Find your perfect Holden Colorado wheels with AutoCraze today! Toughen up with a brand new set of aftermarket Holden Colorado rims. AutoCraze is an automotive lifestyle store catering to vehicles of all Makes & Models. If you need Holden Colorado wheels, then you've come to the right place!

AutoCraze is stocked with the largest range of Holden Colorado wheels for sale in the market with big brands such as Nomad wheels, Fuel, KMC, Grid, Black Rhino, Tuff, Hostile, and much more. Our range of Holden Colorado rims come in 16", 17", 18", 20", 22" diameter sizes. With over 50 different finishes available to choose from including matte black, gun metallic matte, satin black, chrome, anthracite, bronze, graphite, and much more.

Save even more on your wheels for colorado 4x4 when you pair it with our large range of tyres. Stocked with only big household tyre brands such as BF Goodrich, Nitto, Dunlop, Pirelli, Achilles, Continental, Toyo, and much more. AutoCraze has tyres to suit all types of needs and performances from your high-way driver, all-terrain, and even off-road fanatic.

Holden Colorado Alloy Wheels | Off-Road Kings

Whether you take your Holden Colorado off-road or use it as the daily work horse going from job site to job site, AutoCraze understands the love you have for your 4x4. Through thick and thin, your Colorado has always pulled through the toughest situations. An added bull bar here, some LED lights there.. the list can go on for days! Finish up with aftermarket Holden Colorado wheels, as AutoCraze has a huge range of 4x4 suitable wheels. AutoCraze ensures that all Holden Colorado wheels are load rated and comply with Australian Standards to ensure your safety both on and off road.

Choosing the right Holden Colorado wheels can be quite tedious, with the huge amount of rims available. Whether you prefer a tough matte black look or machined face for a classy look, AutoCraze has the wheels for you. We also offer wheel and tyre packages, which bundles wheels and tyres together at a special low price! This adds value to our customers, so they can get the most of their deal. AutoCraze aims to provide a genuine and honest service to our customers, to ensure you are satisfied and happy with your order!


Are the Holden Colorado wheels stocked at AutoCraze load rated?

Yes, all Holden Colorado wheels sold at AutoCraze are load rated.

What brands does AutoCraze offer for the Holden Colorado?

AutoCraze offers a wide range of brands including Nomad, Fuel, KMC, King, Diesel and more.

What size Holden Colorado wheels does AutoCraze offer?

AutoCraze offers Holden Colorado wheels in 16", 17", 18", 20", 22" and 24" sizes.

What is Load Rating | Holden Colorado Rims

What is load rating? load rating is the number that specifies the maximum load that wheel can carry and at what speed indicated by the wheels speed rating under certain conditions which is specified by the manufacturer. It is very important that you check what the capacity is that your car can hold before you drive away with it.

Because in some cases where your wheels aren’t load rated your insurance can become void if you have the incorrect load rating on your wheels. It may also become very dangerous for both you and your passengers. That is why at AutoCraze we ensure that all our wheels are load rated for your safety and everyone else.

Range of Holden Colorado Wheels done at AutoCraze;

Nomad Wheels

Driven by a passion for the automotive, AutoCraze has always had the latest styles and design from brands around the world. We excel in ensuring fitment with our 100% fitment guarantee. Won’t fit? we have you covered. So why not take our experience and knowledge of the industry to the drawing board and create our own wheel, and that we did.

For years our customers have been asking about our own manufactured wheels and we are finally ready to introduce you to the NOMAD WHEELS Available for 4X4 only these wheels will take you far.

The inspiration behind the name, design, and overall aspect was and is what Autocraze stands for to push the limits and set your car apart for everyone else. Our Nomad wheels come in a number of different colours, including Bronze, Hyper Black and Matte Black. Available in 18" these wheels will not only push the limits but also make you stand out.



Wheels: Nomad Sabbath
Finishes Available: Bronze | Matte Black | Hyper Black | Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 18"


Wheels: Nomad Prosecutor
Finishes Available: Bronze | Matte Black | Hyper Black | Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 18"

Fuel Wheels

Fuel wheels have been making their mark on the 4x4 wheels market in Australia. Showing a proven record with their designs, every Fuel wheels they make are designed for that off-road performance and style. You can tell with just a glance that the Fuel wheels are not one to be messed up. Just look at their aggressive designs, premium finishes, and all out toughness with every wheel made.

All Fuel wheels are designed in California, USA, Fuel wheels have been in the off-road scene for over a decade. Fuel wheels are tested and trailed to handle all elements across the world. Participating in almost every major off-road race events from UTV, Canidae Racing, Mint 400, Lucas Oil Off-road series and appearing as the features wheels of top contenders.

Fuel wheels come in a variety of sizes for your Holden Colorado wheels ranging from 16", 17", 18", 20" , and even 22" with many finishes to choose from including matte black, chrome, bronze, gloss black, matte anthracite, black machined w/ dark tint, chrome, and lots more.


Red Holden Colorado Fuel Vapor Wheels Front Shot Gallery March 2020


Wheels: Fuel Vapor wheels
Finishes Available: Matte Black, Matte Black Tinted Face
Sizes Available: 17", 18", 20" and 22"


Wheels: Fuel Contra Wheels
Finishes Available: Chrome, Gloss Black Milled, Gloss Black Blue milled, Gloss black red milled & more
Sizes Available: 18", 20"


Black Holden Colorado Fuel Anza Matte Black Anthracite Ring Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Front Shot. Photo was taken at AutoCraze 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd NSW 2128.

