Buy your 4x4 winch at AutoCraze from high-quality brands such as Dobinsons, Thunder and more. Improve your off-road life today with a 4x4 winch from AutoCraze. Because whenever you're going off-road you don't want to be that one person who's stuck and can't get out. Horsepower alone can't get you out of a sticky situation, that's why it's absolutely vital to equip your rig with a 4wd recovery winch.

Choosing the right 4x4 winch for your rig is just the first step to becoming a true full-blown off-road enthusiast.

Guide to buying your 4x4 winch

Before you even look at buying a 4x4 winch for your 4WD. There are a few things that you should do before you even start. The first thing you should do before buying your 4x4 winch is to check what's out there in the market. You want to ensure that you're getting the right winch for your vehicle.

Your 4wd winch must be able to pull 1.5 times the weight of the object you're planning to pull, that would be your minimum. For example, if you're planning to pull an object that's around 5000lbs you'll need a winch that's able to pull at least 7500 lbs through its line.

However, when going off-road this formula may not work because of the vast number of variables involved in using your winch off-road. However, going above 1.5 times your maximum weight is a safer option.

What you need to know | How to use your 4x4 Winch

It's important to take some precautions when using your 4x4 winch off-road as some things may go wrong. An example of something that can go wrong with using your 4x4 winch is overheating. When you're using your winch to get out of a sticky situation, your winch will work much harder to get you out, this produces heat. To prevent your 4wd winch from overheating, take a break every 20 seconds or so, to prevent any damages to your motor.

Another big thing that you must keep in mind is to keep your engine running when using your winch to get out of a sticky situation. As a winch may take a lot out of your electrical system. Which may cause your car battery to drain.

4WD Winch Techniques

4x4 Winch Pulling Technique


Single Line Pull - The single line pull is the simplest technique and most used technique to get out of any sticky situations off-road. All you have to do is pull the rope from your 4wd winch and connect it to a hook at a given anchor point. Your anchor point can be anything that can cope with the strength of your vehicle.

When choosing your anchor point, make sure that it's rock solid. If possible, use an anchor point that is directly in line with your vehicle. However, if you're working on an angle, use a snatch block to guide the cable directly into the winch, this stops it from stacking up on one side.

Double Line Pull - When attempting to do the double line pulling, make sure that you first fit your tree trunk protector, attach your snatch block to the protector with the help of a hook, then put in your winch rope through the snatch block and double back to your vehicle's recovery point.

Your winch rope should now have two points of contact with the vehicle that is stuck. One end should be extended from the winch, and the other fastened to the recovery point. Giving your vehicle twice the pulling power.

4x4 Winch Brands For Sale

Dobinsons 4x4 Electric Winch

Infographic of the Dobinsons 4x4 winch

Dobinsons 4x4 winch is re-engineered, re-designed and stronger in every way possible. Whether you're looking for the flexibility of a synthetic rope winch or prefer the traditional steel cable winches, Dobinsons 4wd winch has it all.

Both Dobinsons synthetic and steel winch come in two different capacities. You can get them in either 9,500lbs or 12,000lbs.

Thunder 4WD Off Road Winch

Showcase of the thunder winch accessory

The Thunder 4x4 winch features a waterproof motor that offers high power, with a lower current draw. This is possible through the effectiveness of the waterproof planetary gearbox. The thunder winch's thicker torsion bars help lower the risk of your winch binding up in high torque situations.

These 4x4 thunder winches can be operated in the most adverse conditions with a rated pull line of 12,500lbs (5,670kgs).

12V 12,500lb Thunder 4WD Winch Specs

12V 12500lb Winch

12V 9,500lb Thunder 4x4 Winch Specs

12V 9500lb Winch