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Buy Ute Hard Lids at AutoCraze. A Ute Hard Lid is designed with dimensional, aerodynamic styling and premium standard features. The HSP PREMIUM Ute Lid is the most striking Ute cover on the road today. AutoCraze is one of the official fitters of HSP hard lids and distributes across Australia. Our automobile technicians guarantee 100% fitment. Installing an HSP hard lid on your truck gives you a lot more options than not having one.


[Toyota Hilux | HSP Hard Lids]

Why install a Ute Hard lids?

• Protection: A truck bed is a convenient space to have, but it can also take a heck of a beating. Even if you never haul heavy materials around, a truck bed will always be open to the elements. Sun damage, rain, and debris can all damage your truck bed. With an HSP hard lid, your bed will be shielded from the elements. Also, if you ever need to transport something when it’s raining, you’ll be very glad you’ve got a cover to keep everything dry.

• Security: An open truck bed can be an inviting place to throw your tools, equipment, luggage, and anything else you need to haul around. But what happens when you go out and have to leave the truck unattended? Anyone who wants to can simply come over and take what they want. Unless you have a Ute Hard Lid. HSP hard lid offers truck owners the ability to turn their truck bed into a trunk that can lock and keep secure whenever you need to.

• Utility: Ever use your truck to haul a lot of scraps or help a buddy move? How about after? Ever take your truck over to your in-laws and feel the need to clean it up so it didn’t look like you just hauled a load of trash? A Ute Hard lid allows you to use your truck for all that stuff you use it for. It also gives you the option to cover the bed up whenever you need or want to.

• Aesthetics: A lot of people buy HSP hard lid because they look cool. The covers give your truck a unique, streamlined look that many people find appealing. Soft covers are dominantly black in colour, as are the hardest plastic or hard folding covers.


[Volkswagen Amarok | HSP Hard Lids]


Features of HSP Hard Lids

  • OEM Automotive paint finish
  • HSP Twin gas struts Max Lift system
  • Interior marine grade lining
  • Trimless finished edges
  • Advanced Cargo Protection
  • High Strength Construction
  • Water seal barrier
  • 3 years warranty


[Nissan Navara | HSP Hard Lids]

Additional Security Features

  • Thumb twist handle with rotary latches that allows you to open and close the lid all day long without using the key to lock the lid.
  • Lock Can Be Left in the "Unlocked" Position While Lid is Securely Closed

There are two additional options available for HSP hard lids. You can get one with keyless remote entry and also with interior light for vision at night.


[Mitsubishi Triton | HSP Hard Lids]

Ute Hard Lids for Ford Ranger

AutoCraze provides you with the option of HSP Hard Lid or you can choose EGR genuine brand hard lid.

HSP Premium Hard Lid


EGR Genuine Brand Hard Lid



- ABS plastic twin skin for strength and structure.
- 3 piece hard lid. (This lid accommodates factory sports bars)
- All mounting points are metal reinforced and nutserted for strength.
- Stainless steel fittings.
- With only one lock on top, however, locking from both sides underneath.
- Gaska tape foamed where the lid seals against the body.
- Pin System Easily removable in minutes.
- Keeps 95% of water and dust out. (Small water leaks are expected with heavy rain or car wash)
- Twin gas struts for ease of lift.
- Comes with easy to follow fitting instructions and fitting kit, can be self-installed.
- Order to fitting or dispatch 5-10 working days.
- Lids are specially packaged and mounted in the box for secure freight.
- 100% Australian made.
- 100% recyclable.
- This is the same as the genuine lid.
- Accommodates Central Locking lock and light kit.


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