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AutoCraze has a variety of Ford Ranger accessories that can help you. Apart from the wheels and tires, AutoCraze deals in cosmetic trims, flares, lift kits, bumper bars, and tailgate assist. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable, and long-lasting Ford Ranger accessories, then you are in the right place.

Deck out Your Beast Today with AutoCraze's Ford Ranger Accessories!


AutoCraze offers a range of bumper bars, namely the Rival 4×4 and the SLX 4×4. A Rival Bumper is among the latest bumper bars to hit the market. It gives your ranger extra strength, style, and protection. SLX, on the other hand, has hit the Australian market with a bang because of its quality and unmatched style.

Features of the Bumper Bar

  • It has a winch cradle
  • A complete bumper bar replacement is available
  • The paint color is easy to change


Ford Ranger Grid GD10 Wheels Atturo Tyres Front Close Shot Gallery Nov 2018

Deck out your Ford Ranger with one of the latest Ford Ranger accessories at AutoCraze. Now stocking one of the most popular bumper bars in the market. Introducing the Rival 4x4 bumper bar. This Rival bumper bar is the latest craze to hit the market.

Put a Rival bumper bar on your Ranger today and give your pride and joy that extra amount of strength and protection without the disadvantage of your typical heavy steel bar. Don't be scared of wary about the quality of the bumper bar you're getting here at AutoCraze!

The Rival 4x4 bull bar is ADR approved and exceeds all Australian standards. Going through continuous testing before hitting the market. You know that you're getting the highest quality product on the market.

Product Features:

► Light Weight [Total weight 50kg]
► Body – Alloy 6mm
► Bracket – Steel 4mm
► Easy access to the winch
► Durable powder coating
► Made in Russia
► No cutting required [Installation as a full replacement


Ford Ranger King Gator Wheels Nitto Tyres 4x4 Accessories Front Close Shot Gallery Sept 2018

SLX 4x4 is an Australian owned and operated company based in Western Australia. Starting off in 2008, SLX 4x4 have exploded in the Australian market. Because of the high-quality bumper bars that they've been producing in the market.

The SLX bumper bar is the ultimate bar that provides unmatched style, strength, and protection.

Product features:

► Includes Winch Cradle
► Made From 6mm Steel Main Winch Cradle & 3mm Side Wings Reinforced
► Powder Coated In Texture Black Or Can Be Custom Painted
► Complete Bumper Bar Replacement


Snorkels by AutoCraze come in two types; the AC stainless steel and the Safari snorkels. If you are looking for a handcrafted and high-quality snorkel, the AC stainless-steel snorkel is the go-to option.

Its durability and work superiority make it stand out. On the other hand, the Safari snorkel has a custom build bench that enhances 25% to 70% airflow. The Safaris snorkel is one of the best in coping with off-road and bad weather.

These two snorkels prevent water from getting into the engine. Your ranger's engine can have access to cooler and cleaner air.

Upgrade Your Ranger's Snorkel Today with Autocraze’s Snorkel Accessories!

AutoCraze Stainless Steel Snorkel

The AC stainless steel snorkel is handcrafted in-house, made from only the highest quality steel. All AC stainless steel snorkels are purged welded to ensure longevity and superior quality finish. Designed and engineered in Australia to suit the harshest off-road conditions that Australia has to offer.

Available in two high-quality finishes including a black powder-coated finish and a seamless satin finish.


  • Available in black powder coated finish or a seamless satin finish
  • Designed & engineered in Australia
  • Hand crafted in-house
  • Made from the finest stainless steel
  • Purge welded to guarantee longevity and superior quality finish
  • ADR approved


Safari Snokrel Ford Ranger SEO

The Safari snorkel now comes in an all-new design which has been tested on a custom build flow bench, made to flow about 25% to 70% more air than your stock air cleaner, whilst still providing a watertight raised air intake.

If you're going off-road, especially when there are rivers to cross, a safari snorkel is a must have accessory for your Ford Ranger.

Getting a Safari snorkel for your Ford Ranger comes with a wide range of benefits such as lowering the chances of getting water through your engine when crossing deep rivers. While also giving your engine access to cleaner and cooler air.

Safari Snorkel Features:

  • Australian designed, moulded and manufactured
  • Raised air intake to prevent your engine from ingesting harmful elements
  • Increased airflow to your engine
  • Water separating air ram design to remove water from the air stream
  • Durable and UV stable snorkel and air ram for added strength


One of the fantastic things you can do to your ranger is to add a Grunt 4×4 tailgate assist. This accessory uses your vehicle's mounting points. It has a two-way strut system for vehicle stability. The tailgate assist dampens the overall weight of your ranger to reduce inclining.



