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Wheels and tyre are among the first things people take in when they are checking out your ride. Being one of the largest wheels and tyre stores in Australia, with over 4500 wheels and tyre available in all the top brands and every size imaginable, why would you go anywhere else? And we guarantee the lowest prices around with up to 50% off! We also offer free shipping Australia wide* on all wheels and tyre!

To get started finding the right wheels and tyre for your vehicle simply use our mag wheel selector at the top of the page and away you go! Or simply give us a call on 1800 099 634 to speak to one of our friendly staff today!


We get that purchasing wheels and tyre can be quite tough and perplexing and we are here to help our customers negotiate issues like- incorrect wheels and tyre size and width, along with tyres that just don’t fit the wheel.




Tyres provide you with the connection between the road surface and your car, and the only contact transmitting steering and braking force feedback as well as how well the vehicle will react to the road surface. Without the right tyres, your car’s ability to maximize traction with the road will be compromised, any tyres that are worn, under-inflated or not suited properly to the environment will put drivers themselves, their vehicle and others at risk.

Essential factors such as using the right tyre size, load and speed rating are incredibly important and are always emphasized by AutoCraze!


This AutoCraze customer came in for a set of new wheels and tyre and absolutely loved the way they set off his beasts style, while the added height and grip were felt off the mark!



One of the biggest mistakes people make when swapping tyres is not using the correct size. On the sidewall of your tyres, you’ll find a code that tells the tyres size and capabilities.

Here In Australia, the only markings required on a tyre sidewall are as follows:

  • Manufacturers brand name or logo
  • Tyre Size, Series, Rim Size, Load and Speed Rating/Symbol
  • Serial No. – date code such as year, month, week when the tyre was made
  • Details of construction showing tyre size, radial, tubeless or tubed
  • Country of Origin
  • Mould Number
  • Factory code number


Wheels / Rims




Wheels or rims are among the most noticeable parts of a vehicle, but they also have a larger influence on how a ride handles and performs than many people realize. It is for this reason that swapping your whips wheels can be an easy way to gain performance benefits and give your some ride some sweet style!

From multi-spoke wheels like BBS Super RS’s with a machined lip for the luxury buyer looking to turn heads to ultra-light track bred wheels like Grams lights and Rays for the track demons! Black Rhino and Lifted off road with their rugged and aggressive rims for the bush tacklers. And for the daily driver who still wants to showcase their personality and turn heads at the same time, we got XXR’s and Concave concepts and numerous other wheels for whatever your heart desires!



An AutoCraze customers clean Audi A4 riding on some fresh TSW Bathurst’s.


Understanding the characteristics of different types of wheels and their various features helps provide a guidance in finding wheels that are suitable to ones ride. Through over 10 years of experience in the industry we have three essential factors that always come to the attention of AutoCraze:-

-The fitment of the wheels and tyres, which directly affects the performance of the vehicle;

-The materials and finish of the wheels and rims, which determines how well they will hold up to various driving conditions;

-Proper load rating for the wheels to fit the vehicles.



Another one of our customers rolling out of the store in his E63 Mercedes Benz , fitted with TSW Mandrus Rotec Wheel Fitments

What is Diameter and width?

The diameter of wheels is the measurement of how tall the wheel stands from top to bottom and the width of wheels is the measurement of how wide the wheel is from the left edge of the rim to the right edge.

What is PCD?

The “pitch circle diameter”(PCD) is an important measurement when deciding on a wheel. The bolt circle is the circle determined by the positions of the bolts and the centre of every bolt lies on the circumference of the bolt circle. The bolt pattern determines the number and position of the mounting holes to allow the wheel to be bolted to the hub.

What is offset?

Offset is a measurement of how far the mounting face of the wheel (on the brake side) is away from the centre line of the wheel. If the mounting face lines up exactly with the centre line it is called “Zero Offset”, if the mounting face is further out towards the show side of the wheel, this is called “Positive Offset”, and if it is further inside the wheel (towards the brakes) then this is called “Negative Offset” .

What is centre bore?

The centre bore of a wheel is the size of the hole in the back of the wheel that centres it over the mounting hub of the car. Some factory wheels have a centre bore that matches exactly with the hub to reduce vibration by keeping the wheel centred. Wheels with the correct centre bore to the car they will be mounted on are known as hub centric. Hub centric wheels take the stress off the lug nuts, reducing the job of the lug nuts to centre the wheel to the car. Wheels that are not hub centric are known as lug centric, as the job of centring is done by the lug nuts assuming they are properly torqued down.

What is back space?

Measure clearance of wheel from wheel well; easiest done by placing a straightedge diagonally along top back side of rim to inboard flange; then measure from contact point of inboard flange until hub mounting surface is reached.




Wheel Materials and Finishes

What are alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are light wheels that are made from a mixture of a metal and other elements and normally provide greater strength over pure metals.They are perfect for aesthetics and speed with better resistance to corrosion, as well providing better heat conduction than other wheels.

What are chrome rims?

Chrome rims are plated with a chrome mirror finish that shines in sunlight or streetlight, making them highly appealing to many people. Many car aficionados who enter their vehicles in contests and shows, elect to install chrome rims on their vehicles because it makes the cars look sharp, fast, and expensive.

Load Rating for wheels

The load rating of a wheel, as determined by the wheel manufacturer, must never be exceeded. Manufacturers identify a wheel’s maximum load by checking the back of the wheel or with the wheel manufacturer. If the load rating is not available the wheel should not be used on the vehicle. Wheel load rating requirements are determined by dividing the vehicles heaviest gross axle weight rating by two. The axle weight rating for most vehicles is shown on the identification label located on the driver’s side door jamb, gas tank door, truck lid or glove compartment.


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Here at AutoCraze we are proud to sell all the biggest brand name wheels and tyre such as King wheels, SSW wheels, BBS wheels, Vossen wheels, Speedy wheels, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Kumho and Toyo and many more! We also do wheels and tyre packages to fit your ride perfectly and at the best price possible!

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