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Mullins Wheels | Quality Load Rated Mullins Rims And Tyres

Looking for a brand new set of Mullins wheels? At AutoCraze we have the biggest range of over 4,000 wheels & tyres in different sizes and models available at up to 50% off! Autocraze prides in being an authorized distributor with Mullins wheels, offering the most extensive range of Alloy and Steel Wheels, we aim to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations and this has been the key to the growth and success. Mullins wheels is a quality trustworthy supplier with an affordable pricing in the wheel industry. Autocraze bridges the gap between the supplier and the customers, bringing the ultimate benefits to our customers with the best prices possible.



Let AutoCraze be your one stop shop. Buy Mullins wheels from us as we carry a wide range of Mullins wheels at the most competitive prices in the market.

When you buy Mullins wheels, they scream quality. We will endeavour to provide you with best styles on the market for your vehicle at the most competitive prices. We can source any Mullins wheels and tyre packages and we also have a team of fitment and tyre specialists to provide you with the best advice for when it comes down to specifications and sizing. We have been assisting customers with all their aftermarket wheel requirements due to our years of experience in the industry and most importantly our undeniable passion for anything automotive. You can certainly buy Mullins wheels from us in confidence.

AutoCraze is proudly Australian owned and operated with over 300 fitting partners country wide. We go the extra mile and provide free shipping Australia- wide as well as free fitting and balancing when you buy Mullins wheels from us at AutoCraze.

This is what sets AutoCraze apart from the others! We will go above and beyond to source the best looking set of Mullins wheels for your pride and joy.


To find the perfect Mullins wheels for you simply use our mag wheel selector  at the top or give us a call on 1800 099 634! You’ll find over 250 Mullins wheels on AutoCraze’s online store in 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″ 19″ and 20″ sizes. For car enthusiasts looking for unique wheels for a daily ride, Mullins Wheels is our pick.

Mullins CSA Wheels 

Mullins ranger white, black & galvanised steel wheels suit a wide range of 4x4 vehicles. The steel wheels are also suitable for caravans and trailer wheel applications. Ranger steel wheels are manufactured in the popular 8-Spoke Sunraysia wheel pattern. All Mullins steel wheels are stamped with the CSA brand. CSA is the sub-brand and forefront of Mullins Wheels Australia. CSA Mullins Wheels have been supplying the Australian market for over 110 years, giving Aussies fresh, new and stylish wheels for passenger cars, SUV’s and 4X4’s. With their range of high load carry capacity and large brake calliper clearance, CSA Mullins Wheels have been designed to fit most vehicles. During the design & development process, all CSA Mullins wheels are engineered and tested to JWL-VIA International Standard to suit our harsh local conditions, to ensure they have the strength and longevity to endure the rough Australian road conditions.

Use our mag wheel selector at the top or give us a call on 1800 099 634! 

csa_Raptors AutoCraze customer with CSA Raptors

AutoCraze is an automotive lifestyle store run by car enthusiasts specialising in wheels, tyres, car accessories and suspensions. This is to make sure that get the specifics you want, whether it is a specific make, model, design, spoke, size, width, length or finish, we will have it. With a mixture of both street wheels and tyres options, our catalogue will let you customise what your ride will look like at the level of performance you require.

Mullins CSA Raptor

CSA Mullins alloy wheels are perfectly suited for Aussie workhorses and daily driven rides. Their styling is unique without being flashy, remaining classy and distinct. CSA’s range of 4X4 wheels are tough, aggressive and masculine. The very popular Raptors are available in satin black and have been a huge hit with our 4WD customers, especially with Ford Rangers, Volkswagen Amaroks, Mazda BT-50’s & Mitsubishi Tritons.




The thick and chunky double 8-spoke design features a slight concave that reaches towards the centre. With the straight lines and cuts i naddition to the bead-lock lip this tough wheel is available in 16″, 17″, 18″ and 20″ matching tyres of thick tread patterns perfectly. The Raptors are load rated and comply with Australian standards making them durable and ready to take on any condition you throw at it. Load rated of up to 1250 kg per wheel, these CSA wheels won’t let you down.

Mullins CSA Granite

The CSA Granite are another hit with our 4x4 drivers. A combination of the Y spoke design inspired by European cars beefed up with the thick spoke style, the Granite is here to make a statement. This striking wheel has a Satin Black finish with machined spoke and rim edge highlights to give more depth to the flat face spokes with a concave centre. Available in 16", 17", 18" and 20". With a load rating of up to 1250 kg per wheel, the CSA Granite are made with quality and complies with Australian standards.




Mullins CSA Strada

For our passenger vehicles, CSA Stradas are a striking flat face wheel. The unique design with the tapered multi-spoke drops just shy from the outer lip. A deep concave in the central hub adds depth to the wheel that make sure you're turning heads when you roll by. The high quality black finish stands out even on black on black setups. Available now in 17" and 18".

csa-strada-focus (1)




Mullins CSA Motega

The CSA Motega is a sleek flat face 10-spoke design that stretches out to the edge of the rim, combined with a polished lip it gives off a bigger impression. The Motega is available in black and has sizes of 15" to 18" in diameter.



Mullins CSA Emotion

Make a statement with a set of CSA Emotion Mullins wheels! These Mullins wheels will suit a variety of applications from passengers vehicles to also 4WDs. The Emotion is a beautiful, stylish, open 5 spoke wheel to differentiate itself from standard 5 spoke wheels. Finished in a Satin Black with Machined Face, they will surely demand attention as you roll through town. CSA Emotion wheel spokes also extend to the outer barrel to present a fuller and elegant wheel face. These superb CSA wheels are available in 17”, 18” and also 20” sizes.



Mullins CSA Chicane

CSA Mullins wheels have brought out a new wheel in their 2015 range and that is the Chicane. This wheel is engineered with 10 spokes and is finished in a sparkling Gunmetal Gray with Machined Face. CSA Chicane wheels suit a variety of medium to larger sized vehicles and are available in 17”, 18” and also 19” sizes. Compliment your vehicle with a set of CSA Chicane wheels!


As a bonus, purchasing any wheel and tyre packages from AutoCraze means that you will pay less than if you were to buy directly from the suppliers. You’ll find over 250 CSA wheels on AutoCraze’s online store in 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″ 19″ and 20″ sizes. For car enthusiasts looking for unique wheels for a daily ride, CSA Mullins wheels is our pick. Say goodbye to the old days of uncertainty and hello to the new era of transparency in the auto industry! Courtesy of AutoCraze!

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