Wheels and Tyre Fitting and Balancing Service Wheels and Tyre Fitting and Balancing Service




All wheel & tyre packages come with tyres that have already been fitted and balanced onto the wheel. You will receive a free installation kit with all wheel & tyre packages that will consist of wheel nuts and hub locating rings.


The wheels are carefully wrapped with specialty bubble wrap and then placed in a double padded cardboard box.


We ensure that the boxes are clean, neat and can easily be moved around. Convenience is key! All you have to do once you’ve received your package is to pretty much open up the boxes, lift your vehicle up and put the wheels straight onto the vehicle.


Please remember that all wheel & tyre packages come with a fitment guarantee! We have trained staff that look over all wheel and tyre orders to ensure fitment before they leave for delivery. If we have any recommended advice then we will endeavour to contact you.


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You can get your wheels and tyres fitted and balanced at any of our partner stores located all around Australia:


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