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VE Wheels



AutoCraze is your one stop shop when it comes to Commodore VE wheels. With over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, AutoCraze aims to bring you the latest and greatest wheels for your Commodore VE to help you get your car looking show quality. AutoCraze is Australia's most trusted wheels and tyre store as we guarantee fitment or your money back. Although being primarily based in NSW, special offers also apply for those interstate customers with Free Shipping (Conditions Apply).

Grab a brand new set of VE Wheels for your car and make a statement. With the streets flooded with your average Commodores rocking stock VE wheels, set trends and change the game with some new VE wheels. The Commodore is an iconic Australian car, so toughen it up or add some class with a set of VE wheels from AutoCraze. We have the biggest range of VE Wheels to suit your needs, so now is the time to transform the look on your car.

VE Wheels

To help spice up your Holden Commodore VE, AutoCraze has compiled a list of some of the hottest VE Wheels available. Whether you want your VE to look tough, luxurious or simply classic, AutoCraze has the wheels for you. Check out the list of VE Wheels available below and get modifying!

Top 5 Hottest Commodore VE Wheels

1. Amaso G8 VE Wheels

VE Wheels

The G8 VE wheels are a classic when it comes to Commodores. Most people in the Holden community are very familiar with these G8 wheels as they are one of the top sellers at AutoCraze. Stemming from the stock GTS wheels, the G8 possesses similarities to stock wheels with a huge twist. Coming in a variety of sizes and widths, it can help keep your car looking low key to keep unwanted attention from the authority away but to those pure car enthusiasts, it can set your VE Commodore off! These wheels come in various colours from Black, White, Grey and Machined Face to an out of this world Orange and White.

VE Wheels



2. KORRUPT Wheels

Korrupt Wheels are one of the classic wheels on the market. With a sports inspired look, these Korrupt Wheels are a perfect match when you are looking for VE wheels. It features a classic 5 spoke look with a flat dished lip to make your car stand out. The Korrupt wheels are a match made in heaven for your Commodore VE as it comes in sizes that will have your car snapping necks. If you're in the market for sporty wheels at a fraction of the price, look no further than Korrupt Wheels.



3. HOSTILE Wheels

Hostile Wheels are your introduction to concave style wheels. These wheels feature a classic 5 spoke that reach all the way to the edge of the rim, with an aggressive cut and curve. The Hostile wheels are a must if you want your Commodore VE looking sporty, without having to pay too much. It has been designed and manufactured with Holden specifications so wheel sizes and widths will comfortably fit onto your VE without any issues.



4. Fiorelli Wheels

For a classy wheel that would make your Commodore VE stand out, look no further than the Fiorelli wheels. These multispoke classics have a chrome finish which add a luxurious look to your VE. With various spokes coming in different finishes to make these wheels pop, the Fiorelli is the perfect wheel for your family VE. Forget the rest of the common VE Commodores going around, add a set of Fiorelli Wheels to have your VE stand out from the crowd.



5. OTR CC0319

The CC0319 are the leading edge in concave style wheels perfect for your VE. If you want aggressive, this is it. A super concaved style wheel with 5 split spoke will make you car look sporty and tough. A new generation of Holdens are following this trend of aggressive concave style, adding a tough edge to your VE. Lead the way with these Concave Concept 0319 on your VE, for that flush fitment where the wheels fill the guards up stretching out all the way to the lip of the guard. This will give you a tough stance look.

VE Wheels

Check out our recent Holden VF Commodore build:

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Our specialised staff are here to help you choose the perfect VE wheels and tyre combo to have your car looking the part. With hundreds of different VE wheels available, there is definitely one that would suit your style and need. Buying has been made easy, with our mobile friendly website with easy navigation so you could purchase your new set of wheels at your very own convenience!

Visit our website at www.autocraze.com.au or call our friendly staff on 1800 099 634.

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