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Hey Tesla enthusiasts! Ever wondered how a set of sleek, customized wheels could transform your Tesla's vibe from standard to spectacular? Well, you're in for a ride! The secret sauce lies in aftermarket wheels, and trust me, they're not just about looking good – they pack a punch in the performance department too. Picture this: cruising down the street, heads turning, and your Tesla sporting a whole new level of style. That's the magic of aftermarket wheels. And where's the best place to get your hands on these game-changers? AutoCraze, the go-to hub for all things Tesla aftermarket wheels. We're not just talking about a few choices; we're talking over 6,000 wheels featuring big names like Rotiform, Niche, Vossen, and more. So buckle up, as we dive into the world of enhancing both the aesthetics and performance of your Tesla with AutoCraze's top-notch aftermarket wheels!


Elevate Your Tesla's Style with AutoCraze's Diverse Selection

Embark on a journey where style meets substance, and your Tesla transforms into a symbol of individuality and performance. At AutoCraze, we are not just curators; we are creators of automotive elegance.

Dive into Diversity: Explore the Artistry of Design

Embark on a visual odyssey as you navigate through our diverse range of wheels, each a masterpiece in its own right. From classic designs that stand the test of time to avant-garde creations pushing the boundaries of automotive aesthetics, our collection spans the spectrum of artistic expression. Discover matte finishes that exude sophistication, glossy surfaces that reflect timeless elegance, and sizes ranging from 18 to 21 inches, ensuring a harmonious fit for every Tesla model.

Renowned Brands, Unrivaled Choices: Unmask the Essence of Excellence

Delve into the essence of automotive excellence with our handpicked selection of renowned brands. Explore the intricate designs of Rotiform, where every wheel is a canvas of precision and craftsmanship. Uncover the modern elegance of Niche, where sophistication meets contemporary flair. Experience the unmatched sophistication of Vossen, where innovation and style converge. Each brand tells a unique story, allowing you to curate a personalized narrative for your Tesla, a story that speaks volumes about your discerning taste.


One-Stop for All Tesla Models: Tailored Perfection for Every Tesla

AutoCraze is more than a marketplace; it's a sanctuary for automotive enthusiasts seeking tailored perfection. Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of a Model S's power, the iconic allure of a Model 3, or the futuristic charisma of a Model Y, we provide wheels that harmonize seamlessly with your Tesla's essence. No need to traverse through a myriad of stores; AutoCraze is your definitive one-stop-shop, simplifying the journey to elevate your Tesla's style with wheels that embody excellence. Because, when it comes to your Tesla, settling for anything less than extraordinary is not an option. Let AutoCraze be your gateway to an automotive aesthetic renaissance – your Tesla deserves nothing but the best.

Ensuring a Perfect Fit and Safety for Your Tesla

Now that we've dived into the visual feast of wheels, let's talk assurance – assurance that your chosen wheels not only look fantastic but also snugly fit your Tesla like a tailored suit. At AutoCraze, we're all about ensuring your ride not only turns heads but also adheres to the highest safety standards.

Fitment Guarantee: Your Tesla, Your Perfect Fit

At AutoCraze, we understand the importance of a precise fit. That's why we proudly offer a 100% fitment guarantee. What does that mean for you? It means peace of mind, knowing that the wheels you choose will seamlessly integrate with your Tesla model. No headaches, no guesswork – just a perfect fit that enhances both the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle. Our fitment guarantee is our commitment to ensuring that your Tesla's personality shines through every turn.

Safety First: Meeting and Exceeding Standards

While style grabs attention, safety steals the spotlight at AutoCraze. We understand that your well-being takes precedence, and that's why we've set the bar high when it comes to safety standards for our wheels.

  1. Meeting and Exceeding Rigorous Standards: Our Commitment to Excellence
  • Every wheel surpasses industry standards, adhering to a set of rigorous criteria.
  • Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest level of safety for your Tesla.

  1. ADR-Approved Assurance: Compliant with Australian Government Standards
  • AutoCraze's wheels are proudly ADR-approved, signifying compliance with the strict standards set by the Australian government.
  • ADR approval ensures thorough testing and scrutiny, guaranteeing our wheels meet the highest safety benchmarks.

  1. Load-Rated Reliability: Engineered for the Demands of the Road
  • Our wheels are meticulously load-rated, ensuring they can bear the demands of diverse terrains and road conditions.
  • Load rating is a testament to the reliability of our wheels, providing strength and durability for your Tesla's journey.

  1. Harmonizing Safety and Style: Confidence in Every Roll
  • Safety and style go hand in hand at AutoCraze, ensuring you don't have to compromise one for the other.
  • Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics, making sure every roll exudes confidence and security for your Tesla.

Unveiling the Essence of Style: AutoCraze's Brand Showcases

Imagine your Tesla making a statement on the road, not just with any wheels, but with a touch of personality that matches your unique taste. At AutoCraze, we believe your wheels should tell a story. Let's take a journey through our curated brand showcases, each brand with its own tale of innovation, design prowess, and unparalleled style.

Mason Wheels: A Fusion of Hard Work and Elegance

Mason Wheels, proudly owned by AutoCraze, is a testament to 40 years of tireless dedication to the wheel and tire industry. Inspired by the meaning of "Mason," symbolizing hard work and a commitment to standing out, these wheels are crafted to make a statement. Whether you're drawn to the sleek ZR3 wheels or other offerings, Mason Wheels promise to elevate your Tesla's aesthetic with a touch of sophistication.

