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Buy alloy wheels from AutoCraze at up to 50% off! You’ll find a huge range of over 5000 alloy wheels and 3000 tyres from leading brands such as Niche Wheels, Rays Wheels, Work Wheels, BBS, Koya Wheels, Fuel Wheels, KMC Wheels, Concave Concept, Simmons, SSW, Black Rhino and so many more!

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At AutoCraze we have a passion for the automotive lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you like JDM, EDM, 4WDs or are just an Aussie battler, we understand and share your interests. Our team of specialists have over 30 combined years experience in each of these separate fields and are keen to share their knowledge with you… and with FREE SHIPPING* to over 300 FITTING PARTNERS AUSTRALIA-WIDE, you’ll receive quality alloy cheap wheels at the best prices in Australia.


AutoCraze is Australian owned and operated ensuring you receive alloy wheels that are load rated*, comply with Australian Standards* and our 100% fitment guarantee provides fitment assurance with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*.



Wheels to Suit a Huge Range of Makes and Models | The AutoCraze Way

Find out below some of the range alloy wheels AutoCraze stocks and why they’re so popular;


The Concept is Racing

Rays Wheels Australia are a premier line of forged alloy wheels from RAYS Engineering, a Japanese wheel manufacturer of high tech alloy wheels to be used in motorsport and also street. Rays alloy wheels Australia first launched their line of alloy wheels in 1996 and to this day, their entire operation is based out of Japan. This in turn allows Rays alloy wheels Australia to be of the highest quality and calibre. All Rays alloy wheels Australia are rigorously tested in house before being shipped out. Rays alloy wheels Australia undergo serious testing stages such as a one million radial load fatigue testing rotations to ensure alloy wheel strength and endurance.


Wheels: Rays TE37 Ultra Wheels
Finishes: Diamond Dark Gunmetal | Matte Blue Gunmetal | Bronze
Sizes: 20″
Offsets: Custom Made Offsets
PCD: Custom PCDs to suit a variety of makes and models (E.g. Subaru Impreza, Subaru WRX STI, Lexus IS-F, Lexus RC-F, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, etc)

Afterwards, all Rays alloy wheels Australia are exposed to a 13 degree impact test to ensure proper air retention.  As Rays alloy wheels Australia are a forged aluminium, once piece design, customers can benefit from having the lightest of alloy wheels whilst at the same time maintaining structural rigidity. Furthermore, RAYS tests all Rays wheel’s Australia coatings, exposing them to ultra violet radiation as well as a series of procedures to ensure against chipping, peeling and scratching.




Wheel Emotions


Since it’s inception in 1977, Work wheels have exploded on the market with popularity with intention to be both functional for street and track. Work wheels are produced in single, two and also three piece forged alloy wheels and they also adopt an on demand system in which the alloy wheels are all made based on the customer’s request.


Wheels: Work Meister Wheels
Finishes: Silver | Black | Matte Gunmetal | Matte Bronze | Platinum Gold | Polished | White | Bright Buff
Sizes: 14″ | 15″ | 16″ | 18″ | 19″
Offsets: Custom Offsets
PCD: Custom PCDs to suit a variety of 5 stud vehicles (E.g. Subaru Impreza, Subaru WRX STI, Lexus IS-F, Lexus RC-F, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, etc)

This means that Work alloy wheels are available in a wide range of sizes, as well as different stud patterns, PCD’s and offsets! The degree of customisation is what makes Work wheels timeless and suitable for any style you desire.




Meet the wheels that stir the soul.


Concave Concept wheels were born from the love of the automotive form. Extremely popular in the drifting, street and time attack scene, Concave Concept have exploded into the market with their Japanese meets west aggressive styling. The CC02 & CC03 have made a statement with their 12 & 10 spoke concave shape, manufactured to be lighter and stronger.


Wheels: Concave Concept CC02 Wheels
Finishes: Gun Metal | Matte Black
Sizes: 18″
Offsets: 0+ through to 39+
PCD: Suitable for a variety of 5 stud vehicles (E.g. Subaru Impreza, Subaru WRX STI, Lexus IS-F, Lexus RC-F, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, etc)

Concave Concept wheels was made with extreme care to ensure that the offsets, faces and widths available will clear nearly all brake (stock & BBK) and hub locators. The patented dual lip helps you achieve the squat stance look while running optimal tyre sizes for your vehicle.

