Toyota Hilux Roll-R-CoverToyota Hilux Roll-R-Cover

Toyota Hilux Roll-R-Cover | Toyota Hilux Roller Shutter Cover

Close up shot of a Toyota Hilux with Moto Metal Wheels, wrapped in Nitto Terra Grapplers. Also includes the Rival 4X4 Drivetech Bumper Bar and Underbody Armour.

Introducing the Roll-R-Cover, the most versatile addition to any Ute to make your life easier. The remote-controlled Shutter Cover is ideal to protect your luggage keeping it dry and safe.

The Roll-R-Cover allows you to access your luggage at the press of a button as it opens and closes using a motorized mechanism. It relieves the driver of any strains or effort required to manually close the shutter. It can withstand up to 150KG of weight on the roller shutter when fully closed. It is ideal for wet weather as it gives the user the ability to retract and roll the shutter only as much as required, keeping cargo dry.

Toyota Hilux HSP Roll-R-Cover feture shot of it opening and closing. Photo also shows fitment.

The pause and roll functions are given further usability as the Roll-R-Cover can detect when an object or person is impeding the path of the closing Roll-R-Cover and will pause upon detection. This safety feature makes it perfect when children are around and when unexpected accidents occur. It can help prevent injuries when loading on heavy equipment.

A keyless remote is used to control the Roller Shutter and has a 40m range. The key is encrypted using a Rolling Code system, ensuring only your remote with open your Roller Shutter.

This video gives a brilliant demonstration of the Roll-R-Cover on a Hilux:

JUGGERNAUT HILUX v2.0 // Roll-R-Cover, Tailgate Central Lock and Assist, Nitto Terra Grappler G2’s, Diesel Exodus.


• Tail Gate Central Locking available.
• Sports Bar Compatible.
• Ladder Rack Compatible.
• Clamp-on system.
• Heavy Duty Aluminium.
• Withstand up to 150KG when fully closed.
• Keyless Remote.
• Pause retraction at any point.
• Tough Powder Coated Finish.
• 95% Weather Resistant.
• 100% Australian Made.

Toyota Hilux back shot. Features Diesel Avalanche Wheels, HSP Roll-R-Cover and Rival Bar.

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Upgrades for the Toyota Hilux:

At AutoCraze, we have a variety of Accessories to help you use your vehicle in the way you intended. Snorkels, Bumpers, Bash Plates, Lift Kits all add usability to a vehicle as they can provide added ground clearance and rigidity to your vehicle.

Rival 4X4 Bumper:

The Rival Drivetech 4X4 bumper adds strength and structural rigidity to the front end of the vehicle whilst adding further off-roading capabilities such as Winch and Towing points All Rival products are independently tested and comply with ADR69 Airbag Compliance Standards. Removable tow hooks, convertible license plate frame, and Adjustable IP69K LED lights can be fitted to the bar based on Customer preference.

Rival Bar banner for Toyota Hilux. Fitment and Bar sizes and images of the bar on the vehicle.

AutoCraze 2-Inch Lift Kit:

The ideal Suspension setup is for Off-roading is to have a Soft setup that allows the springs to travel further, dampening the harsh bumps and increasing ride comfort and vehicle performance. If you don’t intend to go off-road in a vehicle, generally a balanced setup is will provide the best mix of comfort and grip. The AutoCraze 2 Inch Lift Kit is the perfectly tuned Suspension setup for your 4X4. It has been fine-tuned to provide comfortable daily driving along with an added 2 inches from the factory setup. The added ground clearance comes with no compromise to ride comfort when driving every day. It was developed using Industry-leading manufacturing technologies to withstand the harshest Australian climates.

AutoCraze 2 inch Lift Kit designed for optimised on-road and off road performance. Bare lift kit image including installed Toyota Hilux in the photo.


Our range of Wheels and Tires are second to none. We have Wheel and Tire combinations to suit any vehicle. We have over 6000 wheel and rim styles to suit the Toyota Hilux from leading brands such as Grid, Fuel, KMC, Rotiform, Black Rhino, Tuff and many more. Sizes range from 16”-24” sizes and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Our Fitment Specialists can advise you on exactly how the wheels will fit and look before any work is carried out. All tires are balanced and fitted at no extra cost. Most importantly, every wheel at AutoCraze is load rated and complies with Australian Standards.



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