  • It encourages easy reclining
  • It comes with a spring and a cable folder
  • It uses factory installation
  • It has an available twin strut system


Tailgate Assist SEO

The Grunt 4x4 tailgate assist is a fantastic addition to any vehicle's tailgate. The best part about the Grunt tailgate assist is that it uses your vehicle's existing mounting points. Using a two-way strut system, the tailgate assists not only dampens the weight when reclining but also reduces the weight when inclining.

Tailgate Assist Features:
► Stops Your Tailgate From Slamming
►Twin Strut System
► Spring Assisted Cable Folder
► Utilises All Factory Installation/Mounting Points


Do you know that when you lock your tailgate, it does not lock completely? Add an AC tailgate central from AutoCraze and walk away in confidence knowing your vehicle is safe. You can get an AutoCraze package with a tailgate central locking kit. Have peace of mind by sorting your vehicle's security. The tailgate center locking kit is affordable and lasts a long time.


AutoCraze Tailgate Central Locking Display

Put your mind at ease with the AC tailgate central lock from AutoCraze. Walk away in confidence knowing that you've locked your tailgate with all your belongings in it. Did you know that when you lock your vehicle, your tailgate doesn't lock automatically? which could lead to theft of your belongings or damage to your vehicle if your tailgate is left unlocked.

AutoCraze suggests getting a tailgate central locking system kit to protect your belongings. Prices for the tailgate central lock kit start from only $249. Get a tailgate central lock system today and give yourself that peace of mind and security. Call 1800 099 634 to order yours today!


If you're looking to go wider and bigger with your wheels and tyres then a set of fender flares is a must have. Getting a set of fender flares will allow you to get more aggressive with your wheel fitments and offsets without getting in trouble with the law. Opening up a wider range of customisation options for your wheels and tyres, giving you that custom Ford Ranger look.

It's important to get a set of fender flares to ensure that your Ford Ranger complies with Australian standards and laws. Under most states, any wheels and tyres that stick out of the guards are considered illegal and deemed a defect which can lead to a fine.

That is why putting a set of fender flares to extend the size of your guard is important, allowing you to go wider and more aggressive without getting in trouble with the law.


Black Ford Ranger Bolt Flares


Black Ford Ranger Fuel Enduro wheels matte black bf goodrich tyres EGR flares accessories


White Ford Ranger Black Op Flares Accessories AutoCraze

The black ops flares are not your typical flare. These unique flares are made up of matte black coated abs plastic crafted from detailed craftsmanship. These black op flares come in a jagged pattern that runs through the centre of each flare that links up with its partner accessory.

protruding measurement of 20mm+ compensates for the wheels’ lower offsets, giving your 4WD the real off-road look.

Showcase Black Ford Ranger Black Ops Flares AutoCraze



Silver Ford Ranger Weather Shield Accessories AutoCraze

One of the simplest and easiest ways of changing the way your Ford Ranger look is with a set of weather shields. A set of weather shields will help give your Ford Ranger a more stylish look, while also reducing glare, deflecting wind, rain, bugs, and dirt. Helping increase both off-road and on-road experience. Another benefit of a weather shield is the ability to wind your window down without having the rain going in your face while your driving.

To start buying your Ford Ranger modified weather shields at AutoCraze, all you have to do is click on accessories and put in your make and model of your Ford Ranger. After you have done so, a whole list of Ford Ranger accessories will pop up on your screen for you to browse through.

Black Ford Ranger Weather Shield Roof Rack Accessories AutoCraze

Close up shot of the blacked out weather shields on the a black Ranger.



White Ford Ranger Fuel Anza Head Tail Light Trims Accessories AutoCraze

Add the finishing touches to your Ford Ranger with cosmetic trims from AutoCraze ranging from petrol tanks, bonnet vent scoops, and head and tail light trim that come in either matte black or carbon fibre. These cosmetic Ranger accessories will truly give your pride and joy that added toughness look. Because when it comes to customising your Ford Ranger, it's all about the little things that'll really make a difference to everyone else on the streets. Truly making you stand out from all the other Rangers on the streets.

Just look at the picture below of this Ford Ranger with their bonnet scoop installed from AutoCraze. Giving them that added toughness and aggressiveness making a huge difference with this Ford Ranger accessory from AutoCraze.


