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Sports Bar

Of course, if you want to improve your new vehicle's off-road potential,wheels, tyres should be one of your first purchases, but for the purposes of this article, we'll concentrate on model-specific additions like sports bars.

How to Prepare Your Ford Ranger for Off-roading


Essentially, the level to which your ute is accessorized is determined by your budget, as this will determine the model you can get with your hard-earned cash. Further, the higher the price of a car, the higher its specification, and hence, the more extras it will come with as standard.

The finest 4WD attachments include, well, pretty much anything you could possibly want to put on a ute. A variety of extras are available for your 4WD, ranging from the mundane (power-adjustable wing mirrors, tool kit, central locking, tailgate liner, window tint) to the spectacular (bulbar, drawers, canopy, and more).

Most, if not all, useful 4WD additions are available as official components from a new car dealer – or are already installed in that used 4WD you've been eyeing – or from one of Australia's major businesses such as AutoCraze.

Install a Sports Bar

Many ute enthusiasts believe that these much-maligned chunks of metal can be used to help haul wood, pipes, or other long materials, as well as a mounting place for forward-facing lights or a work-light that illuminates the tray (check your state laws before installing any lights in your sports bar to ensure that it is legal). A good sports bar, according to some, also looks attractive.

Features and Benefits

Below is a list of the benefits a sports bar can provide:

* The design is based on the cabin's layout, giving in a seamless fit and appearance.

* High carbon steel ensures strong and extremely high corrosion resistance.

* Sidebar design with a modern, one-of-a-kind plastic finish

* It's possible to use it with the RVE Shutter lid (adapter brackets additional).

Why Install a Sports Bar?

These spherical beams, which were originally affixed to the upper borders of the truck bed, performed two objectives while off-roading: They supported the vehicle's structural integrity during rollovers and also housed auxiliary forward-facing lights.

The back end of a truck cab's pointed right angle can cave in if it collides with the ground or impediments at a specific velocity and angle, endangering the passengers inside. A true roll bar is built of durable steel to distribute impact force and provide additional support to the cab's structure. It ensures that the car does not bend or crumple during a rollover.

However, not every sports bar is designed to serve as a roll bar, so don't assume that any item you buy will provide this additional support. Some sports bars are merely stylish or serve as light mounts.

On the highway, on rural country roads, or in the woods, sports bars with lightbulbs provide better visibility at night.

Several decades ago, triangular-mounted sports bars were fairly common on Range Rovers. In the 1980s, light bars were a popular addition to tricked-out pickup trucks, immortalized by Marty McFly's Toyota SR5 in Back to the Future.

However, as trucks got more durable and domestic, these aftermarket upgrades fell out of fashion.


A sports bar is a 4x4 accessory that you should consider getting for your 4WD. Especially if you’re planning to put heavy loads on the back of your ute. Browse through AutoCraze's wide range of sport bars from premium brands around the world.


Are the sport bars ADR approved?

Yes, all sports bars sold at AutoCraze are ADR approved and have been tested for Australian conditions.

Do You Ship Australia-wide?

Yes, we do ship Australia-wide*

Are All Your Items Brand New?

Yes! All of our products at AutoCraze are guaranteed to be brand new.