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  1. Toyota Hilux GR Giveaway

    We have teamed up with Giveaways.com.au to completely deck out this brand new TOYOTA HILUX GR and give it away to one of you lucky people! This GR is awesome on its on but it didn’t have the giveaway touch… so we gave it some upgraded to really add to the overall look. We gave […]

  2. Automotive HR Challenges to Overcome

    Automotive companies, like all businesses, are only as strong as the team of employees around them. Hiring motivated and qualified people to fill position openings is the responsibility of Human Resources and hiring managers. Teams are comprised of every job level; front-desk staff, mechanics, office personnel and management. When there is a weak link in […]

  3. 4x4 Australia

    Buy 4×4 Australia at Autocraze today! We have almost everything 4×4, 4WD and AWD related to suit your needs. Autocraze takes pride in working on 4WD vehicles to enhance their looks and performance with many accessories, 4wd rims and tyres available in store. We have over 6000 wheels and 3000 tyres available for Ford Ranger, […]

  4. ballistic off road wheels store

    BALLISTIC OFF ROAD WHEELS STORE | BALLISTIC 4X4 RIMS FOR SALE After a Ballistic Off Road wheels store? AutoCraze is your answer! Ballistic Wheels pride themselves on having the toughest looking wheels in the 4×4 aftermarket industry. Incredibly strong, aggressively stylish and with an undoubted rugged appeal, they are a favourite amongst even the most die-hard motorsport enthusiasts […]

  5. The Audi Drift Sport D-Mac S1: Big Steps Forward

    Hey everyone – welcome to the second installment of the MCNSPORT Audi Drift Sport D-Mac S1. Following on from my first build story, the car has returned from Stone Motorsport, so the rest of the work will now be completed here at MCNSPORT HQ in Cork, Ireland. Progress will be dramatic too, so keep returning […]

  6. Need For Speed: The Official Trailer

    Last month saw the release of a brand spanking new Need for Speed teaser, and we revealed how Speedhunters is directly involved in the development of this highly anticipated game. Now, on the eve of 2015’s Electronic Entertainment Expo – better known as E3, the official trailer has been released and the game’s on-sale date announced: […]

  7. How Can A 4-Cylinder Compete With The V8s In Formula D?

    It doesn’t matter what kind of engine configuration you’re running – the reality of Formula D Pro competition is that if it’s not making north of 800hp, it’s hard to compete. With the latest generation of tires and chassis setups, top level drift cars need huge power to keep the wheel speed up due to […]

  8. Mad Mike’s Return To Formula Drift

    I was very excited when Mike told me at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon that he was making a return to Formula Drift, because not only is he a fan favorite, he brings a sense of style unlike anyone else on the grid. I had a moment to catch up with Mike as soon as […]

  9. Life Goals & A Lexus RC F

    I don’t really consider myself to have a set path in life. So far following my passions and nurturing good relationships has brought me happiness and generated some truly great opportunities. I do have two goals that have remained pretty consistent though: to see as much of the world as I can, and to drive […]

  10. Rotary Aspirations: RE Amemiya’s 13B Roadster

    I really feel for rotary tuners in Japan. Back in the day when Mazda was still producing cars like the RX-7 and Cosmo, they had plenty of customers coming to them for work. But now, since the RX-8 has even been discontinued, specialist rotary tuners are doing it tough. Many have moved on and others […]

  11. The ’34 Mercury They Never Made

    Ford’s Mercury brand didn’t exist in 1934, but if it did they might have made a pickup that looked like this. Well, not exactly like this. Let’s suppose a hot rodder got his hands on one though, this is definitely how it would have looked… Matt Hooper has owned and built a bunch of early […]

  12. A Street Car Named Desire // Ryo’s Toyota Chaser.

    There are those cars where you run across a photo of it online and it just makes you stop whatever you’re doing. You look, you stare, you right-click and save-as, and you search for more. Who owns it? Where is it from? I JUST WANT TO SEE MORE!!! Ryo Teramoto-san’s Toyota Chaser is one of […]

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