If you are looking for forged wheels Australia, you have certainly come to the right place! Equipping your vehicle with a set of forged wheels Australia will allow it to stand out from the masses and turn heads as you roll through town.

Forged wheels Australia are the best of the best, meaning they are top tiered. Forged wheels Australia are the ultimate in one-piece wheels. The process of forging is by forcing a solid billet of aluminum between the forging dies under an extreme amount of pressure. This creates a finished product that is very dense, very strong and therefore can be very light. The costs of tooling, development, equipment and research make this type of wheel very exclusive and usually demand a high price in the aftermarket wheel industry.

The forging process is outlined below:


1. The forging process utilises high temperature and pressure to change a block of cast aluminium starting material to the high integrity multi directional grain structure of forging. The aluminium remains solid throughout the process as the forging dies come together and we are left with the end result which is a cylindrical shape of a wheel.


2. The forged wheels Australia blank is then placed in a custom built spin forging machine to create and forge the rim section. The resulting radial grain direction places the highest material strength in the same direction as the operating loads. The result is a high quality, premium strength wheel.


3. Milling machines and CNC lathes are utilised to achieve the final configuration.


4. The result is a high strength, lightweight wheel with no porosity and no welded joints.

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Top Forged Wheels Australia Brands | AutoCraze



Established in 1973 Rays wheels are one of the holy grails of forged wheels Australia. They have forged strong trusting relationship with top race and tuning teams around the world, continually researching new materials and technologies to make the future racing Rays wheels a reality today. They are current wheel suppliers to winning factory race teams Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Mazda in tough racing series such as Japan Grand Touring Car Championship, Japan Touring Car Championship, British Touring Car Championship, Formula 3000, and Formula 1.

If you are looking for forged wheels Australia, Rays Engineering is a high-end Japanese wheels manufacturer catering towards street and motor-sports. Rays has a range of high quality wheels to meet all needs and markets by consisting a wide range of sub-brands consisting of the notable flagship brand Volk Racing & Gram Lights Wheels. Rays strive to stay ahead of the competition by their innovative designs and high-tech forging processes that are exclusive just to Rays Engineering.



The Volk Racing TE37 wheel is a one piece forged wheels Australia. This iconic wheel incorporates a lightweight 6 spoke design with a wide variety of colours and finishes available. The lip and concave design can be subtle to very deep depending on the size and width of the rays wheels. The TE37 range comes in many sub categories such as the SL, RT, Ultra & many more & features optimum caliper clearance.



Rays have also released their TE37V forged wheels Australia. This wheel is released in 14'' - 17'' sizes to accommodate for smaller vehicles and for the lovers of dish.



Another popular forged wheels Australia is the Rays CE28N. It encompasses a thin 10 spoked design to show off those larger brakes. They also a feature a deep concave and lip in aggressive specifications and widths.



TSW’s range of breathtaking designs were engineered to fit the largest range of vehicle fitments. Their luxurious stylings mixed with precision sporty inspirations come from their passion of tracks across the world. TSW’s trademarked rotary forged wheels Australia technology is a highly advanced production technique where the rim of the alloy wheels is forged at a high pressure while the wheel spins at a high speed. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel.

Founded in the 1960’s, TSW Wheels have had continuous involvement in the motorsports scene. Increasing in popularity in luxury and sports European vehicles, TSW Alloy Wheels have paved the way for modern, sophisticated and aggressive spoke and mesh designs for the newest generation of vehicles.




The TSW Bathurst wheels are a rotary forged wheels Australia and incorporates a split 5-spoke, deep concave design. This is one of their latest 2015 release wheels. The wheels compliment the above two vehicles greatly and adds a European flavour to the cars.



Forged series Niche rims are custom built in house from start to finish. Each Niche Forged wheels Australia is engineered to vehicle specifications with an endless array of custom options. Niche forged wheels Australia are available in 8 different configuration options with an industry leading range of forging and profile options. Custom finish options range from solid single tone finishes to tinted and coloured transparent powders and liquid paints accented by intricate hand finished metal work.

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