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Bridgestone RE003



Bridgestone RE003 | Best Bridgestone RE003 Tyres For Sale 

The new and improved Bridgestone RE003 have made a huge impact on performance tyres in the market. Stemming from it's predecessor the RE002, these newly developed Bridgestone RE003 have raised the bar even higher for sports performance tyres. AutoCraze is proud to bring you some of the best of the best in terms of performance during wet and dry conditions. The Bridgestone RE003 has proven itself time and time again, smashing PB's on the track, as well as providing ultimate stability in the rain.



Bridgestone RE003 | New Technology

The next generation of Potenza Adrenalin Bridgestone RE003 encompasses cutting-edge technology combining a unique tread pattern and soft tyre compound to deliver one of the best performing tyre on the market. It was created for those automotive enthusiasts who have a high performance car with the need for traction and grip, delivering an incredible driving experience.


Dry Performance

The Bridgestone RE003 have been the choice of tyre for many automotive enthusiasts. Whether the car is used for street, circuit or drifting, the Bridgestone RE003 is capable enough to handle any situation with flying colours. With it's precise handling and insane cornering performance without having to go for a semi-slick tyre, the Bridgestone RE003 are king!

The Bridgestone RE003 features a wide centre rib that increases the contact space of the tyre on the road, resulting in precise handling and cornering performance. A curved groove-wall reinforcement gives the Bridgestone RE003 strengthened lateral rigidity offering a more precise turn in for those tricky gymkhana courses. The grooves are shortened to increase overall rigidity of the tyre, taking handling stability to a whole other world. A combination of details improved on the Bridgestone RE003 have made it a crowd favourite amongst drivers of all types.

Wet Performance

The Bridgestone RE003 has a very distinct tread pattern. From looking at the tyre, you can see the main grooves using wave-like design technology that has been proven to work efficiently in wet conditions through developments in motorsports. This innovation has been adopted from race-technology for better drainage of water through the tread, and acts as a deterrent of hydroplaning.


Bridgestone RE003 | Make the right choice

If you're tossing up between various tyres that perform well, there's no looking past the Bridgestone RE003. These tyres have been used by many car enthusiasts piloting various platforms including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and especially all-wheel drive. On the track, the Bridgestone RE003 is not a semi-slick tyre so it heats up to optimal grip levels quite quickly meaning you can utilise the tyres earlier on. This is an advantage because your oil temperature, water temperature and other components are not overheating by the time the tyres heat up to optimal levels. The precise turn in performance of the Bridgestone RE003 makes it very easy for drivers to control where the car goes without having to battle it out.

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