SSW Wheels: 80 Years of Excellence

Stamford Sports Wheels, or SSW, has been in the wheel industry for over 80 years, focusing on high-end alloy wheels. With a comprehensive selection suitable for passenger vehicles, Euro automobiles, and 4x4 4WDs, SSW Wheels seamlessly blend style, performance, and quality. The LeMans wheels, for example, add a touch of grace to your Tesla's stance, showcasing SSW's legacy in the automotive industry.

Koya Wheels: Precision and Personalization


Koya Wheels introduce staggered setups, custom offsets ranging from +15 to +51, and a spectrum of customizable color options. With a commitment to high-quality control compliant with Australian standards, Koya Wheels, based in Australia, offer widths from 8.5 to 12 inches. The SF10 and SF06 wheels, with their aggressive fitment, provide a flush appearance, giving your Tesla an undeniable edge on the road.

King Wheels: Royalty in Every Revolution


King Wheels, the epitome of mag wheel royalty, offer unique looks in SUV, 4×4, and performance wheels. Scientifically constructed to endure the harsh outback terrain, King Wheels effortlessly balance rugged durability with luxurious aesthetics. The Venom wheels, for instance, elevate your Tesla with an air of regality, making a lasting impression on and off the road.

Vossen Wheels: Where Elegance Meets Performance

AutoCraze's Tesla Aftermarket rims feature the illustrious Vossen Wheels. From the VF series to the CV Monoblock, Vossen offers over a hundred styles with sizes ranging from 19" to 24". Known for their elegance and performance, Vossen Wheels provide a canvas for customization, ensuring your Tesla stands out with a bespoke touch.

Niche Wheels: Making a Global Statement

Niche Aftermarket Wheels, officially retailed at AutoCraze nationwide, bring global designs to your Tesla. With direct access to Niche's entire range, AutoCraze offers styles from cast to 3-piece. The Vosso wheels, for example, showcase Niche's American headquarters' designs, turning heads globally and making a bold statement on your Tesla.

In exploring these brand showcases, you're not just choosing wheels; you're selecting a narrative that aligns with your Tesla's identity. Each brand, with its history, selection, and unique features, adds a layer of character to your Tesla, making it truly one of a kind.

Unleashing Your Tesla's Aesthetic Potential: Visual Appeal and Personalization

Let's dive into the visual playground where your Tesla's style takes center stage. We're not just talking about words; we're talking about images that speak volumes. Get ready to witness the transformation as we showcase real Teslas wearing the elegance of aftermarket wheels. It's not just about what you read; it's about what you see and envision for your own ride.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: Real Teslas, Real Transformations

[Insert photo collage of Tesla models fitted with wheels from Mason, SSW, Koya, King, Vossen, and Niche].

Pictures speak louder than words, and here, we let the visuals do the talking. Feast your eyes on real Teslas, each telling a unique story with aftermarket wheels. From the sleek ZR3s of Mason Wheels to the regal Venom wheels from King Wheels, witness the metamorphosis of these electric wonders. Real Teslas, real transformations – because sometimes, seeing is believing.

Staggered Setups and Custom Offsets: Tailoring Your Tesla's Stance

Now, let's talk customization. Your Tesla is not just a vehicle; it's an extension of your personality. With staggered setups and custom offsets, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine your Tesla with Koya SF10 Wheels, showcasing a perfect balance between the wheels and the guards, creating a dynamic and aggressive appearance. It's not just about driving; it's about making a statement with every roll.

A Palette of Possibilities: Choosing Colors for Your Tesla


Your Tesla deserves to be as unique as you are. That's why we offer a palette of possibilities when it comes to color choices. Whether you opt for the classic elegance of silver, the bold statement of matte black, or a custom color that reflects your individuality, the choice is yours. Imagine a Tesla with Niche Vosso Wheels, standing out not just for its electric power but also for its personalized aesthetic.

Personalization Beyond Limits: Your Tesla, Your Style


Beyond just wheels, it's about personalization beyond limits. Imagine your Tesla with Vossen Wheels, not just in standard finishes, but in a custom spray that guarantees your unique touch. It's about turning heads not just because it's a Tesla, but because it's your Tesla. In this visual journey, personalization knows no bounds.

In the world of aftermarket wheels, it's not just about what fits; it's about what resonates with your vision. As you explore these visuals, remember, your Tesla isn't just a car; it's a canvas waiting for your unique strokes. Let the images inspire your personalization journey, and let your Tesla become a work of art on the road.

Revitalize Your Tesla with AutoCraze: A Stylish Journey Awaits

In the realm of aftermarket wheels, AutoCraze emerges as the ultimate destination for Tesla enthusiasts seeking a fusion of style and performance. With a colossal selection featuring renowned brands like Rotiform, Niche, and Vossen, AutoCraze stands as the definitive hub, offering over 6,000 wheels to elevate your Tesla's aesthetic. It's not merely about upgrading; it's a journey of transformation, where each wheel tells a unique story.

AutoCraze ensures a seamless fit for your Tesla, promising a 100% fitment guarantee and exceeding industry standards for safety. ADR-approved and load-rated, these wheels not only turn heads but also adhere to the highest safety benchmarks, providing peace of mind for every journey.

As you explore the brand showcases of Mason, SSW, Koya, King, Vossen, and Niche, you're not just choosing wheels; you're curating a narrative for your Tesla. AutoCraze transcends being a marketplace; it's a sanctuary for automotive enthusiasts seeking tailored perfection. From personalized aesthetics to unparalleled reliability, your Tesla's journey begins and evolves at AutoCraze. So, delve into the extensive collection, embrace the fitment guarantee, and let your Tesla become a rolling masterpiece – because at AutoCraze, every ride is a statement, and every Tesla is a canvas waiting for your unique strokes.

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