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Toyota Hilux Wheels and Tyres at AutoCraze: Your Ultimate Guide to Upgrading


Upgrading the wheels and tyres on a Toyota Hilux can significantly enhance the vehicle's aesthetics and performance. Recognising this, AutoCraze has become a go-to destination for Hilux owners seeking to personalise their rides. With a selection of wheels and tyres from leading brands, AutoCraze caters to a range of preferences, ensuring that each customer finds the perfect match for their Hilux. Whether it's for rugged off-road adventures or simply elevating the vehicle's street presence, quality and style are at the forefront of AutoCraze's offerings.


The importance of matching the right wheels and tyres to the individual needs of a Hilux cannot be understated. Tyre upgrades can improve grip, handling, and durability, especially under challenging terrains, while aftermarket wheels can offer distinct looks and sometimes, reduced weight. At AutoCraze, customers have access to expert advice, ensuring they make informed decisions suited to their specific requirements. Adding to the convenience, AutoCraze provides options for financing and delivery, addressing the practicalities of upgrading.

Key Takeaways

  • AutoCraze offers a diverse range of wheels and tyres for customising the Toyota Hilux.
  • Expert advice at AutoCraze guides customers to make optimal choices for both style and performance.
  • Financing and delivery services enhance the accessibility of upgrades for Hilux owners.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, they explore common questions about Toyota Hilux wheels and tyres available at AutoCraze, providing clear and concise answers to assist in making informed choices.

What are the best wheel and tyre package options for a Toyota Hilux?

For the Toyota Hilux, one can find robust package options that include impressive drivetrain-focused wheels and high-performance tyres. Options vary, with packages suitable for different terrains and driving preferences.

How do I find reviews for Toyota Hilux wheels and tyres from AutoCraze?

Reviews for AutoCraze’s Toyota Hilux wheels and tyres can be found on Australia's ProductReview.com.au. Customers have rated the tyre shop highly, indicating a positive consensus from previous buyers.

What are the price ranges for Toyota Hilux wheels and tyres at AutoCraze?

The price for Toyota Hilux wheels and tyres at AutoCraze covers a broad range, designed to cater to different budgets. For precise pricing, it's best to consult the latest offerings on their website or contact their customer service.

Are there specific 17 inch rims available for the Toyota Hilux?

Indeed, AutoCraze provides a selection of 17 inch rims designed explicitly for the Toyota Hilux. These rims are selected to enhance the vehicle’s performance and aesthetic appeal.

What options do I have for mag wheels on a Hilux 4x2?

For a Hilux 4x2, AutoCraze offers a range of mag wheel options. These are available in various styles and finishes to complement the vehicle's look and meet performance standards.

Choosing the Right Toyota Hilux Wheels


When selecting wheels for the Toyota Hilux, one must consider the sizing and fitment, materials and finish, and brand selection to ensure suitability and desired aesthetics.

Sizing and Fitment

The Toyota Hilux can accommodate a variety of wheel sizes, including 16", 17", 18", 20", and 22" options, to match both the vehicle's requirements and the owner's stylistic preference. Proper fitment is crucial to maintain the Hilux's handling characteristics and avoid clearance issues. Tyre compatibility must also be assessed to match the new wheels.

Material and Finish

Owners can choose from finishes like matte black, gloss black, matte anthracite, and wheels with a machined face. The finish not only contributes to the Toyota Hilux's visual appeal but can also be a determining factor in the wheels' resilience against varying conditions. Wheel materials typically include alloys, which strike a balance between strength and weight.

Brand Selection

AutoCraze offers an extensive range of reputable brands including Fuel Wheels, KMC Wheels, Black Rhino, and Tuff. Each brand has its distinct styling cues and quality benchmarks. The selection should be made based on a combination of the driver's aesthetic preference and the brand's reputation for durability and performance in Australia's diverse driving conditions.

Upgrading Hilux Tyres for Performance


Upgrading the tyres on a Toyota Hilux can significantly enhance performance in terms of traction, durability, and off-road capability. AutoCraze offers a wide selection of tyres that cater to different driving demands and preferences.

All-Terrain Vs. Off-Road

All-Terrain Tyres are designed to provide a balance between on-road comfort and off-road performance. Tyres such as the Nitto Terra Grappler are well-regarded for their versatility, offering proficient handling on both paved roads and moderate off-road conditions. They often feature a tread design that reduces road noise while maintaining grip across various terrains.

