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4 Signs You Need New Car Tyres – AutoCraze

Tyres can be a chore. Having it changed can be both tiring (that’s probably why they’re called tyres) and costly. AutoCraze is here to help when you need to change your tyre and what you need to do to fix it. Car tyres are the only thing that connects you to road and is the key for braking, steering and driving. It is important for our customers to be safe and to ensure that you gain maximum performance and efficiency out of your car tyres.

1. Tread DepthCar_Tyres_AutoCraze

The Australian minimum standard for tread depth is 1.5mm. This means that between you and sliding into an accident is only 1.5mm of rubber. If you are finding that you need to brake a little earlier than normal or having to ease off on turns more than usual, it’s time to replace your Car Tyres.



2. CracksTyre-Crack

Even though your tread depth may exceed the 1.5mm minimum, cracks can be a sign that your tyre is on it’s way to a puncture or leak and ultimately may blow out. When was the last time you checked the sidewall of your tyre? Repairing cracks is possible but the degree in the severity of the cracks usually mean you need to replace your car tyres.








3. Bumps and Bulgestyre-bulge

Bumps and bulges can be a symptom that your Car Tyres are on their death bed. These can range from small bumps to huge lump bubbles. It usually pinpoints a massive weak spot in the wheel and is due to pop at any time. You don’t want this to happen on the M4 or highways in Australia.






4. VibrationCheck-your-pressure

Do you think the vibration for your vehicle is more severe than usual? This can come from misaligned wheels or an imbalance. This can be rectified from AutoCraze’s inhouse experts who offer balancing and wheel alignments for a fraction of the cost for our customers. The vibration can also be a result of an internal issue with the tyre and continued vibration can damage it further. Always be sure to also check your pressure levels.


The best solution is to ask a professional on the condition of your tyre and whether it is salvageable. The staff at AutoCraze are excellent and will give you free honest and professional advice on the condition of your car tyre.  AutoCraze also offers discounted car tyre replacements for those looking for cheap car tyres to replace a single or full set of troubled tyres. If you’re searching for tyres, AutoCraze also offers amazing prices on wheel and tyre packages with a range of beautiful and stylish mag wheels from the most reputable names in the industry. Don’t hesitate on AutoCraze, they won’t disappoint on service and price!
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