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Cosmetic Trims

The Beauty of Having Trims

If you want to make your vehicle look different, getting cosmetic trims might be the ideal option for you. These beautiful accessories are decorative mouldings that you can add to different parts of the exterior of your car.

Trims make the lines of your vehicle look more precise and aggressive, and they also often have waterproofing properties. Consequently, they can make your car look completely different from any other passing by, even if they're the same model as yours.


Purchasing trims means you have to attach them to your car's doors, bumpers, side panels, or fenders. Additionally, it also requires you to spend some time taking care of them if you want them to last as much as possible.

How to Take Care of Your Trims

The first thing you need to consider is that your trims' build includes completely different materials than the rest of your car. Therefore, with time, if you don't take care of them, they might peel and leave ugly marks where they used to be on your vehicle.

To avoid this, you must regularly wash your car and its trims. Remove any protectant or wash first, then use some car shampoo that works well in plastic and metal (otherwise, you might have to buy two different products).

Lastly, apply some protectants before your trims dry out. If your trims have been with you for a long time and their colour is already fading, you can use a restorer to bring their beauty back.

Some Cosmetic Trim Models that Autocraze Offers

Adding trims to your vehicle can make your truck, SUV, or car look completely different. Although you have to spend some extra time taking care of them, it's worth it for a lot of people since these accessories accentuate the natural impressive lines of your vehicle.

There are many brands to offer trims. However, Autocraze focuses on specific models that the Australian population might love due to their design, price, and long-lasting construction. Take a look at some examples of that:

Raptor Smoke and Ford Ranger Black Bonnet Protector

This product is compatible with various models (XL, XLS, FX4, and XLT). Its design is ideal if you want to protect your windscreen.

With sturdy materials and a long-lasting build, the Bonnet Protector for Ford Ranger and Raptor Smoke directs all the debris and bugs up, allowing your windscreen to stay clean. Although some people enjoy painting their trims and making them look flashy, black is always a classic, and this is the colour you can get if you buy this model. The smoke black of the trim embellishes its look, and its design looks sleek and elegant.

To enhance protection and embellish your vehicle, the bonnet protector has a low to medium profile and an aerodynamic design.

Taillight Trims for Toyota Hilux

Your Toyota Hilux is already beautiful and impressive, regardless of the specific model you have. These trims can only make it better, and their design is for that purpose.

The taillight trims that Autocraze offers give your Hilux a fiercer look. Instead of the classic appearance of the truck, you can get a more aggressive one, which never loses its elegance.

These trims are made of ABS plastic, and they're available in black matte colour. Lastly, they include a 12-month warranty in case you have any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get Cosmetic Trims?

If you want to change the appearance of your car, cosmetic trims are for you. These accessories can make your vehicle look much more impressive.

At the same time, trims can protect your car. Front trims might keep your windscreen safe and catch the bugs coming your way, and that's ideal and convenient.

What Cosmetic Trims Should I Buy?

There are different kinds of trims, including bonnet protectors, taillight trims, nudge bars, headlight trims, etc.

You should get the ones you want since they are going to change the look of your vehicle. It makes a difference in terms of aesthetics, so you should examine all your options before deciding.

Are Autocraze's Cosmetic Trims a Good Option?

Autocraze offers top cosmetic trims in Australia, and they all comply with the necessary standards.