AutoCraze Ford Ranger Bonnet scoop

Showcase Ford Ranger Black Bonnet Scoop AutoCraze


AutoCraze now stocks retractable electronic side steps. These retractable electronic side steps have swept the Australian market. Getting fit on almost every Ford Ranger that gets done here at our workshop. The innovative design and off-road functionality of these electronic side steps have really hit the 4x4 market.

These electronic side steps work through a sensor where it extends out when the door opens and retracts when the door closes. Made from high quality and durable materials to withstand one hell of a beating on off-road terrains. A must-have for any off-road enthusiasts out there that love innovative look, while also maintaining that tough and aggressive design.

Showcase Orange Ford Ranger Grid GD04 wheels flares electronic side steps bonnet scoop

Orange Ford Ranger fitted with a set of retractable power steps.

AutoCraze now stocks retractable electronic side steps. These retractable electronic side steps have swept the Australian market. Getting fit on almost every Ford Ranger that gets done here at our workshop. The innovative design and off-road functionality of these electronic side steps have really hit the 4x4 market.

These electronic side steps work through a sensor where it extends out when the door opens and retracts when the door closes. Made from high quality and durable materials to withstand one hell of a beating on off-road terrains. A must-have for any off-road enthusiasts out there that love innovative look, while also maintaining that tough and aggressive design.

AutoCraze Electronic Sidesteps on Ford Ranger

Add that peace of mind with a set of retractable electronic side steps fitted onto your Ford Ranger. Knowing that your side steps won't get damaged while going off-road. As it's safely tucked within the body of the Ranger, instead of sticking out and getting damaged by debris and stray rocks or sticks.

Never fear to get a foot stuck when retracting. Using state of the art technology, the retractable power step recognises when there is an obstruction and instantly stops retracting giving you enough space and comfort to avoid remove any obstruction.

Showcase Ford Ranger Grid GD04 wheels lift kit electronic side steps accessories


First off is a new set of wheels & tyres for your Ford Ranger stocked with over 6000 wheels to suit all types of models including your Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 accessories, Ford Ranger PX MK2 accessories, and your Ford Ranger XLT accessories. AutoCraze only stocks top brands such as Fuel, Grid, KMC, Moto-Metal, Tuff, and much more.

Because at AutoCraze we understand that when it comes to your Ford Ranger, only the best and highest quality products should be used on your pride and joy. That's why we strive to only put up the best of the best brands on our shelves.

We also know that when it comes to your Ford Ranger, it's all about keeping it personal that's why AutoCraze has a wide range of different finishes available to suit your vehicles with finishes such as matte black, gloss black, chrome, anthracite, satin black, silver, machine face, and even custom colours of your choosing available in-store or over the phone to really make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Save even more on your Ford Ranger aftermarket accessories Australia when you pair your wheels with a set of tyres. Stocked with over 3000 quality top brand tyres to suit all types of needs and performances. Because we understand that when it comes to your Ford Rangers it's not just about having tyres to smash off-road terrains but also having tyres to suit the highway or even race tracks. That's why we only offer the best brands such as BF Goodrich, Nitto, Dunlop, Toyo, Pirelli, Michelin, Archilles and more at the best prices.

Call To Action Ford Ranger Wheels And Tyres Button

If that wasn't enough, we'll even fit and balance your Ford Ranger wheels and tyre packages at no extra cost. And if you've bought your Ford Ranger mag wheels and tyre packages through our online store, we'll even ship them to you with our free shipping Australia-wide*

It's important to know that when you buy your Ford Ranger accessories it has to be of the highest quality. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on your Ford Ranger accessories, only for it to fall apart in a few months.

That's why when you buy your accessories from AutoCraze, we can ensure that you'll only be getting the best in the market. AutoCraze spends a lot of time looking for and sourcing only the best for our customers.


What Ford Ranger Accessories Does Autocraze Offer?

AutoCraze has a wide variety of Ford Ranger accessories. These accessories include wheels and tires, cosmetic trims, fender flares, retractable power steps, weather shields, and many more.

Which Ford Ranger Fender Flares Types Comply with Australian Standards and the Law?

The business makes sure that all its products comply with the law. Some types of fender flares include bolts, black ops, and EGR flares.

Which Type of Wheels and Tires Does AutoCraze Deal In? 

AutoCraze offers over 6,000 wheels and types for the Ford Ranger. All the accessories are the best for any Ranger model. Usually, AutoCraze stocks top-quality brands like Mot-Metal, Fuel, KMC, Grid, and many more. Contact AutoCraze to place your orders, today.