This one is for the cyclist who want to conquer the mountainous cycle terrains and need something that gets them up there. This is where the tailgate bar comes into question, it is the best to way to transport your bikes by using your Ute’s tray. Where bikes can just sit on the tailgate and they are held securely by its cradle closure system.

About tailgate

The tailgate pad was just recently introduced into the market. Its purpose was to provide a safe way to transport bikes in a ute to anywhere the driver desires. Its cradle closure system is easy to install and on bike frames. The soft felt backing protects your ute’s paint job and the integrated strap management system keeps the pad tight and locked when you travel through steep and monstrous terrains.

Its rugged outer material also protects itself from weather damage and abrasions and there are numerous tailgate pads with different dimensions. They can fit any ute on the road and store either 3 to 5 bikes on a single pad.  So, you can say this is the most perfect and safe way to transport your bikes.

And here at Autocraze, we have just about everything you need when its comes to tailgate pads. Our in-house experts will help you select the perfect ones for your ute with a 100% fitment guarantee.  And we have been doing this for over 20 years and have loads of experience and awards under our belt. You won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to us. So give Autocraze a call on 1800 099 634 and prepare to be amazed.

Benefits of the Tailgate

How many bikes can it store?

It stores a maximum of 5 bikes, some models can store 6 bikes

What utes will it fit?

The tailgate fits most full-size utes

Benefits of purchasing a tailgate from Autocraze

Once you head in to the Autocraze, you’ll find that our in-house fitment specialist and friendly customer service will assist you every step of the way. We will help you choose the right tailgate pad and offer it at the most competitive prices. We have over 500 car accessories available to upgrade your pride and joy. And not only that, some of the features available at Autocraze include:

  • Compliance with Australian Standards, both state and federal
  • 100% fitment guarantee
  • 20 day return guarantee if you don’t think the tailgate was a good fit.
  • Interest free finance options available

Why Buy from Autocraze?

Our great reviews and customer testimonials should be all the information you need. Our high-quality wheels and accessories as well as our fitment specialist assist you all the way and before you know it you’re already on your next outdoor adventure. We are Australia owned and operated and have over 300 dealers across the country. So Just give our friendly staff a call today at 1800 099 634 and you will have your pimped out ride in no time.