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Here at AutoCraze we love to fight, fight for your business thats why we have a selection of over 2000+ tyres because of this we have tyres that will fit anything from small compact cars to large 4×4’s and tyres that are ranging from budget economical tyres like Gripmax, Headway and Unigrip to high-end performance grade tyres like Continental, Falken, Nitto and Pirelli. Were able to cover any and all tyre needs for tyres Toowoomba.



Tyres Toowoomba, tyres the market in the area is saturated but AutoCraze wants to be the best so we offer free shipping* to areas across Australia for wheel and tyre packages, also when purchasing wheels and tyres we have free fitment and balancing that comes with a free installation kit that contains wheel nuts and hub locating rings that will be shipped with all purchases of wheels and tyres, our commitment to the packages arriving safely is top notch we package them in special bubble wrap thats double layered so that the packages arrive safely at your door. Why pay for fitment when you can simply jack up your car and install the wheels straight on to your vehicle.


Because of our free fitment policy we also have a 100% guarantee fitting for all our retail and online customers, when ordering wheels and tyres toowoomba we guarantee that the fitment is accurate and we would not process it unless its been verified, our online store and our Friendly staff will narrow down the correct tyres so that you will always get the correct tyres for your vehicle you can call us on   1800 099 634.

I was skeptical about buying tyres online, I took the risk and landed up being so happy with their fantastic service at Autocraze. Everything was really convenient and easy. They really set the benchmark high for quality of service. Keep up the great work guys! I’ll be back for a new set of wheels soon -Bec Ivanov

Autocraze was such a huge help. I don’t have much of an idea when it comes to cars/tyres but the staff was so incredibly patient with me and all my probably silly questions I had to ask. So lovely and helpful.. Was amazed at the cheap tyres they offered and certainly left a happy customer!!! – Lucie M


Tyres Toowoomba, are a necessary thing everyone drives and so everyone needs tyres and so why buy from people who disregard the tyre build date and risk your safety, our policy is that we don’t sell tyres that are older then 5 years old as their tyre tread may be proved as old and not as effective as their newer counterparts in the years that they’ve been sitting around and this can result in a bad tyre for newer cars newer tyres Toowoomba have higher standards of quality and quality tyres Toowoomba are how we keep our family and friends safe.

Check out our range for tyres and wheels at https://www.autocraze.com.au/ or call our friendly staff on  1800 099 634 to get the best deals.