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Why Does A Car Need An Exhaust System?
Every car on the road (excluding Electric Vehicles) uses an internal combustion engine. This process involves Fuel being burnt to create energy which is then converted using mechanical parts such as a crankshaft, drivetrain, differential, and transmission.

The process of burning Fuel means that there are harmful toxins and emissions such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and other unburnt hydrocarbons that are a by-product of the combustion and these gases need to be released. An exhaust system has 2 primary functions when implemented in a vehicle. 1 – Prevent the harmful gases and toxins from entering the cabin. 2 – Reduce the emission’s toxicity and harmfulness to the environment.

How Does An Exhaust System Work?

The gasses emitted from an engine in a passenger vehicle travel usually through 4 main components: Exhaust Manifold/Header, Catalytic Converter, Resonator, and Muffler. An exhaust pipe connects all the components to allow the gasses to travel from one component to the other, usually between 2-4 inches in diameter.

Exhaust diagram showing the airflow of the vehicle. Starting from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter to the resonater to the muffler.


Gases leave the Cylinder Head an enter the Exhaust Manifold/Header first. This directs the gas so that it can travel through the exhaust system. The Gasses then go through a Catalytic Converter which has Ceramic Blocks which act as a filter to the harmful gases, turning them into less harmful emissions including Oxygen, H2O, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide. The Resonator and Muffler have a similar role – they help reduce noise. They can be tuned from Factory by the Manufacturer if they have Sound Decibel requirements or simply desire a different sound for the vehicle. Certain X Force Exhaust Systems have user preference technology where the user can select the sound and performance of the exhaust whilst driving. At the press of a button, the X Force Exhaust can open or close a valve embedded in the muffler allowing more or less airflow through.

Why Upgrade?

A vehicle owner can upgrade their exhaust system for several reasons. To increase airflow, fuel efficiency and power. It can also be used to reduce or increase the sound emitted based on user preference.

A Subaru WRX before and after shot of new exhaust installation.

How To Choose The Exhaust For You?

Deciding on an Exhaust System requires the user to reflect on how they use their vehicle and what they desire. Is it a daily driver, off-road vehicle or a track car?  Does the user want more engine noise or less? Do they want to keep the stock look or prefer something different? Answering all these questions will dictate the type of exhaust to look for. For example, if a user requests more engine noise for their daily driver and wants to maintain the stock look, they can look for an exhaust system that has a wider diameter and removes the muffler. This allows the user to preserve the stock aesthetic as the user can keep the stock Exhaust Tips. However, if the user drives a 4X4, wants to keep the stock sound level but wants to increase power, they can opt for a wider diameter exhaust with a muffler and resonator and keep the exhaust tips.

Ford Mustang Asanti ABL14 Wheels showing the rear exhaust

X Force Exhaust Systems

X Force offers a range of unique Stainless-Steel bolt-on exhaust systems. They are built to perform and last as the materials used are designed for longevity and performance. X Force now has the Varex Exhaust Muffler available. It combines both the design technology of the stock muffler and a performance muffler into one. At the press of a button, a Butterfly Valve opens to redirect gas flow between the two. Depending on user requirements, at the press of a button, the driver can induct more sound and performance by allowing the exhaust to flow through the open path, producing maximum airflow and power with near-zero resistance.

X Force Exhausts also have a range of Mufflers, Exhaust Tips and Catalytic Converters to give the customer the option to tailor the Exhaust System to their preference.

Subaru BRZ with Invidia exhaust and Motegi Racing Wheels

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Why Should You Pick AutoCraze?

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