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BBS Wheels at AutoCraze: Unrivalled Quality for Car Enthusiasts


AutoCraze has emerged as a significant player in the Australian automotive market, specialising in the supply of BBS wheels, renowned for their quality craftsmanship and performance. BBS, a prestigious wheel manufacturer with over four decades of experience, has established itself as a symbol of excellence in wheel design. Their dedication to innovation has made BBS wheels a coveted choice among automotive enthusiasts who value not only aesthetics but also engineering precision.

Customers in Australia seeking to enhance their vehicles with BBS wheels find AutoCraze a comprehensive hub that caters to a diverse range of preferences, providing over 6,000 wheels and more than 3,000 tyres. The commitment to fitment guarantee and competitive pricing ensures that buyers receive the highest quality products suited to their specific requirements. The partnership between BBS and AutoCraze brings German-engineered designs within reach of the Australian market, epitomising a fusion of style and performance.

Whether opting for BBS wheels constructed through their advanced forging process or exploring the tiered range available, AutoCraze delivers wheels that promise durability and lightweight characteristics. With a keen understanding of the latest trends in the auto industry, AutoCraze ensures that every set of BBS wheels aligns with the individual style and technical expectations of its clientele, reaffirming their position as a trusted supplier of high-calibre automotive components.

Exploring BBS Wheels' Legacy


BBS has cultivated a reputation for excellence in the world of high-performance wheels. The company originated in the quaint village of Schiltach, Germany, establishing itself in the wheel industry with over four decades of experience. BBS's commitment to innovation and state-of-the-art technology has been a cornerstone in its enduring legacy.

In the realm of motorsports, BBS's racing experience is profound, with an impressive history in Formula 1 that demonstrates the brand's performance capabilities. Their wheels have been favoured by racing professionals for their perfect blend of strength, durability, and lightweight construction, which are critical attributes on the race track.


BBS's Notable Wheel Series:

  • BBS CH: Recognised for its classic design and optimal performance
  • BBS LM: Stands out with its iconic multi-piece construction
  • BBS CH-R: One iteration in BBS's Performance Line, offering longevity and enhanced driving dynamics

The innovative design principles of BBS wheels integrate quality materials such as high-strength aluminium alloys, contributing to their reputable resilience and lifespan. BBS continues to leverage advanced technology to ensure each wheel meets rigorous standards.

Key Aspects of BBS Wheels:

  • Design: Bold aesthetics combined with racing functionality
  • Technology: Utilisation of cutting-edge forging and casting techniques
  • Material: Employment of alloys for maximum performance without compromising weight

By focusing on both aesthetic appeal and engineering excellence, BBS has not only solidified its presence in the competitive automotive market but also in the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world.

The AutoCraze Advantage


When it comes to enhancing your vehicle with luxury and performance-grade wheels, AutoCraze stands out by offering a substantial range of BBS wheels in various designs and sizes, coupled with top-notch customer service and competitive deals that cater to personalisation needs and assure quality.

Comprehensive Range

AutoCraze prides itself on its vast selection of wheels, including the highly desired BBS range. BBS Wheels are renowned for their lightweight, performance-driven design. Sizes vary widely, accommodating different car models and preferences. From Mag Wheels to the iconic BBS RS and BBS CI-R series, customers can find a size and style to suit their specific requirements.

  • Types
    • Performance: BBS CI-R, BBS RS
    • Luxury: Concave, Y-Spoke

Service Excellence

Service at AutoCraze is underscored by a 100% Fitment Guarantee and Free Shipping Australia-Wide. The process of buying wheels and tyres is simplified for ease and convenience. With a fitment guarantee and free fitting and balancing on wheel and tyre packages, customers are assured a hassle-free service.

  • Highlights
    • Customer Service: Friendly, knowledgeable representatives
    • Delivery: Fast and efficient with free shipping across Australia

Finance and Deals

AutoCraze offers competitive pricing and special deals on its wheel and tyre packages, helping customers access luxury wheels like BBS within their budget. With various payment options, including PayPal, acquiring new rims is made accessible. They also provide financing options to ease the purchasing process.

  • Payment Methods
    • PayPal
    • Financing Options Available

Customisation and Personalisation

Understanding individual needs, AutoCraze offers customisation and personalisation services. Whether it's a unique colour, a specific diamond cut, or a particular wheel width, they can tailor your BBS wheels to match your vehicle and style perfectly. Every preference is catered for, translating to a truly personalised experience.

  • Customisation Options
    • Colours
    • Finishes
    • Sizing Specifications

Expert Advice

AutoCraze's team comprises knowledgeable representatives adept in all things wheels and tyres. Their expertise ensures customers make informed decisions on products that complement their vehicles' performance and aesthetics, following Australian Standards for quality and safety.

  • Expertise Areas
    • Product Knowledge
    • Motor Racing Heritage
    • Australian Standards

Quality Assurance

Every product at AutoCraze is tested to meet stringent quality criteria, from material density and FEM analysis to construction techniques like low-pressure casting, ensuring stability and safety. Lightweight and strong alloy wheels are the cornerstones of their offerings, aligning with the AutoCraze way of prioritising quality.