Off-Road Tyres, on the other hand, are built specifically for rugged landscapes. With brands like BF Goodrich, known for the quality of their off-road tyres, drivers experience increased traction and strength on challenging terrains. These tyres typically have deeper treads for better mud clearance and strong sidewalls to resist punctures.

Load and Speed Ratings

The Load Rating of a tyre indicates the maximum weight that the tyre can safely carry. For Toyota Hilux drivers who use their vehicles for towing or transporting heavy loads, having tyres with the correct load rating is crucial for safety and performance. AutoCraze stocks tyres like those from Toyo, which offer high load ratings suitable for such demands.

Speed Rating is another essential factor, denoting the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load safely. While most Hilux drivers might not be driving at high speeds, especially off-road, choosing tyres with an appropriate speed rating ensures the longevity and performance of the tyres under normal operating conditions. Whether opting for Noble wheels combined with performance tyres or the robust design of the Fuel Trophy wheels, the right speed and load ratings will ensure peak performance.

Enhancing Hilux Style and Off-Road Capability


Upgrading the Toyota Hilux with specific wheels and tyres can significantly enhance both the vehicle's aesthetic appeal and its off-road performance. Thoughtful selections in lift kits and exterior modifications not only embolden the Hilux's stance but also contribute to its refined capabilities.

Lift Kits and Suspension

Lift Kits: For the off-road enthusiast, installing a lift kit is a pivotal upgrade. Among popular choices, Tough Dog lift kits elevate the Hilux, providing increased ground clearance and the ability to accommodate larger tyres, which are integral for off-road prowess.

Suspension Upgrades: A suspension upgrade, incorporating superior shock absorbers and springs, is essential for a balance of refinement and ruggedness. This not only boosts the Hilux's off-road ability but also its handling and comfort on diverse terrains.

Exterior Upgrades

Wheels: AutoCraze offers a selection of wheels that complement the Hilux's robust look. Notable options include:

  • Black Rhino Wheels: Known for their durability, these wheels come in various finishes such as matte black and bronze, adding a touch of sophistication to the Hilux.
  • SSW Cliff Wheels: These provide a distinctive look with their deep dish design and are available in finishes like silver, which can match or contrast the Hilux for an individual style.
  • Concave Wheels: Enhance the muscular aesthetic with a set of concave wheels, providing an aggressive edge that reflects the Hilux's capabilities.

Additional Accessories:

  • Bull Bars: An upgraded bull bar not only fortifies the Hilux's front-end against impacts but also serves as a mount for additional lighting and winching capabilities.
  • Side Steps: These are designed for functionality, aiding entry and exit, while also protecting the vehicle's sides from debris.
  • Flares: For those installing wider wheels and tyres, flares help in covering the extended wheelbase and give the Hilux a more imposing presence.

Incorporating these elements enhances both the Hilux's outward styling and its inherent off-road ability, without compromising on refinement. Whether it's the striking look of Black Rhino wheels or the rugged functionality of a Tough Dog lift kit, each modification serves a purpose in augmenting the Toyota Hilux.

Payment and Delivery Options at AutoCraze

AutoCraze offers a range of payment options to cater to customer convenience, including major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Customers can also utilise secure payment platforms, such as PayPal, for added protection. For those who prefer paying over time, ZipMoney is available, with 24 months interest-free finance, creating a more flexible approach to managing expenses.

When it comes to delivery, AutoCraze ensures products reach their destinations promptly and in perfect condition. For certain regions, customers can benefit from secure shipping, making it cost-effective to purchase wheels and tyres for the Toyota Hilux. The comprehensive delivery service ensures aftermarket products are delivered directly to the customer's doorstep or, alternatively, to an approved fitting partner.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Payment Methods:
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • PayPal
    • ZipMoney (Interest-free finance options)
  • Delivery:
    • Secure shipping 
    • Fast and secure delivery of aftermarket wheels and tyres

AutoCraze's streamlined process simplifies the online ordering of wheels and tyres, with fitting and balancing included for packages, while also offering an efficient and secure shopping experience.

Call 1800 099 634 to order your set of Toyota Hilux wheels at AutoCraze!