Best Prices on Toyo Tyres in Australia

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Autocraze prides ourselves as a distributor authorized by Toyo, more than 300 genuine Toyo Tyres with discount up to 60% are provided. One thing that newcomers may wonder when browsing through the cheap tyres found at is “Are these prices for real?” To be honest, we can’t blame anyone for asking such questions, especially when the only places where you can find top brands such as Toyo Tyres at such low prices are sitting in dusty used tyre shops and unsafe junkyards. We take these sorts of questions as compliments in knowing that we’re doing our job!

And what is our job?


Our job is to change the general “you get what you pay for” belief as it related to the wheel and tyre industry, and spread the word of AutoCraze’s ridiculously low priced, brand new 4WD wheels and tyres from big name brands, we guarantees customers to find the best deals on Toyo Tyres at Autocraze!

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Toyo tyres offers a complete selection of premium replacement tyres for most makes and models of car, manufacturing the best tyres for high-performance, family and luxury vehicles, 4WD, 4X4 and SUVs, light and heavy commercial trucks and buses.

Toyo Tyres also continuing to develop new technologies to make tyres greener, safer and longer-lasting because after 40 years in Australia.


toyo tyres

Be sure to get in touch with our highly trained team of customer service representatives if you are unsure about your tyre needs. At AutoCraze, we have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to feel cheated, neglected and outright “sold to” by smarmy people in the auto industry.  That is exactly why we created AutoCraze: to shine new, positive light onto this industry by treating our customers with respect and only offering fair prices on high-quality tyres that will never quit.

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Toyo Tyres at AutoCraze!

Autocraze’s main objective is to make sure the buying experience is as quick and easy as possible. This will be done by implementing the following standards;

1. Guaranteed Fitment – Right The First Time; No fitment issues when you order from us
2. Best Prices Guaranteed
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4. Free Installation Kit – Free with all wheels and wheel and tyre packages purchased
5. Expert Knowledge of Products
6. Dedicated Customer Service Team
7. Largest Selection of Wheels on the Market – Over 50 Brands of wheels ranging from 15-22 inches
8. Biggest Brands in Business
9. Wheel Fitment Range – Our wheels will fit cars from 1950’s up until the newest luxury cars on the market
10. Worry Free Shipping – All items purchased will be packaged securely and handheld with great care. All packaging will be certified by our Quality Assured Team
11. Free Shipping Australia-wide (conditions apply)

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