  • Quality Factors
    • Material Density Testing
    • Finite Element Method (FEM) Analysis
    • Construction: One-Piece, Two-Piece Wheels, Low-Pressure Casting

Technical Insights of BBS Wheels

AutoCraze brings a technical perspective to BBS wheels, showcasing the brand's dedication to premier craftsmanship and innovative designs. Recognised for their superior performance, these wheels embody precision engineering and aesthetic flair.

Manufacturing Prowess

BBS employs a forging process for their Forged Line, converting high-strength aluminium into premium wheels. The flow forming technology utilises hydraulic rollers to enhance strength while minimising weight. This combination offers robustness without compromising on performance.

Design Innovation

The brand's Design Line features wheels crafted through die casting—a method resulting in intricate spoke designs such as the Y Spoke. Each design undergoes rigorous weight optimisation to achieve the ideal balance between solidity and agility for a lighter, more dynamic wheel.

Performance Engineering

Performance takes centre stage with BBS's focus on weight reduction technologies. Their wheels, particularly the CH-R and CI-R, are tailored for sporty passenger light alloy wheels, promising not only speed but also impeccable handling across diverse driving conditions.

Size and Fitment

BBS provides an array of sizes and offsets, ensuring compatibility with numerous vehicle brands. AutoCraze offers a fitment guarantee that these precision-engineered wheels will seamlessly enhance any vehicle's performance and style.

Durability & Materials

BBS wheels are constructed from high-quality magnesium alloys and aluminium, materials chosen for their low material density and enduring nature. The employment of these alloys grants drivers a combination of durability and performance.

Award-Winning Style

With accolades such as the Best Brand 2015, BBS is synonymous with luxury and design excellence. Their BBS LM series showcases the brand's commitment to aesthetic perfection, reflecting their German heritage of design purity.

Sustainability in Production

Addressing environmental concerns, BBS incorporates eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes. They optimise resource utilisation and reduce waste, reinforcing their position not only as an industry leader in wheel technology but also in sustainable production practices.

Selecting Your Ideal BBS Wheels

Finding the perfect BBS wheels for your vehicle is about balancing performance, luxury, and aesthetics. AutoCraze offers a wide selection of BBS wheels, ensuring that customers find wheels that not only look great but also meet their driving needs.

Identifying Your Needs

When selecting BBS wheels, one should consider their driving habits and what performance benefits they are seeking. Whether it's improved handling for spirited driving or a more comfortable ride for daily commuting, BBS provides options like the BBS CH for sportier performance or the BBS CI-R for a luxury feel.

Compatibility & Fit

For a successful upgrade, compatibility with your vehicle is paramount. AutoCraze provides a fitment guarantee with wheels designed to match specific vehicles like BMW and Mercedes. Available are various diameters, widths, and offsets to ensure proper fit for sedans, SUVs, and other vehicle types.

Visual Aesthetics

The design of BBS wheels often features intricate y-spoke or diamond-cut styles. Models like the BBS CH-R introduce a sleek, concave look with multiple spokes, while the BBS CI-R offers a distinctive one-piece construction. The visual impact of your wheels can significantly enhance your vehicle's overall appearance.

Investment Considerations

Purchasing BBS wheels signifies an investment in aluminium wheel technology known for durability and performance. Customers are encouraged to compare competitive prices and take advantage of special deals when buying from AutoCraze to find the best value for their investment.

After-Sales Support

AutoCraze is committed to providing friendly service and knowledgeable representatives who are readily available to assist with any enquiries. Comprehensive after-sales support ensures that you remain satisfied with your BBS wheels long after the purchase.

Dealing with Wear & Tear

Maintaining the pristine condition of BBS wheels involves regular maintenance. Customers should consider acquiring the necessary accessories and tyres designed to match and complement their selected BBS wheels. Proper care can significantly extend the lifespan and appearance of high-quality BBS wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering BBS wheels, customers often have a range of inquiries regarding their purchase and application. This section aims to address these common questions with clarity and precision.

What distinguishes BBS rims when fitted on a BMW?

BBS rims enhance the performance and aesthetics of BMW vehicles, offering superior strength and a lightweight design. This combination optimally complements BMW's engineering for improved handling.

Are there authentic BBS wheels available for a 5x112 bolt pattern?

Yes, authentic BBS wheels are available in various designs that cater to the 5x112 bolt pattern, which is compatible with many vehicle makes and models.

How do BBS wheel prices in Australia compare to other markets?

Prices for BBS wheels in Australia are competitive and reflect the brand's global reputation for quality. AutoCraze, being a reputable dealer, ensures customers access cost-effective options suitable for their budgets.

What makes BBS wheels a worthwhile investment for car enthusiasts?

BBS wheels are a trusted investment due to their advanced construction technology, such as flow forming, enhancing the material's density and strength, making them ideal for performance driving and adding a distinctive look to any car.

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