Zip Pay 4WD Accessories

Buy Zip Pay 4wd accessories at AutoCraze and deck out your pride and joy today. AutoCraze’s range of Zip Pay 4×4 accessories is made to suit most makes and models in the Australian market including Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara, and loads more. Shop through over thousands of products from wheels, tyres, lift kits, and a whole range off Zip Pay 4wd accessories today.


4WD Wheels & Tyres | Zip Pay 4×4 Accessories 

Showcase Multiple 4x4 Wheels AutoCraze

One of the most noticeable changes you can do to your 4WD is to change your wheels. It’s like changing a pair of shoes but on a larger scale of course. You don’t want to be like every other Joe on the road with their stock as rock wheels. That’s why AutoCraze only sources the highest quality brands for our customers.

Over 6000 wheels from the biggest named 4WD mag wheel brands such as Fuel, KMC, Grid, Tuff, Moto Metal and much more. But that’s not all that you can change on your vehicle. Another big change you can do to your pride and joy is to change the tyres from brands including BF Goodrich, Nitto, Pirelli, Kumho and more. Stocked to suit all performances such as highway, all-terrain and mud-terrain.

Stocked with 4×4 wheels ranging from 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ and even 22″ diameter sizes and over 50 different finishes to choose from including matte black, chrome, machined face, and more. All wheels 4wd wheels sold at AutoCraze are load rated and comply with Australian standards.

4×4 Gas Struts & Tail Gate Central Locking 

The 4×4 gas strut & tailgate central locking are products that you wouldn’t normally think of but it’s a simple and effective feature that’ll make your life much easier. We all know that the Utes are part of the lifeblood of the Australian tradie lifestyle, but with all our ingenuity, it’s taking far too long to make life a little easier.

The 4×4 gas strut makes lifting and lowering your tailgate much easier by lightening the load of your heavy and dangerous ute tailgate. All 4×4 tailgate struts at AutoCraze feature a high-quality hydraulic damper with stain steel fittings.


► Stops it from slamming
► Makes it incredibly light to close
► Twin Strut System
► Spring Assisted Cable Folder
► Utilises All Factory Installation/Mounting Points

Have a peace of mind knowing that your tailgate is locked with the AutoCraze tailgate central locking system. The AutoCraze tailgate central locking system allows you to sync your tailgate with your vehicle’s remote.

AutoCraze Tailgate Central Locking Example

The tailgate central lock system is a revolutionary product in the market. Allowing you to sync your tailgate with your vehicle’s remote. Lock your car with a peace of mind, knowing that when your car is locked, so is the tailgate. It’s a perfect addition to any ute with or without an existing barrel lock.

The AutoCraze central locking system requires no drilling, using the existing factory mounting points. Additionally, it’s a breeze with a plug and play wiring.

► Lock the tailgate from your original key fob⠀⠀
► Auto lock tailgate upon locking doors⠀⠀
► Mounting is hidden within the tailgate⠀⠀
► No drilling required during installation⠀⠀
► Simple, easy to follow instructions to install

Rival 4×4 Bar | Zip Pay 4WD Accessories 

Rival 4x4 Bar Volkswagen Amarok Zip Pay 4Wd accessories

The Rival 4×4 bar is sure to take your 4WD to the next level with its outstanding strength and protection. These Rival 4×4 bars are integrated with fog/driving lights, tow points, and winch mount. The rival 4×4 bars are designed for ease of fitment requiring no drilling or cutting.

Key Features Of Rival 4×4 Bar 

  • Integrated recovery points
  • Body – Alloy 6mm
  • Bracket – Steel 4mm
  • Towing Points – Steel 25mm
  • Removable tow hooks
  • Reinforced 3,5-ton capacity towing points
  • Corrosion resistant powder coating with preliminary treatment
  • Protective side panels
  • Adjustable IP69K LED light
  • Stiffening body ribs
  • Built-in tow hooks and high lift jack slots
  • Winch mount and access
  • High-quality welds
  • Total weight of 50kg
  • Designed for ease of fitment with 6mm Driveteech 4×4 Underbody Armour by Rival
  • ADR69 compliant

Roll R Cover | 4×4 Accessories 

Mazda BT50 Roll R Cover Top Side Shot

Showcase Roll R Cover SEO

Mazda BT50 Roll R Cover Top ShotThe remote-controlled Roll R Cover is ideal for all types of situations that you may come across. Offering a tough and rigid construction, the Roll R cover is made from heavy-duty aluminium with a tough powder coating finish. The Roll R cover is great for wet weather conditions, allowing the owner to keep their equipment dry. Allowing users to control the Roll R Cover remotely through a mini remote.

► Sports Bar Compatible
► No Drilling Required
► Plug & Play Wiring
► Made From Heavy Duty Aluminium
► Keyless Remote
► Tough Powder Coated Finish
► 100% Australian Made

4WD Suspension & Lift Kits | Zippay 4×4 Accessories

Showcase 4x4 Lift Kits AutoCraze

AutoCraze is your 4×4 suspension lift kit specialist with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. Using only premium brands such as Dobinsons, Tough Dog, EFS, Bilstein, Fox, and our very own AutoCraze lift kit. If you’re planning to go off-road with your 4WD, then a 4×4 lift kit from AutoCraze is a must.

Getting a 4×4 lift kit will not only give your ride a beefier and tougher look but it’ll also enhance your ride both off-road and on the highway. If you use your 4WD for strenuous work such as carrying heavy loads then you’ll definitely need to change your 4×4 suspension. Where you’ll need to increase its load bearing with a more heavy-duty suspension setup.

If you’re unsure on what type of 4×4 suspension lift kit your ride needs then don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1800 099 634 and one of our 4×4 specialists will be able to guide you throughout the whole process giving you the most professional advice in the industry.

Why Buy Zip Pay 4WD Accessories at AutoCraze?

AutoCraze have over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. Working on thousands of different 4WD’s from all over Australia. Decking out and creating some of the toughest 4WD’s on the Australian roads to date. All Zip Pay 4WD accessories sold at AutoCraze are sourced from premium brands to ensure that all our customers are getting only the highest quality Zip Pay 4×4 accessories in the market.

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