XROX Bullbar


Equip your ride with one of the toughest and highest quality 4×4 bullbar in the market today. Introducing the XROX bumper bar, specifically designed and made in Australia for all their Australian consumers who love to smash it off-road.

The XROX bullbar does not only look tough but it’s extremely durable. As it’s made from real steel, making it the perfect bumper bar to help protect both your vehicle and your passengers within.

One of the best parts of the XROX bull bar is its unique “winged” design. Which allows for a fast and easy replacement while maintaining your vehicle’s strength.

If you are truly looking for a tough 4×4 bumper bar for your 4WD then you’re looking for a XROX bull bar.

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FAQ – XROX Bullbar

Is XROX bullbars winch compatible? 

Yes, all XROX bullbars are winch compatible.

Where are XROX bullbar made?

All XROX bullbars are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Are XROX bullbars ADR approved?

Yes, all XROX bullbars are ADR approved and comply with Australian standards.

About XROX Bullbar 

The XROX bullbar was born from the demands of serious off-road drivers. The XROX bullbar makes it the perfect 4WD accessory with its serious good looks, extreme off-road capabilities, airbag and ADR compliant and the real durable steel that only Australia can deliver.

When you buy an XROX bull bar you’ll feel safe knowing that it’ll give you the protection needed with the clearance you sincerely crave. Lighter than your traditional bull bars, its winged design allows for a fast easy replacement while still maintaining its strength.

The XROX bull bar has built-in hi-lift jack points together with mounting positions allowing for winches, tow hooks, recovery eyes, lights, aerials and sand flags giving you the versatility you need.


Pictured above is the XROX bull bar with the unique “wing design”.


  • ADR Approved
  • Winch Compatible
  • 2 x Hi-Lift Jacking Points
  • Constructed from 2″ Steel Tube
  • Includes Bash Plate
  • Finished in Black Powder coat
  • Detachable Side Wings (can be easily replaced if damaged)
  • Most Bars Support up to 15,000lb Low Mount Winch (frame included)
  • Airbag Compatible
  • Improves Ground Clearance & Approach Angles
  • Weighs Approximately 45kg
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia

XROX Bull Bar Showcase


XROX bullbar fitted on a Mitsubishi Triton


XROX bullbar fitted on a Ford Ranger.


XROX bullbar fitted on a Toyota Hilux.

Are you looking for a XROX bullbar for your 4WD? then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll ensure that your XROX bullbar will fit onto your vehicle with no issues whatsoever. However, if you’re looking for another type of 4×4 bullbar for your 4WD then we’ll sort you out. Stocking a wide variety of bullbar brands including Rival, TJM & much more.

All 4×4 bullbars stocked at AutoCraze comply with Australian standards and are ADR approved. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll only get the highest quality products in the market for your 4WD from AutoCraze.