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Compliment your wheels with a set of wheel nuts from AutoCraze! At AutoCraze, we are a bunch of car enthusiasts who aim to deliver high customer service and quality workmanship & products. Designed to suit most Makes & Models, a set of coloured nuts will definitely add character & style to your car, especially the wheels as a overall package.


Spiked Nuts | AutoCraze

AutoCraze has a variety of wheel nuts to perfectly compliment your wheels. Add some attention to detail with a set of spiked nuts from AutoCraze! These aluminium alloy wheel nuts feature an octagonal design, made to be easily installed and removed when taking off your wheels. The top spikes are detachable so you have the option to run them for added style points!


Wheel Nuts | Taste the Rainbow

A true car enthusiast pays attention to all details of their car. Whether it’d be the engine bay, bodywork or wheels, it’s the final touches to a car that creates character. A fresh set of new rims, combined with the brake calipers getting a fresh lick of paint can definitely make your car look the part. Compliment this setup with a set of wheels nuts from AutoCraze. There are a range of colours available for you to choose to suit your wheel setup:


Anodised Purple Wheel Nuts


Anodised Red Wheel Nuts


Anodised NeoChrome Wheel Nuts


Anodised Blue Wheel Nuts


Anodised Black Wheel Nuts

These wheel nuts are available in 12×1.25 & 12×1.5 suitable for Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Hyundai & more..

Compliment your dished wheels with a set of nuts from AutoCraze. These anodised nuts in various colours add character and look perfect while the car is rolling. The bright coloured nuts reflect beautifully off the dished lip of your wheel, catching the eye of by standers and snapping necks all round. Find the perfect coloured nuts from AutoCraze, and complete the look of your car today!

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At AutoCraze, our specialised staff will help you with any information you need regarding your car, whether it’d be something simple such as a wheel nut to things like suspension or engine work, we are here to help! These wheel nuts from AutoCraze are the perfect gift for your car nut brother, father or friend! AutoCraze is your one-stop shop when it comes to wheels, tyres and car accessories. We have the latest and greatest in anything automotive, bringing you the trendiest products in the market.

To grab yours, visit our online store and browse the range or you can call us on 1800 099 634!