Wheels: Fuel Anza
Finishes Available: Bronze | Matte Black w/ Anthracite Ring | Matte Anthracite w/ Black Ring  
Sizes Available: 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"


Orange Holden Colorado Fuel Coupler Black Machined Dark Tint Wheels Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tyres Front Shot. Photo was taken at AutoCraze 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd NSW 2128.

Wheels: Fuel Coupler
Finishes Available: Gloss Black | Matte Black Tinted Face | Black Machined w/ Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 18" | 20"


Red Holden Colorado Fuel Beast Black Machined Dark Tint Wheels Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tyres Front Shot. Photo was taken at AutoCraze 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd NSW 2128.

Wheels: Fuel Beast
Finishes Available: Gloss Black Milled Accents | Black Machined w/ Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 17"| 18" | 20"


Holden Colorado Fuel Vector Wheels BFGoodrich All Terrain Tyres front wide angle Shot Janurary 2018




















Wheels: Fuel Vector
Finishes Available: Matte Black | Matte Gun Metal | Bronze
Sizes Available: 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"

KMC Wheels 

If you haven't heard of KMC rims then you could already be missing out. Bringing the lifted American truck look to Australia. AutoCraze is your official KMC wheels dealer, proud of their extreme aggressive fitments, deep dish, hex bolt rivets and of course extreme concave. However, with the negative off-sets available with KMC wheels it helps a bit more maximizing that insane stance, dish, and aggressiveness out of your guards with getting in trouble with the Australian standards.

KMC wheels come in a wide variety of offsets ranging from -76, -44, -24 and -18 to 0, +25 and +45. With many different diameter sizes available from 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", and 22". If that wasn't enough customisation for your Holden Colorado wheels, KMC has a whole heap of finishes that you can choose from such as matte black, black machined face, satin black, bronze, chrome, gun metal, and many more.

Developed in the United States, KMC wheels was born from the trend of on-road meets off-road capabilities. Going full on with their designs to give on-road vehicles that off-road look while still being able to drive comfortably on the high-way.


Holden Colorado KMC Spy II Black Machined Face Wheels Front Close Up Shot Gallery April 2019


Wheels: KMC SPY II
Finishes Available: 
Sizes Available:


Silver Holden Colorado KMC RG1 Satin Black Wheels BFGoodrich All Terrain Tyres Front Shot. Photo was taken at AutoCraze 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd NSW 2128.

Wheels: KMC XD RG1
Finishes Available: Satin Black
Sizes Available: 17"


White Holden Colorado KMC Mionster XD Matte Black Wheels Front Shot. Photo was taken at AutoCraze 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd NSW 2128.

Wheels: KMC Monster
Finishes Available: Matte Black | Chrome
Sizes Available: 17" | 18" | 20" | 22"

Looking for something stylish, tough, and durable? then you’re looking at the right wheels, the KMC Monster wheels in matte black finish. The Holden Colorado has been keeping it’s competitors on their toes with the new model packing that punch. This customer wanted an extra edge, so we fitted them up with a package that turned their Holden Colorado rims into a monster!

We fitted them with a set of 20×9 KMC Monster in Matte Black wrapped in Nitto Terra Grappler for both on road comfort and off-road grip!


Holden Colorado with KMC Enduro XD Matte Black Wheels and Nitto Terra Grappler Tyres front wide angle Shot Janurary 2018























Wheels: KMC Enduro XD
Finishes Available: Satin Black | Beadlock Machine Lip | Matte Grey With Black Ring
Sizes Available: 16" | 20"


Holden Colorado with HELO HE904 Wheels and Nitto Terra Grappler Tyres front wide angle Shot Janurary 2018






















Wheels: HELO HE904
Finishes Available: Satin Black | Satin Black Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 20"

Holden Colorado Wheels at the best prices

AutoCraze is your one-stop shop for Holden Colorado Wheels! We offer a huge range of load rated wheels on the market, with correct fitment guarantee. Rest assured, all tyres are fitted and balanced to the wheel to make sure you are safe on the road. Our specialised staff can guide you through the process of choosing that perfect Holden Colorado wheels. We also offer FREE shipping to all metro areas Australia-wide!

Visit our website or call our friendly staff on 1800 099 634.

4x4 Lift Kits & Accessories | Holden Colorado

Showcase Multiple suspension accessories Holden Colorado. Photo was taken at AutoCraze 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd NSW 2128.

Give your Holden Colorado wheels that lifted edge with high quality 4x4 suspension at AutoCraze. We have in-house suspension specialist who have over 30 years of combined experience that can cater towards your Holden Colorado wheels suspension needs.

If you're into off-roading or you push heavy loads with your Holden Colorado wheels then a 4x4 suspension is a must! Especially if you're doing any of the two activities mentioned. Getting a 4x4 suspension done will not only help but also increase your Holden Colorado wheels performance.

AutoCraze stocks only big household brands including Dobinsons, Bilstein, Tough dog, Ironman, EFS, Fox, and our very own AutoCraze lift kit. Because we understand that when it comes to your pride and joy, that only the highest quality products should be used.

We also have a wide variety of 4x4 accessories available to choose from to deck out your Holden Colorado. Stocked with accessories such as nudge bars, weather shields, side steps, flares, bonnet protectors, head + tail light trims and much more. If you truly want to stand out from the rest of the crowd then you must customise it with our large range of 4x4 accessories.