At AutoCraze we have over 40 Concave Concept products on our online store in a range of finishes including gun metal, matte black, matte bronze and gold. For our customers looking for alloy wheels trying to achieve the stance look with flush fitments, we absolutely recommend Concave Concept wheels.



Building staggered aftermarket wheels to fit your vehicle


TSW’s range of breathtaking designs were engineered to fit the largest range of vehicle fitments. Their luxurious stylings mixed with precision sporty inspirations come from their passion of tracks across the world. TSW’s trademarked rotary forged technology is a highly advanced production technique where the rim of the alloy wheels is forged at a high pressure while the wheel spins at a high speed. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel.


An AutoCraze customers slick looking Audi A4 riding on some fresh TSW Bathurst’s.

Wheels: TSW Bathurst Wheels
Finishes: Gun Metal | Silver Machined Face
Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″
Offsets: 30+, 35+, 38+, 40+, 42+, 45+
PCD: Suitable for a variety of 5 stud vehicles (E.g. Subaru Impreza, Subaru WRX STI, Lexus IS-F, Lexus RC-F, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, etc)

Founded in the 1960’s, TSW Wheels have had continuous involvement in the motorsports scene. Increasing in popularity in luxury and sports European vehicles, TSW Alloy Wheels have paved the way for modern, sophisticated and aggressive spoke and mesh designs for the newest generation of vehicles.

At AutoCraze we stock over 1150 TSW wheel products from 17” to 22”. Our customers looking for the next level of luxury and sport alloy wheels, should look no further than TSW at AutoCraze. At up to 50%, we won’t be beaten on price, quality and service on TSW Wheels.



Technik aus dem Motorsport. Perfection of a piece.


Since its inception in 1970, BBS has become a dominant force worldwide and has set the highest standards of quality with over 35 years racing experience. Manufactured in Schiltach, Germany, BBS is renowned as sporty passenger light alloy wheels and is regularly featured in Formula 1. Winning award after award including best brand 2015, BBS are at the forefront of wheel construction and design.


Wheels: BBS CH Wheels
Finishes: Brilliant Anthracite | Brilliant Silver | Brilliant Silver with Stainless Steel Rim Protector | Matte Black with Stainless Steel Rim Protector | Matte Titanium with Stainless Steel Rim Protector
Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″
Offsets: Custom Offsets
PCD: Suitable for a variety of 5 stud vehicles (E.g. Subaru Impreza, Subaru WRX STI, Lexus IS-F, Lexus RC-F, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, etc)

From their minimalistic delicate designs to their captivating signature Y spoke aggressive and sporty luxury lines, BBS alloy wheels are visually stunning, made from quality materials and with incredible workmanship.  When you buy BBS, you are buying 100% quality, 100% weight optimisation, 100% die casting and the state of the art technology in wheel manufacturing.

BBS wheels are instantly recognisable for their premium quality, light weight and style. BBS define the term alloy wheels and at AutoCraze you’ll find them at the lowest prices.



Hard Alloys


Black Rhino Wheels are for the off-road 4WD & SUV enthusiasts. Black Rhino Alloy wheels with negative offsets are geared towards lifted 4WD and SUV with offsets ranging from -23 to +12 to help achieve that perfect fitment.


Wheels: Black Rhino Imperial Wheels
Finishes: Matte Black | Silver Machined Face with Stainless Steel Lip
Sizes: 17″ | 18″ | 20″
PCD: Suitable for 5 and 6 stud vehicles (Jeep, Ford Ranger, Land Cruiser, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, etc)

Engineered to carry heavy loads, Black Rhino wheels are constructed to be fully load rated, guarding against gutter rash damage and hard hits. With styles such as deep lip designs accented with heavy duty stainless steel hex bolts to a deep bowled, aggressive 7 spoke form, Black Rhino are our top picks for our customers looking for 4×4 alloy wheels.

At AutoCraze you’ll find Black Rhino alloy wheels in 17”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” sizes. Set yourself apart with AutoCraze’s range of masculine Black Rhino alloy wheels.



Advanced wheel technologies.


