Lowering Your Car – What You’ll Need

Lowering your car is a great way to improve style and flair. You’ll also notice better fuel consumption, surprisingly. However, style and performance are the two main reasons to drop your car to the asphalt. Lowering your ride’s center of gravity will help it handle better in tight turns and in general driving. However, you will need to know a few things before you lower that car. At all costs, avoid anyone that tells you to simply heat your springs so that they sag; that’s a quick way to damage your ride and it will cost you the same or more, in the end.

You will need several things prior to lowering your car.

Struts and Shocks: Dropping you ride down even a few inches puts great stress on your OEM struts and shocks; the best thing to do is to purchase performance suspension parts. You’ll find two options available.

· You can purchase separate struts, shocks and springs. This is a budget option that can give you the ride height that you want, without breaking your wallet.

· Coilovers offer you more benefits, but will cost more. Skunk 2, Mugen, Megan Racing, D2, Tein and JIC are all popular companies offering quality coilovers.

Performance shocks and struts are specially designed to withstand the rigors of a lowered ride, while still providing a comfortable seat for driver and passengers. OEM shocks and struts will provide a harsh, jarring ride if used in a lowering project.

Coilovers offer you the best way to lower your car. These innovative units combine struts and shocks, with lowering springs, as well as built in camber adjustment. If you already have performance struts and springs, as well as a camber kit, you can purchase coilover sleeves that will do the same job.

The largest benefit to using coilovers is that you can adjust your ride height at any time. Lowering springs provide a set ride position that cannot be changed. However, coilovers allow you to adjust your height to any level required. You can even change the ride height based on specific driving conditions. Coilovers are the best option for those unsure of the exact height they want, allowing them to experiment with different heights and choose the one with which they are most comfortable.

Camber Kits- Coilovers come with a built in camber adjustment. However, if you opt to use lowering springs only, you will need a camber kit for your car. Camber is one of the adjustments in your vehicles alignment and suspension; without proper camber and caster alignment, you’ll find that you go through tires in nothing, flat. That can be very expensive, especially if you spent a good deal of money on performance tires. Having an adjustable camber kit installed will help you avoid this waste and trouble.

Lowering your car can be done on your own; however, having it done at a shop is the best option. Putting your vehicle on a lift, rather than relying on jack stands is much safer, as well as faster.