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Nitto Trail Grappler Tyres



Nitto Trail Grappler Tyres | Nitto Trail Mud Terrain Tires 

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About Nitto

Founded in 1949, Nitto has always created tyres for gearheads and motoring enthusiasts. They are driven by passion and innovation and are always striving to drive trends by creating industry-leading technologies. They are market leaders in both design and performance because their tyre sizing, tread patterns, and tyre compounds are cutting-edge technology.

Nitto Trail Grappler G2

The Nitto Trail Grappler Off Road Tyre is a 4X4 tyre created through years of Motorsport R&D. It is known worldwide for its ability to tackle all terrains, including off-road. It has a rugged 3-ply polyester sidewall with thick rubber reinforcement to increase puncture resistance and features tactical tread block arrangement which provides extra lateral stability and traction. This also improves on-road performance in wet and dry conditions.

Why Are Good Quality Tyres Crucial?

The only contact your vehicle has with the road are 4 patches approximately half the size of an A4 sheet of paper (depending on what type of vehicle – passenger, commercial, etc). That means tyres are a crucial factor in keeping you and your passengers safe and on the road.


An element to consider when comparing mid-tier and premium tyre brands to budget brands is how long your tyre will last. Of course, the outcome is variable on the conditions and the duration of the test, but overall an overwhelming number of studies with the same test condition for both tyres resulted in the mid-tier and premium brands lasting the longest. This is because of the quality of the Rubber compounds used in the tyre. The higher quality rubber compounds will almost certainly last longer and provide better performance and grip for drivers. The Nitto Trail Grappler Off Road Tyres are made of high-quality compound materials which helps improve the lifespan of a tyre.


Handling is the bread and butter for all tyres. It must do this well, and if it doesn’t it can jeopardise the safety of everyone in the vehicle. Tyres of a higher quality will improve the handling of your vehicle. They will stick to the road much better meaning it is harder for the vehicle to lose control in sticky situations such as bad weather. Having better handling and grip means that drivers can react better to situations such as a situation where emergency brakes need to be applied. The Nitto Trail Grappler Off Road Tyres will have plenty of grip which means it could potentially save lives.


A factor that can dictate the price of a tyre is the thickness and tread pattern on the tyre. Tread helps disperse snow, ice, water, and mud to ensure your tyre has optimum contact with the road. Dry driving conditions usually have thinner tread as there would be no water to disperse, whereas snow and all-weather tyres have a deeper tread for varied conditions. Nitto Trail Grappler Off Road Tyres have a dual sidewall design for rigidity and strength which improves tyre life and performance.

Tread Block Arrangement

Sipes are thin slits in a Tread Block that cut through water and disperse liquid evenly to gain traction on a road surface. This reduces the likelihood of Hydroplaning (losing traction in wet weather and having absolutely no control of the movement of the vehicle). Redesigned Tread Block arrangement means the new Nitto Trail Grappler Off Road Tyres minimises excessive tread flex whilst maximising the contact surface of the tread. This means improved traction and steering response whilst wearing the tyre evenly. This also includes reinforced Shoulder Grooves to help self-clean the contact patch of the tyre and to prevent stones from getting stuck within the tread blocks.

Nitto Trail Grappler tyre showing the tread arrangement and mud evacuation.

A great example of how tread benefits everyday driving is during wet weather conditions. When turning into a corner with tyres with lower tread in wet weather conditions, it is more likely to understeer (Understeer: when you are fully turning the steering wheel to turn, but the vehicle continues going straight. The driver has minimal to no control of the vehicle at this point). Whereas a vehicle with more or thicker thread is more likely to disperse the water meaning your tyre has better contact with the surface of the road resulting in more grip.

Dual Sidewall Design

The Nitto Trail Grappler Off Road Tyres features a 3-ply side wall with a high turn-up construction to provide extra reinforcement against punctures. Every Grappler tyre has a Dual Sidewall Design to reduce unwanted vibration and noise. It allows the user to have a V-Shaped buttress with stylised letter on one side, with traditional lettering and a flat buttress on the other side. The Trail Grappler’s also feature a staggered Shoulder Lugs to provide added traction when in loose dirt.

Nitto Trail Grappler tyre showing the tread arrangement and mud evacuation.