Ready for a real all Aussie adventure? Do you have all your tools and equipment? Well, you aren’t ready to go if you don’t have warn winch attached to your car.  This little bundle of joy can help you and your outback friends get out of trouble. Its tough, reliable and is highly recommended for adventure seekers and outback enthusiast.

About the Warn Winch

The WARN Winch was first introduced in 1959 in its headquarters in Seattle. It was the first recreational winch and ever since then it’s become the leading brand for 4WD’s, off road racing (most notably the Dakar rally), weekend getaways and hard-working farmers. This is because of its grand pioneering features; an example is its rugged drive train.

They come with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 lbs as well as smooth planetary gears and a powerful permanent magnet. This means that they are relied upon when you are in a tight spot. And because it is lightweight, the wire rope used gets manufactured using aircraft-grade materials or synthetic fibre. But however, before you use it, it is highly recommended that you read the manual and use protective clothing.

Also, the warn winch avoids corrosion by using stainless steel fasteners. The clutch itself is designed specifically to inhibit rust, and the improved sealing of the warn winch helps to keep water, mud, and other nasty things off. And an efficient gear train and excellent brake design will guarantee you full control over the winch. It truly this the next accessory to take your 4x4 to the next level

Benefits of the Warn winch

What sizes are available?

We have the following sizes available: 1134 kg to 1588 kg ,1588 kg to 2041 kg and 2041 kg to 2495 kg

What version of the winch is available?

We have numerous winches available, with the choice of  a wire rope or a synthetic rope

What are the strongest winches available?

The strongest would be the hydraulic ones

Benefits of purchasing from Autocraze

When you call up Autocraze, you’ll find that our staff will go above and beyond to provide you with best quality winches and the most competitive prices. Because we’ve been serving the community with the freshest wheels and 4WD accessories for the past 20 years, so we have you covered every step of the way. And not just that, when you purchase a warn winch at Autocraze, the features associated with it include:

  • 100% fitment guarantee
  • Compliance with Australian standards, both state and federal
  • 20 day return guarantee if you don’t think the winch is a good fit

About Autocraze

We are an Australian owned company with 20 years of experience. We know what the customer wants and how they want it. Our huge collection of over 200 prestige-quality wheels and 4WD accessories would make this the perfect shop for any car enthusiast on the road . So Just give our friendly staff a call today at 1800 099 634 and you will be taking your car to the next level