For our customers looking for alloy wheels, Speedy Wheels are great value with the latest and classic styles. Founded in 1957 in Brighton, Sydney Australia, Speedy Wheels now distributes alloy wheels and wheel accessories to America, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


Wheels: Speedy Carbine Wheels
Finishes: Hyper Silver | Satin Black | Satin Gun Metal
Sizes: 15″ | 16″ | 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″
Offsets: 35+ through to 45+
PCD: Suitable for 4 and 5 stud vehicles

Speedy Wheels are extremely versatile with alloy wheels to suit passenger, commercial, 4WD and SUV vehicles. Their huge selection of alloy wheels include sizes ranging from 15” to 22” help you stand out from the crowd. Their range of wheels include curvaceous European stylings to load rated tough and aggressive sporty designs.  With finishes including candy apple red, electric blue, gunmetal, gloss black and many more, Speedy Wheels are guaranteed to have a style that suits your taste and budget.

Speedy Wheels push the limits of alloy wheel design with their explosive finishes to suit a huge selection of vehicles. At AutoCraze you’ll find over 650 Speedy Wheel products available at the most competitive prices in Australia!



Think big


CSA Wheels have been supplied into the Australian market for over 110 years, giving Aussies fresh, new and stylish alloy wheels for passenger cars, SUV’s and 4X4’s. With their range of high load carry capacity and extensive large brake calliper clearance, CSA have been a huge force in the Aussie market. During the design & development process, all CSA wheels are engineered and tested to JWL-VIA International Standard to ensure they have the strength to endure the rough Australian road conditions.


CSA wheels are perfectly suited for Aussie workhorses and daily driven rides. Their styling is unique without being flashy, remaining classy and distinct. CSA’s range of 4X4 alloy wheels are tough, aggressive and masculine. The CSA Raptor wheels have been a huge hit with our 4WD customers in particular to Ford Rangers, Volkswagen Amaroks, Mazda BT-50’s & Mitsubishi Tritons.

You’ll find over 250 CSA wheels on AutoCraze’s online store in 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″ 19″ and 20″ sizes. For car enthusiasts looking for unique subtle alloy wheels for a daily ride, CSA Alloy Wheels is our pick.



Wheels of distinction


Simmons Wheels epitomises the Australian & American muscle look. With its distinct tough 5 spoke design, they are sure to turn heads as you roll on by. Praised by classic car enthusiasts, you’ll recognise the Simmons aggressive maximum polished lip depth and hardy rivet style throughout. Having roots in Ford Falcon GT, Holden Torana & the exotic car scene, Simmons Wheels have earned the iconic status in Australia.


Constructed as a 1-piece wheel, the Simmons FR-1 Wheel has revolutionised the classic Simmons design and reinvented it for the modern ride to fit a wide variety of performance cars as well. Precise wheel assembly using an exacting process has enhanced the structural integrity of Simmons wheels ensuring that it not only looks tough, but is made tough.

Simmons wheels receive a unique serial number engraved for every product it produces to guarantee authenticity and quality assurance. At AutoCraze, you’ll be ensured to best prices on genuine Simmons Wheels with savings at up to 50% off on our alloy wheels and tyre packages. You’ll find finishes such as gloss black, gold, satin black, silver machined lip and white polish lip on our online store. If you’re looking for tough, aggressive alloy wheels, then Simmons alloy wheels is the perfect choice for you.



Elegant Quality


Ox Wheels have entered the Australian market and have been turning heads with their defined wheels with applications for passenger and 4WD rides, sporting luxury, aggressive and performance looks.  Our customers are surprised by the incredible value Ox Wheels bring with their range of premium wheels coming in variety of concave, step lip and multi spoke designs.

Ox passenger alloy wheels draws inspiration from high end luxury and motorsport vehicles. Their range of 4X4 alloy wheels are for off road enthusiasts looking for the classic chunky looks and huge flat spoke designs ready to take on the hard yakka Aussie outback.


If you’re looking for alloy wheels that is budget conscious without sacrificing the style and design, AutoCraze’s range of Ox Wheels will help you achieve your next look.  With bold designs and finishes including black red face, black blue face, black yellow face, matte black, gun metal machine lip, silver and so much more, you’ll definitely find something to suit your taste and budget. Find a range of over 200 Ox Wheels products in 15” to 20” sizes at AutoCraze at rock bottom prices and fast delivery times.



