs wheel alignment if you observe uneven tread wear on the tyres.

Balancing of the Tyre or Wheel

The balancing method consists of an equal weight of pneumatic and wheel compounds. Smoother rides at faster speeds are possible when the wheels are balanced.

Every tyre (including the wheel) on a balancing device must be tested. This is to reduce the imbalance and weights put onto the wheel.

It is recommended that pneumatic and wheel balancing is done every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres for Australian roads.

All tyres aren't going to fit every rim. Generally, the rim size is referred to when mentioning the diameter of a wheel. Manufacturers frequently employ varied rim sizes, as these are designed for different variations of the same rim. There are three primary attributes when it comes to tyre size:

► Tyre width i.e., pneumatic width

► Tyre height, i.e., pneumatic sidewall height

► Pneumatic inner circumference diameter

In alphanumeric combinations, details of tyre measurements are present on the sidewall. A pneumatic 165/55 R15, for example, signifies a pneumatic width of 165 millimetres and a sidewall height of 55 percent of the overall pneumatic width. The “R” is the type of radial tyre, and the 15 is the size of the rim it fits.Faulty matching of rims and tyres can impair driving comfort and fuel efficiency. It may cause the fuel efficiency to fall if the pneumatics and boundaries are heavier than stock. However, the handling and stability may increase when tyres are changed correctly.You can also achieve improved results by switching the tyre brand in some circumstances. As stated above, new, and improved products are constantly being developed by top tyre brands.

Wheel and Tyre Combinations

It could not be easier to create a wheel and tyre combination with AutoCraze when you have selected and added a set of alloy wheels to your basket. A range of tyres suited to fit those wheels might be available - with the option of adding fitting if you need it.

After you have added your tyres, you may also add a customized wheel and tyre package to the mobile fitting service.

It could be a challenging task for many customers to choose alloy wheels that match their cars. However, the web-based configurator simplifies the process by letting you select the fabric and model of your vehicle and showing a choice of wheels that fit.

The configurator provides a range of suitable tyres, fits, and accessories. Once that’s done, a technical team supports this system, who may provide any additional help and advice you require.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are some of the free services of AutoCraze?

AutoCraze offers complimentary assembly and balance for its wheel & tyre customers. The team installs and balances the wheels and tyres, so it's safe to place them on your car when your packages arrive.

The quality assurance staff ensures that each wheel and tyre is inspected. Every package includes an entirely free installation kit. The chrome lug nuts, centrifugal rings, and chrome valve sticks are all included in the installation kit.

2. What happens if my wheels don't fit?

AutoCraze’s 100 percent Fitment Guarantee allows you to return them if they don't fit. Send AutoCraze an e-mail with images of any problems you may have had with fitting, and the team can exchange your wheels and tyres. The company also covers any shipping charges arising from incorrect installation.

3. Are all your products brand-new?

Yes. Autocraze ensure all its products are brand new.


AutoCraze aims to ensure that its clients can acquire an alloy wheel and tyre package as quickly as possible in a safe and easy-to-use environment. It receives wheels and tyres supplied at a fair and competitive price and aim to supply various options and support to its clients.