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Rival bullbar – ford ranger mk ii

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Was: $2,885.56
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Rival bullbar – mitsubishi triton mq

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Was: $2,885.56
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Rival bullbar – toyota hilux n80

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Rival bullbar – volkswagen amarok

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Was: $2,885.56
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Find the toughest bull bar on the Australian market today. The Rival 4x4 bull bar has become one of the fastest growing bull bar market in the Australian market.


Rival 4x4 has been making waves in the 4WD market for quite some time providing high-quality bull bars at a competitive price.

Before you buy your Rival 4×4 bull bar

What is a Rival bull bar used for?

The main purpose of getting a Rival 4x4 bull bar on your 4WD is to protect the front end of your vehicle i.e if you ever hit an animal on the road or collide with another vehicle.

Your Rival 4x4 bull bar will take the damage off your vehicle and keep you and your passengers safe, while also giving your 4wd a more serious off-road look. Typically, Rival 4x4 bull bars are used to protect your vehicle against animals, people, and even other vehicles. They’re designed to minimise as much damage as possible if you are ever to get into an accident.

How heavy is a Rival 4×4 bumper bar?

The total weight of a Rival bull bar is 50kg.

Where are Rival 4x4 bull bars made?

Rival 4x4 bull bars are designed and engineered in Russia.

What vehicles are the Rival 4x4 bull bars suited for?

Currently, the Rival 4x4 bull is available for a wide variety of vehicles such as the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton.

How much does it cost to get a Rival bull bar?

The Rival bull bar price starts from $2599*

Rival 4×4 Bull Bar

Through continuous research and development. Rival has been working on delivering the ultimate 4×4 bumper bar in the market. Providing an excellent amount of strength and protection without the disadvantages that usually occur in a heavy steel bar.

The Rival 4×4 bumper bars are designed for an ease of fitment, making it a replacement bumper bar for your current vehicle. All rival 4×4 bumper bars are ADR compliant and comply with all safety standards, that means that you can purchase your Rival 4×4 bumper bar in confidence knowing that it has been tested thoroughly for Australian standards.

Rival 4×4 also have accessories such as winches, led lights, bash plates & under armour that are compatible with your Rival 4×4 bumper bar.

    Key Features:
  • ► 6mm Alloy Body
  • ► 4mm Steel Bracket
  • ► Lightweight [Total weight of 50kg]
  • ► Convertible License Plate Frame For Winch Access
  • ► Durable Powder Coating
  • ► No Cutting Required – Installation as a full replacement.
    • About Rival 4x4 Automotive

      Rival 4×4 is a Russian based company that excels both domestically and internationally in developing, manufacturing the toughest range of 4×4 accessories in the market. Rival has been operating since 2006, utilising their modern high-tech production facility which is supported by their in-house R&D department to further evolve their line of 4×4 accessories before hitting the 4WD market.

      They are driven towards becoming the dominant supplier of auto accessories in domestic and overseas markets by offering their customers the best combination of price and quality provided with the highest possible service level.

      If you’re looking for a bull bar for your rig but you’re unsure about what brand you should get for your pride and joy. Then you’re in luck because AutoCraze recommends the Rival 4x4 bull bar.

      It’s one of the toughest bull bars on the Australian 4WD market today. AutoCraze have fitted hundreds of Rival 4x4 bull bars on a variety of 4WD’s around Australia.


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