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  1. Air Pressure for Tyres

    Ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level? Well, buckle up because we’re diving into a crucial aspect that often gets overlooked – tyre optimization. Picture this: the wind in your hair, the rugged terrain beneath your wheels, but hold on a sec – are your tyres geared up for the challenge? In […]

  2. 4x4 Tyres Melbourne

    Title: Conquer the Outdoors with Top 4×4 Tyres from AutoCraze Melbourne Introduction: In the world of off-roading, the right set of tyres can make all the difference. For 4×4 enthusiasts in Melbourne, AutoCraze is the go-to destination for premium 4×4 tyres that offer unmatched performance, durability, and safety. Discover how our selection of 4×4 tyres […]

  3. Tyres Melbourne

    Enhance Your Driving Experience with Premium Tyres at AutoCraze Melbourne In the quest for optimal vehicle performance and safety, the importance of high-quality tyres cannot be overstated. AutoCraze Melbourne is your premier destination for an extensive selection of tyres that cater to various driving needs and preferences. Discover how our range of tyres can transform […]

  4. Online ordering process

    Ever wonder the process that autocraze takes when it comes to getting your order ready? Look no further. For the first time, only Autocraze is taking you behind the scenes. For Packages: All wheels and tyre packages order are balanced and fitted by the boys as you may have seen in many of our videos- […]

  5. Top Ten Tyres

    Looking for a set of tyres for your pride and joy but need some recommendation? AutoCraze has got you covered with our top ten tyres guide. We know how hard it can be choosing the right tyres for your vehicle especially for the right conditions and circumstances and budget. AutoCraze has over 3000 tyres from […]

  6. All Wheels Comply with Australian Standards

    Australian Standards in Wheels | The AutoCraze Guarantee   After safety concerns with wheels with counterfeit wheels in Australia, complying to the Australian standards has never been more important. For your safety, AutoCraze ensures all wheels comply with Australian standards. The AutoCraze Aus Standard Guarantee AutoCraze endeavours to satisfying and complying with Australian standards to all our […]

  7. AMG Wheels

    AMG Wheels | Mercedes Wheels AMG is the high-performance division of Mercedes Benz GMBH and upgrade their line-up, often adding bespoke AMG wheels, upgraded internals and different engine variants. The AMG headquarters is in Affalterbach, Germany were an independent engineering firm specialising in modifying Mercedes vehicles, but in 2005, Daimler AG (the parent group of […]

  8. X Force Exhaust Systems

    X Force Exhaust System | Performance Exhaust Systems AutoCraze is your one-stop shop for all upgrades to your vehicle. We have Wheels, Tyres, Bumper Bars, Snorkels, Lights, Bonnet Scoops and much more. AutoCraze now X Force Exhaust Systems for any vehicles across Industry leading brands. Why Does A Car Need An Exhaust System? Every car […]

  9. Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover

    Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover | Ford Ranger Roller Shutter Cover A Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover is an ideal addition to all Ford Ranger Models. The motorized rolling and retracting cover is perfect for tough workloads or the family run-around and is in stock at AutoCraze! The Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover improves accessibility to the cab implementing a cover […]

  10. Helo Wheels

    Helo Wheels | Helo Alloy Rims Australia Online For Sale  Buy Helo wheels at AutoCraze and save up to 50% Off. Helo alloy rims is a brand that offers excellent value in its diverse product line. Helo has wheels to suit a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, light trucks and 4WDs. It doesn’t […]

  11. Afterpay Four Wheel Drive Parts

    Buy Afterpay four wheel drive parts at AutoCraze and deck out your pride and joy. It’s easy to get the look you’ve always wanted for your 4WD with AutoCraze’s afterpay payment option. We understand the frustration of having to save up to build your dream car. That’s why at AutoCraze we’ve made it much easier […]

  12. Diesel Wheels

    Buy Diesel wheels at AutoCraze and save up to 50% Off. AutoCraze stocks all the latest range of Diesel wheels in the market at the best prices. Diesel wheels is an exciting new 4wd wheel range that’s released by their parent company Stamford tyres. Diesel wheels were made to change the very look of your […]

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