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Custom Painted Wheels



Custom Painted Wheels | Huge Range Of Quality Custom Rims

Are you sick of your current wheel colours? Do you need some wheels repaired or refurbished? Or simply just want to freshen up the look with something different? The answer to all these question is to opt for some custom painted wheels! There are thousands of colours to choose from when it comes to getting some custom painted wheels, with many finishes available and also consisting of numerous colour variations which can be achieved with a mixture of different pearl colours. The majority of cars these days sport magnificent looking alloy wheels that truly bring out the car, gone are the days of hub caps and steel wheels! However, being placed very low and in close proximity and contact with the ground, they will suffer colossal damage from flying debris and will also add grit and dirt to the alloy work of your wheel. In time, the collected grime and grit can become acidic and attack your alloy wheel frame and destroy its initial clean and robust look. Thus every now and again, the wheels will need some tender love and care, and what better way to get some custom painted wheels!


At AutoCraze, we can offer services¬†in repairs and custom painted wheels to all alloy wheels, regardless of make and model. We can restore them back to life, so they look just as they did the day they rolled off the production line ‚Äď in some cases, even better than that!¬†We have been assisting customers with all their custom painted wheels requirements due to our years of experience in the industry and most importantly our undeniable passion for anything automotive. This is what sets AutoCraze apart from the others! We will go above and beyond to ensure your custome painted wheels are finished in a quality colour for your vehicle!

The Paint Process | From Start to Finish


There are numerous workshops out there who offer wheel repairs and custom painted wheels finishes, however the process can be different for each workshop. Some tend to cut corners, and as such the longevity and finish of the custom painted wheels can be compromised. At AutoCraze, we do not condone this and we will highlight the correct processes for custome painted wheels from start to finish:

1. Firstly the wheels must be sand blasted back down to bare metal and is usually run on a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) lathe to smooth out any damage to the metal. For deeper scratches, these must be welded up.

2. The wheels are then immediately primed in a dust free environment to prevent the corrosion layer from forming.

3. Then the custom paint is applied via the use of a HVLP (High Velocity Low Pressure) spraygun.

4. Finally, custom painted wheels are sprayed with a liquid clearcoat, however many refinishers now use a clear powdercoat which is baked onto the wheel for a custom painted wheels finish that is even tougher than the original.

5. In terms of aftercare, all clearcoated custom painted wheels should be cleaned with a product that is non-acidic and non-abrasive. Any product that says to spray on and remove within 2-5 minutes is probably a low-acid solution, which burns off brake dust very quickly, but also eats away at the clearcoat of the custom painted wheels.


The AutoCraze Way

Spice up your vehicle with a set of custom painted wheels! AutoCraze aims to bring you the best wheels in the market, at the lowest prices possible. Our team consists of knowledgeable representatives who provide friendly service to cater for every customer’s needs and deliver the best custom painted wheels. Here are a few reasons as to why you should shop with us:

1. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
2. 100% Fitment Guarantee on all custom painted wheels
3. Free Fitment & Balancing on all custom painted wheels (with free installation kit)
4. All tyres are Australian Delivered Local Stock
5. All tyres have a new tyre build date
6. Over 300 Fitting & Balancing Partners Across Australia
7. Free Shipping Australia-wide* on all custom painted wheels and tyre packages
8. Custom painted wheel specialists and in house experts
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10. Over 2400 tyres online


Visit our online store today to see the special deals we have on our custom painted wheels, tyres and other car accessories to enhance your vehicle or alternatively give us a call on 1800 099 634.