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V8 Wheels



V8 Wheels | Shop Best Quality V8 Mag Rims And Tyres 2017

AutoCraze brings you the latest range from V8 wheels. With luxury styling in mind, V8 wheels have created a huge range of wheels to suit nearly all Makes & Models. AutoCraze understands the need for variety when shopping for new wheels. That's why we bring you the latest and greatest in innovative wheels on the market, and V8 wheels being one of the top competitors. V8 wheels encompasses a luxurious connotation from the way the wheels are designed, but meets nearly all budgets with it's affordable price tag.


Innovative Design

V8 wheels have been a popular choice in Australia. With the automotive scene so diverse, V8 has designed wheels to suit cars that are chasing all different styles such as luxury or sports tuning. Catering to all those in the market, the price of V8 wheels has been set at a level so you can spoil yourself a little. It's value for money price range has differentiated itself from its competitors, making it one of the best selling wheels in the AutoCraze range. V8 wheels feature designs of concave, dish and reverse lip, made to flow with the body line of nearly all cars. It gives a fresh new look to your ride, which adding a touch of class and luxury.


V8 Wheels | Biggest Range of Styles

There are a huge range of styles available from V8 wheels at AutoCraze. Take a quick tour of some of the V8 wheels on offer, whether you drive a boosted Japanese, exotic Euro or tough Aussie muscle, there's a V8 wheel that would definitely suit your taste. Along with passenger vehicles, V8 wheels also caters for the 4x4 enthusiasts, producing wheels that are properly load rated to ensure you are safe on the and off-road! Take a look at some of the V8 wheels on offer at AutoCraze

V8 Racer

For those who have speed in mind, the V8 Racer is your perfect choice. These are your classic 5 spoke wheels designers that add a sporty touch to you car. The spokes feature straight cut edges that extends right to the edge of the rim. The hollow gaps between the spokes let you show off them big Brembo brakes! Available in a full Matte Black or Black with Machined Face, these V8 wheels will definitely compliment the look of your car.


V8 Lumiere

The V8 Lumiere is inspired by luxury, fit for a king. This V8 wheel is a simple but elegant by design, with its thin multi-spoke face accentuated by the reverse lip. This reverse lip is one-of-a-kind, with a step dish in the inner barrels, all touched up with rivets around the edging. Available in a range of sizes and widths, the V8 Lumiere is perfect for those who want to add a little flair to their car.


V8 Lux

The name says it all. When you are looking for a luxurious touch to your vehicle, the V8 Lux will set it off. These V8 wheels have been one of the most popular choices amongst European car drivers. It features a 15 thinly sliced spokes which a hint of concave in the bigger sizes. The finish on the face is smooth as silk, being available in Matte Black and Black with Machined Face.


V8 M-Spec

The V8 M-Spec is a combination of sporty and elegance. It's face features a classic mesh style face with aggressive spokes that shoot right out to the edge of the rim. These wheels have been popular among a range of different cars as it's neutral styled design looks good on almost every car. The V8 M-Spec comes in staggered options that give off a smooth concave on the spokes. Available in a range of sizes, the M-Spec is your perfect choice.


Off-Road Frenzy

V8 wheels have created a whole range of wheels built to hit the off-road. They have been manufactured at a higher quality to bring you a strong, load rated wheel that can withstand the punishment you put your wheels through when exploring the rugged Australian outback. Safety is one of the major contributors to V8 wheels being manufactured in a certain way. Quality control ensures that the V8 wheels you are receiving comply with Australian Standards as well as having high quality alloy that won't crack under stress and a heavy load.

V8 Octobot

The V8 Octobot is a tough wheel designed to take you to any job site, or through the off-road trails Australia has to offer. These wheels feature a thick 6 spoke design, complimented by a lip surrounded by rivets. Available in a badass Matte Black, the silver rivets add to it's character, as well as breaking up the all black look on the wheel. Add some All Terrain tyres or Mud Terrain tyres to the V8 Octobot and you'll be ready to hit the dirt in your machine!


V8 Beast

Bring out your inner beast! The V8 Beast is a simple but tough 4x4 wheel. This wheel features a split spoke design, with a smooth texture that adds a touch of elegance. The design of the V8 Beast is simple and not over-the-top, perfectly suited to the body line of most vehicles. The Matte Black adds a final touch to the overall look on your car, giving off an aggressive look!


V8 Wheels | AutoCraze Specials

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