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Tsw Wheels

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Tsw Wheels

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Are you looking to modify your ride with a new set of wheels? Then you've come to the right place. TSW wheels are a market leader in innovation and wheel design with years of experience under their belt.


About TSW Wheels

TSW Wheels is operated by a team of alloy wheel fanatics with decades of experience in the wheel and tyre industry, both locally and internationally. TSW Wheels produce the largest range of staggered alloy wheels in the world. Their sales predominantly reside in the USA, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

TSW alloy wheels are tried and tested on the racetrack, TSW wheels have come out on top, time after time.

TSW was founded by an ex-Formula 1 driver and with roots stemming from the track. With wheel sizes ranging from 15-22 inches with a range of quality finishes available.

FAQ - TSW Alloy Wheels

What sizes do TSW alloy wheels offer?

TSW offers wheels ranging from 15" to 22" sizes.

What finishes does TSW wheels offer?

TSW wheels offer a wide range of finishes such as bronze, gloss black, machined and more.

What vehicles do TSW wheels suit?

TSW wheels are designed and engineered to suit a wide range of passenger vehicles. If you’re unsure please give us a call on 1800 099 634.

AutoCraze Top Pick TSW Alloy Wheels

TSW Bathurst Wheels

Take charge over your ride’s appearance by replacing your stock rims with the TSW Bathurst wheels in silver, with a quality mirror cut face finish, and a smoking-hot split 5-spoke, deep concave design- this is one of the hottest wheels by TSW. These radical rims turn heads and will allow you to take turns with unparalleled skill.The rotary forged wheel process is truly amazing for car enthusiasts as it allows for an ultra lightweight and durable wheel.

They are compatible with tyre pressure sensors and with clearance on most high performance brake upgrades.

Available Wheels Sizes: 17",18",19",20"

  • Available Finishes: Silver Mirror Cut Face | Gloss Gunmetal

TSW’s patented rotary forged technology ensures lightweight alloy wheels without compromising structural integrity.

TSW Valencia Wheels

Fine-tune your ride’s attitude and performance with TSW Valencia in gloss black with a mirror cut lip and mesh design with up to 3" of lip. The face of the wheel is separated from the lip with metal decorative rivets which give great contrast that is sure to make any vehicle stand out from the rest.

Available in 17 to 20 inch sizes and made to clear most high performance brake upgrades, the Valencia’s race inspired design would go well with a staggered or standard setup.

TSW wheels are engineered with wheel tolerances that far exceed the industry standards and because of their centering rings, the ride you get is virtually vibration-free!

  • Available Finishes: Silver with Mirror Cut Face & Lip | Chrome | Matte Black | Gloss Black with Mirror Cut Lip
  • Available wheel sizes 17",18",19",20".

TSW Chicane Wheels

Make a statement with a set of Chicane TSW wheels! These TSW wheels incorporate a 15 spoke design and look highly aggressive, perfect for showing off those larger brake calipers. We can certainly find a set which will pair seamlessly to your vehicle.

  • Available Wheels Sizes: 17",18",19",20"
  • Available Finishes: Matte Gunmetal | Gloss Black/ Mirror Cut Face

TSW Panorama Wheels

Stylise your ride with a set of Panorama TSW wheels! Simple, yet elegant, these 5 spoke TSW wheels will be sure to turn heads as you roll through town. They primarily suit European cars, however other applications are also certainly possible. Staggered fitment is also available for these wheels, highly recommended to fill out larger rear guards.

  • Available Wheels Sizes: 17",18",19",20", 22"
  • Available Finishes: Silver With Mirror Cut Face | Matte Black

TSW Rouen Wheels

Roll through town in style with a set of Rouen TSW wheels! These immaculate wheels deliver the best of both worlds, a respectable dish coupled with some awesome concavity. These TSW wheels will surely turn the heads of onlookers as you roll through town. Engineered using TSW’s rotary forged method, these wheels represent unparalleled quality whilst maintaining its super light features. Sporting a dual, 6 spoke design, these wheels are as clean as they get!

  • Available Wheels Sizes: 18",19",20", 22"
  • Available Finishes: Silver Brushed Face & Chrome Stainless Lip l Matte Black

Why buy TSW wheels from AutoCraze?

When you buy TSW wheels, they scream quality. AutoCraze will endeavour to provide you with best styles on the market for your vehicle at the most competitive prices.

We can source any TSW wheels and tyres packages and we also have a team of fitment and tyre specialists to provide you with the best advice for when it comes down to specifications and sizing.

AutoCraze has been assisting customers with all their aftermarket wheel requirements due to our years of experience in the industry and most importantly our undeniable passion for anything automotive. You can certainly buy TSW wheels from us in confidence.

Call 1800 099 634 to order your set of TSW wheels today!