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Recovery Gear

Recovery Gear

Recovery Gear

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Recovery Gear

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Recovery Gear

Recovery gear is helpful for all vehicles because it can help everyone out of trouble. Also, having recovery gear is not just for those who are always going on hardcore trips but are great for anyone who loves to go off-road. These are some things you can purchase within a recovery gear kit or separately, depending on your needs.


Recovery Rope

Recovery ropes are great pieces of equipment that are simple, effective, and affordable. It will take up very little room, and it’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about moving it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a tow strap in your recovery gear kit. The reason for a recovery rope is to tow along a freely moving vehicle behind another one.

This is ideal for those who might have broken down on the side of the road because then, someone else could help pull you back to civilization.

Off-Road Animal Recovery Points

After purchasing your recovery rope, you might want to buy some Off-Road Animal Recovery Points. These points will help you recover yourself or others when your vehicles need to be towed. However, it will not work with a factory bumper, so you may need to purchase a new bumper that is better suited.


* Can recover up to 4,000kg

* This can help you get unstuck


* Each piece is perfectly laser cut and doubled up together to make 24mm of steel

* It is all zinc plated

* Can be easily installed without any added assistance

Recovery Hitch

Most off-road vehicles come with tow bars on the rear because they are helpful. However, many do not come with recovery points, so before you head off on your next adventure, it is essential that you have one. A recovery hitch will bolt itself onto your chassis, so then, you can tow anything you need to.

The biggest reason for having one is because you are most likely going to get in trouble at some point. There is no point in saying that you won’t because everyone does at some point, so it is better to be prepared instead of just hoping that it doesn’t. When buying a recovery hitch, you should know that it goes on the rear of your vehicle.

A recovery hitch is a big lump of steel with a rated shackle, which will slide into your tow bar and be secured with a pin. These are incredibly versatile and also happen to be fantastic for all your off-roading needs. Except, before purchasing your recovery hitch, look at your tow bar and make sure that it is in good condition.

If your chassis looks like it has seen better days, get a professional in to look at it because you do not want to rip the entire thing off when you need to use it.


Having recovery gear is a must for any person who goes off-roading. It will help you when you’re in trouble and get you out of a sticky situation. At AutoCraze, we have recovery gear kits and separate tools that you can purchase for all of your off-roading needs.

Recovery Gear FAQs

Can’t I Just Recover with a Pin?

Technically, you can recover with just a pin, and many people do, but there are more advantages to having a hitch with you when you’re stuck. A hitch is stronger and can help prevent your pin from bending. If you end up bending your pin, you will have a hard time getting it out afterwards, so it is better to just not rely on it if you don’t have to.

Are Recovery Ropes Better Than Straps?

Recovery rope is more durable than straps, so they are less likely to fail. Additionally, recovery ropes are more convenient to pack away after using them. However, the most significant advantage of recovery rope is that it is softer than straps, so there will be less damage or strain on the vehicle and recovery gear.

Can I Order My Recovery Points in a Different Colour?

No, they are only available in red, but that makes it easy to see when you need them. Also, there is little demand to have different colours available, so if you want to have your recovery points a different colour, you will need to paint them yourself.