At AutoCraze, you can get the most up-to-date Ford Ranger wheels. With thousands of various wheels and tires in store for your Ford Ranger at AutoCraze, we have the latest and best choice of wheels on the market. The Ford Ranger is a well-known workhorse that is powerful, durable, and dependable for both work and relaxation on weekdays.

To properly show off its off-road origins and background, it was built with a rugged and robust body design. Our store carries Ford Ranger wheels from well-known brands including Fuel, Tuff, KMC, Grid, Ballistic, and many others.

AutoCraze offers Ford Ranger wheels in a variety of sizes, including 16′′, 17′′, 18′′, 19′′, 20′′, and even 22′′ to accommodate a variety of styles, fittings, and designs.


The latest Ford Ranger appears to be smarter, with revolutionary technology that is programmed to perform. New modern technology in the Ford Ranger lets it stay up with any job, whether it's on the worksite or on the weekend. It is on its way to becoming Australia's most innovative vehicle ever seen.

This car is not only constructed to be strong but also to be intelligent, with top-of-the-line security features. It's easy to see why the Ford Ranger is a top option with so many additional features and a smart design.

After you've picked your Ford Ranger wheels from AutoCraze, complete the look with a set of tires from big-name companies like Nitto, Wellington, Kumho, BF Goodrich, Wellington, and some others. We have the widest selection of tires, with options for all demands and performance levels, including All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, and even regular road use for lifespan or smooth and comfortable rides.

AutoCraze also offers lift kits for people who wish to go hard through challenging mud-terrains but don't have a trustworthy lift kit for their Ford Ranger. We can install a raise kit to boost your style and performance capabilities. For your lift kit needs, AutoCraze carries brands such as Tough Dog, Dobinsons, EFS, Iron Man, Bilstein, Fox lift kits, and others.

Why Buy Wheels for Ford Ranger at AutoCraze?

Our company has over 200 years of combined industry experience. With in-house experts to assist you with all areas of your vehicle, including wheels, tires, 4x4 accessories, 4x4 suspension, and much more. If you have any concerns or queries with your Ford Ranger wheels, don't worry; one of our knowledgeable staff members would be happy to assist you. With our 100% fitting assurance policy, you can rest assured that your Ford Ranger wheels fit perfectly.

Interest-free financing for 24 months is available. Take advantage of your wheels now and pay later!

  • At AutoCraze, all of our Wheels for Ford Ranger are load rated.
  • All wheels for Ford Ranger meet Australian standards.
  • Free shipping on all wheels for Ford Range Australia-wide.
  • Buy now, pay later — all Ford Ranger wheels come with a 24-month interest-free payment plan.
  • All wheels and tire sets come with a 100% fitting guarantee.
  • Free fitting and balancing for all Ford Ranger wheels and tire packages.
  • Wheels and tire packages come with a free installation kit.

► Fuel Vapor | Wheels For Ford Ranger 


Wheels: Fuel Vapor | Wheels for Ford Ranger

Finishes Available: Matte Black | Black Machined with Dark Tint
Sizes Available: 17" | 20"
Wheels Width: 9"

This customer took full use of AutoCraze's product offerings, opting for a complete wheel upgrade for their Ford Ranger. They came in not only to select a wheel with an aggressive look but also to install some AutoCraze 4x4 attachments. First and foremost, we needed to select a wheel that would fit the type of design this customer desired.

After reviewing a broad list of 4x4 wheels, we decided on the Fuel Vapor wheels in black polished with a dark tint finish. When it comes to Ford Ranger aggressive wheels, this is a definite attention turner.

Once we selected their wheels, we needed to pair them with some aggressive tires that would reflect the mean design of the Fuel Vapor. We chose the BF Goodrich Mud-terrain tires.

► Grid GD01 | Wheels For Ford Ranger 


Wheels: Grid GD01 | Wheels For Ford Ranger  

Finishes Available: Black with Chrome Inserts | Graphite Milled Accents with Chrome Inserts
Sizes Available: 17" | 18" | 20"
Wheels Width: 9" | 10"

These wheels are unlike anything you've ever seen on the market! Grid wheels GD1 have a blade-like design throughout the wheel, giving it a neat, sleek, and smooth appearance on this Ford Ranger wheel. If you want a wheel that sticks out in a crowd with its distinctive style and design, the Grid GD01 wheels from AutoCraze are the wheels for you!

Once on the road, the wheels can appear to be rolling in slow time, creating a genuinely head-turning wheel on the roads. It not only looks beautiful, but it also handles well in off-road situations. Grid wheels are designed to look attractive while performing well in off-road environments.

►KMC Rockstar 3 XD | Wheels For Ford Ranger 


Wheels: KMC Rockstar 3 XD | Wheels For Ford Ranger   

Finishes Available: Matte Black | Matte Black Machined Face | Chrome
Sizes Available: 17" | 18" | 20" | 22"
Wheels Width: 7.5" | 8" | 8.5" | 9" | 9.5"

These Ford Ranger wheels have a thick Five spoke design with a gorgeous center cap to show off the vehicle's design and layout on the road. Its design not only makes it look attractive and stylish, but it's also sturdy and durable, and it can be used off-road. Both off-road and on-road, this vehicle looks great. That’s exactly what a consumer wants for their Ford Ranger's wheels: a wheel that would make it stand out while still functioning well. Hence why we chose AutoCraze's KMC Rockstar XD wheels in a crisp matte black finish.


What do I do to care for my new wheels?

AutoCraze has a variety of solutions created specifically to care for your new wheels. Our wheel cleaners have been designed to make wheel cleaning simple. It's important to wash your wheels with mild soapy water on a regular basis. Harsh cleansers, wire wool, electric buffers, and car wash rim cleaners should all be avoided.

Apply many coats of high-quality auto polish from front to back to get the most out of your wheels. This ensures that it lasts longer and that it is not damaged by brake dust, dirt keying, or road salt on the first use. We also suggest that you treat your rims to preserve the paint on your wheels.

What wheel sizes does AutoCraze offer for Ford Rangers?

Autocraze offers a wide range of wheel sizes including 16″, 17″, 18″, 19”, 20″, and 22″ sizes.

Where to buy wheels?

You've come to the correct place if you're wanting to buy a set of wheels; AutoCraze has all of the greatest wheel manufacturers under one roof.