Royalty in motion.


Roll with best. Roll with King Wheels. King Wheels have made a statement in the Australian market with one of the biggest selections of Passenger and 4X4 alloy wheels. A range of styles have been designed, catering to the tuner and luxury market. From your sporty satin black alloy wheels to a classy dish lipped wheel, King Wheels have been innovating alloy wheels in Australia for countless years. King Wheels have been one of the top sellers at AutoCraze, with a price tag that won’t break the bank. Grab yourself a brand new set of King wheels are transform your car, into a street machine!

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With over 5000 wheels and over 3000 tyres, our range of wheels and tyres are the biggest in Australia. These include industry leading brands to accommodate all types of budgets and all vehicles. With such a huge range, you’ll find a style that suits your tastes including dish, concave, thick spoke, thin spokes and hundreds of colour to choose from.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rims100% FITMENT GUARANTEE

Regardless if you buy online or in store, our fitment guarantee assures that your wheel and tyres will fit your vehicle properly. Our comprehensive database of wheels and tyres online make buying wheels and tyres easy. All you have to do is select your vehicle make, model and desired wheel size, and all the wheels and tyres you see are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsIN-HOUSE EXPERTS

With over 30 years combined experience in the wheel and tyre industry, our in-house experts really know their stuff. We ask the right questions that others won’t, to provide the perfect fitment that comply with all Australian standards according to your specifications guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email ( or over the phone (1800 099 634) for solutions, options and the best recommendations for your vehicle

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsFREE FITTING AND BALANCING

For all our wheels and tyre packages, you can have peace of mind of not worrying about the additional costs of fitting. We make installing your wheel and tyre packages easy. For extra convenience, we can deliver straight to your door. All you have to do is jack up your vehicle and you can install our wheel and tyre package straight onto your car like changing a spare tyre. We also provide a free installation kit which includes wheel nuts and hub rings to save you the additional cost.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsSECURE PAYMENTS

AutoCraze ensures that all our customers are protected with secure payments. With fast, easy and secure payments with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Geotrust, E-way and Zipmoney we ensure your information is safe.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rims INTEREST FREE FINANCE

Interest Free Finance is now available at AutoCraze meaning you can buy now and pay later. Take advantage of our sales today! No credit cards. No deposits. Secure. Be approved within 3 minutes!


Load rating is vital to a vehicles safety. We guarantee that all our retail and online purchases are load rated and comply with Australian standards*. This means you can feel confident that you are getting quality products that are safe for your vehicle. 

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsFREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA-WIDE*

Save even more when you buy anything on our online store or over the phone with free shipping Australia-wide* (t&c’s apply). All wheels and tyres are packaged by our quality assurance team who lovingly package your products so you don’t have to worry about damage and that it’s in perfect condition when it arrives.


AutoCraze is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Regardless of where you are in Australia, we will have a fitting and balancing partner near you to have the added convenience of local fitting.

In keeping with the times, we know how important it is to you to have the proper tyre pressure sensors fitted onto your new tyres. No matter what vehicle you have and if you purchased online or in-store, upon request, we can provide for you genuine tyre pressure sensors.



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3. Pick you vehicle make, model and preferred wheel size;
4. Select your products and add it to cart;
5. Select checkout and go through the checkout process;
6. Under payment options select Zipmoney;
7. Enjoy your products!

* $1000 minimum finance amount. Zipmoney processing times may vary. Terms and conditions do apply.


Spice up your vehicle with a brand new set of Alloy wheels! AutoCraze aims to bring you the best custom Alloy wheels in the market, at the lowest prices possible. Our team consists of knowledgeable representatives who provide friendly service to cater for every customer’s needs and deliver the best Alloy wheels. Here are a few reasons as to why you should shop with us:

1. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee on all Alloy wheels
2. 100% Fitment Guarantee on all Alloy wheels
3. Free Fitment & Balancing on all Alloy wheels (with free installation kit)
4. All Alloy wheels are Australian Delivered Local Stock
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6. Over 300 Fitting & Balancing Partners Across Australia
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