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Buy the AutoCraze lift kit today at AutoCraze and get that lifted look you've always wanted. Designed to meet the needs and applications of all 4WD owners. The AutoCraze lift kit is intended to give you the ultimate set up for off-road and on-road conditions. If you're one to use your 4wd for both the weekend and the weekday then the AutoCraze lift kit is the perfect match for you.

The AutoCraze lift kit has been tested in the harshest Australian conditions to give users the flexibility of on-road softness for comfortability and off-road ruggedness for performance.

In order to create the AutoCraze lift kit, we collaborated with top suspension experts. Taking the best components from various top brand manufacturers and produced the ultimate Australian lift kit. Using technologies from the top brands including Tough Dog, Kings Springs and Super Pro.

Years of research and development have been put into developing the AutoCraze lift kit. Engineered for a comfortable ride for on-road use and tough performance off-road. Made to give you the perfect balance.

Black Ford Ranger American Racing ATX AX199 Satin Black wheels AutoCraze Lift Kit Front Shot

[Pictred above is a Ford Ranger decked out with wheels, tyres, accessories, and an AutoCraze lift kit.]

► AutoCraze 4X4 Suspension Lift Kit (60mm) Contents 

2 x Big Bore Gas Struts: (41mm Bore & 65mm Body) (White)
2 x Big Bore Gas Shocks: (41mm Bore & 65mm Body) (White)
2 x AC Tapered Wire Progressive Rate Coil Springs (Red)
2 x Upper Strut Mounts
2 x 10mm Strut Spacers
2 x Rear Leaf Springs (Comfort Option)
1 x Super Poly Bush Kit (Lifetime Warranty)
1 x Greasable Shackle & Pin Kit (all points are greaseable)
4 x HD U-Bolts
1 x Tail Shaft Spacer kit.
1 x Assembly of Front Struts

Showcase AutoCraze Lift Kit Components

[Components may typically change depending on the vehicle]

Why buy an AutoCraze 4x4 suspension?

Getting an AutoCraze lift kit done to your vehicle is more than just about getting a tougher look. There are many functional benefits in getting a 4x4 suspension done to your pride and joy. When looking at your stock 4x4 suspension on your vehicle. It wasn't really designed to take on the harshest conditions or pull some of the heaviest loads. You can try but you may not get the results you were looking for.

That's why AutoCraze recommends getting a 4x4 suspension done to your vehicle if you're planning to go off-roading or you're planning to pull heavy loads on work sites. There are three main reasons for why you would want to change your suspension with AutoCraze:

  1. More Clearance
    The first reason is to get more clearance on your ride to get a better off-roading experience. When lifting your rig, you're actually lifting all the important components under your vehicle away from any danger that you may come across when going off-road.
  2. Bigger wheels and tyres
    Lifting your ride gives you more clearance off the ground, creating more height. With more height off the ground means that you'll be able to get bigger wheels and tyres.
  3. Look Tougher
    Not only will you get a wide variety of functional benefits to your vehicle, you'll also add height, beefier wheels and tyres and you've now got one badass looking ride.


Benefits of an AutoCraze 4×4 Suspension 

Getting a 4x4 AutoCraze suspension done can give you a wide variety of benefits, these include:

Increased Towing & Load Carrying: Getting a 4x4 AutoCraze suspension can help increase your vehicle's load-bearing potential. Helping your 4WD cope with the heavy loads and pressures on worksites. Giving it a more added stability on the rear with heavy duty coil springs and leaf springs.

Off-Roading: An AutoCraze lift kit will work wonders on your vehicle, especially if you're planning to go off-road. It'll also give you a sense of relief knowing that you'll never get stuck in a bad situation. The AutoCraze lift kit is designed to cope with aggressive driving and off-road terrains.  

Enhanced look and aesthetic: Enhance the look of your 4wd with an AutoCraze lift kit. Lifting your ride by 2 inches and giving you the ability to get beefier and bigger wheels and tyres.  

Toyota Hilux AutoCraze lift kit banner

►AutoCraze Lift Kits done at AutoCraze

Here are just some of the big builds that we've done using the AutoCraze lift kit:

Ford Ranger Asanti AB811 Wheels Nitto Trail Grappler Mud Tyres LiftKit 4x4 Accessories Front Close Shot

Ford Ranger Asanti AB811 Wheels Nitto Trail Grappler Mud Tyres LiftKit 4x4 Accessories Suspension Close Up Shot

Ford Ranger Asanti AB811 Wheels Nitto Trail Grappler Mud Tyres LiftKit 4x4 Accessories Rear Fitment Close Up Shot

ROOSTERS RANGER // Ford Ranger by AutoCraze

► Asanti AB811 [Satin Black]
► Nitto Trail Grappler Mud Terrain Tyres
► AutoCraze Lift Kit
► EGR Flares
► Nudge Bar
► RHINO Front LED Headlight Trim
► Tailgate Gas Strut 4x4
►LED Light Low Beam Conversion
►LED Light Fog Light Conversion
► Tail Light Trim
► Weather shields

Toyota Hilux Fuel Crush Wheels Toyo Open Country Tyres Front Close Shot

Toyota Hilux Fuel Crush Wheels Toyo Open Country Tyres Suspension Close Up Shot

Toyota Hilux Fuel Crush Wheels Toyo Open Country Tyres Rear Close Up Shot

UNBREAKABLE // Toyota Hilux by AutoCraze

► 20" Fuel Crush – Gloss Black Double Dark Tint finish
► Toyo Open Country A/T2
► AutoCraze Lift Kit

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