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  1. King Reload Wheels

    Reload your life and take a step into the unknown with the new Reload wheels from King Wheels.  With its unique Japanese inspired 5 spoke design, it will be the perfect choice for petrolheads around the country. This wheel is also infused with the newest technology from Kings that greatly improve its toughness and durability. […]

  2. King Raijin Wheels

    Ride In style, laid back and sipping on Gin and Juice with the new King Raijin wheels. The wheels are noteworthy for their unique Japanese inspired design that is guaranteed to make you the next spotlight in your neighbourhood. Crafted with the latest technology from king Wheels, the only regret that you will have is […]

  3. King Motion Wheels

    Awaken the dream and stand out from the everyday crowd with the new King Motion wheels. These are just some of the newest flow forged wheels from Kings wheels, An Australian owned brand I might add. These wheels are taking Australia by storm and are known for their racing-inspired multi-spoke design. So, if you desire […]

  4. King Katana Wheels

    Now it’s time to pull ahead of the pack and shine brighter than a summer sun. The all new King Katana wheels is inspired by Japanese design and features a clean 5 split spoke system that will suit just about any petrolhead out on the road. And not just that, this wheel is outfitted with […]

  5. King GT88 Wheels

    Charge straight into the sunlight with the new King Gt88 wheels. Its Japanese inspired design combined with its racing technology will have you being the next spotlight of your neighbourhood. This wheel is also fitted with the highest graded Dubai alloys from Kings, meaning you can even take it down to the racetrack or down […]

  6. King Drifta Wheels

    Unleash your inner drifter with the new King Drifta wheels now available at Autocraze. As the name suggest, these are the wheels for anyone who take life in the fast lane, or in this case down a mountain chasing an AE86. It has a Japanese inspired clean design is perfect for any fast and furious […]

  7. King Detroit Wheels

    Become the spotlight in your neighbourhood with the new King Detroit wheels from the Australian-owned King Wheels company. A variety of options come with the wheel and it’s also crafted with the latest technology from King. And also, it comes with a 1-year warranty upon the date of purchase. About King wheels Since the 1990’s, […]

  8. SSW Twist Wheels

    (Photo by Stamford tyres and wheels Australia) Introducing the SSW Twist from Stamford and wheels, a wheel so bizarre yet so eye catching. The wheel has a unique 10 split spoke design and has enough room to display the brake caliper.  Since it only available in a Gothic black finish, you’ll be blend in with the […]

  9. SSW Nurberg wheels

    Now its time to move onto the Tanks on wheels. The sort of cars made for outdoor enthusiast and drug dealers, the sort of people who thrive on adventure. Now, what type of wheels would you need to combat rough terrains and perfect executing a drive by, well I can think of a no better option than […]

  10. SSW Monaco wheels

    Classy yet defiant, the new wheel from Stamford tyres are slowly taking Australia by storm. Introducing the SSW Monaco wheels, a multi-spoke designed wheel infused with a lip to give it a touch of depth. Although it looks like that monster from alien or Staryu from the Pokemon franchise, it’s an eye-catcher on the streets. […]

  11. SSW Hockenheim Wheels

      DO you want something that can enhance his car’s performance just like a Rolex watch on a Louis Vuitton suit. Well just look at the SSW Hockenheim wheels above and speak for yourself. For this happy customer, we transform his everyday Mazda 3 into something set to speed down the motorway as well as turn heads […]

  12. SSW Blade wheels

    Style and performance are hard to put into a sentence, let alone an object. However that is all about to change, thanks to the new SSW Elegance from the Stamford styles and wheels. With a set of wheels on your car, you can be sure to live life in the fast lane. AutoCraze has over […]

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